Soul Deposit

  It is said that the cells of the human body are renewed every twelve years. Shen Xiaohe seems to have been completely updated this year at the age of 24.
  She has a bad life this year. When she discovered that Bi Qing, the childhood sweetheart, was actually in someone else’s bed, she was angry and anxious and continued to suffer from insomnia. After hovering on the brink of collapse for months, she finally calmed down. Without love, she still wants a safe life. As a result, when she received Bi Qing’s sweet-talking call, she gently told her to stay safe and take care of her body, and smile when others envied her for having a tender, talented young fiance.
  She met Xiao Wu in this state.
  Shen Xiaohe went to a seaside city on a business trip. As soon as she got off the plane, she met a man smiling at her at the exit. He looked familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen him anyway, and his eyes were so clean that they were blue with a baby. What is even more strange is that this strange man followed Shen Xiaohe all the way to the hotel and asked for the room next to her. When Shen Xiaohe goes to the restaurant to dine, go out to do errands, and go shopping, this mysterious man is always with him, always not far away from her, smiling at her silently. Shen Xiaohe kept his breath and never spoke to him.
  On the fourth night of staying, the hotel caught fire in the middle of the night. Outside the window, in the bright light of daylight, the man broke in and pulled her out of the smoke.
  In the coffee shop, he told her that his name is Xiaowu. No matter what Xiaohe asked, he would only stare at her, give her a clean and innocent smile, and said, Xiaowu. Shen Xiaohe smiled and stopped talking. This is not a superb acquaintance trick, she does not believe in miracles, nor is she curious.
  In the meantime, she also changed to other hotels due to the change of meeting place, Xiao Wu still magically followed over to live in the neighboring room. A few days later, she gradually became accustomed to him being by her side, stepping forward to help her when she needed it. What he gave her was different from the men in this world, so pure and clean, the emotion she had dreamed of.
  Later, the two began to chat in the rooftop garden on the roof of the hotel at night. Xiao Wu’s ideas are always simple and transparent. In his world, the only way to solve all the puzzles in this world is pure and beautiful. He told Xiaohe that no matter how many injuries he suffered, he must believe that there is something beautiful. Only by believing in beauty can one retain the beauty in one’s heart. Goodness is the key to all puzzles.
  Shen Xiaohe began to feel that by Xiao Wu’s side, she seemed to have acquired a kind of magical power that could traverse all the pain and confusion caused by betrayal and deception, and touch a real self again.
  Shen Xiaohe found out that she fell in love with Xiao Wu. Once, Bi Qing’s betrayal made her question all the emotions in this world, making her think that she will eventually become a woman who knows how to choose for reality because she doesn’t care about love. But it was not right. After all, she still had a pure love dream in her heart, and Xiao Wu awakened it.
  On the day of leaving, a crazy taxi ran straight out of the spur. Xiaohe screamed in surprise. At this moment, a figure flew out from behind without hesitation, pushing Xiaohe away. It’s a small five. Xiao Wu lying on the ground gave Shen Xiaohe a smile at last, as clean and innocent as he first saw. Xiaohe cried bitterly on the road. The taxi driver came out and only apologized briefly to Xiaohe: “Sorry, I scared you. My wife is about to give birth. I have to rush to the hospital. Sorry! Sorry!” The taxi ran away. Shen Xiaohe froze in place. On the sunny road, except for the curious pedestrians who stopped to look at him, where is the shadow of Xiao Wu?
  Back at the hotel, Shen Xiaohe went to knock on the door next door, but couldn’t knock. I went to the front desk and was told that the room was vacant for a few days and no passengers were arranged.
  On the returning plane, Shen Xiaohe fell asleep. In the blue sky, she dreamed of Xiao Wu. He looked at her with a smile and told her: He came from her pure imagination of love because of her existence. Her love belief is condensed by Ji Ling. The strength of his spiritual power depends on Xiaohe’s cleanness and firmness of love belief. Each Love Ji Ling loves his master for life. When she has strong doubts and confusion about love, they oppress and drive him as a foreigner, and he can no longer reside in her. Without the host, Ji Ling can only survive for seven days. He thought he could only accompany her for the last seven days, but as Shen Xiaohe regained his affirmation and faith in love, he was able to return again and continue to accompany her where she could not see, and in her sincere faith in love Bring her good luck in love. Shen Xiaohe cried quietly in the bathroom of the plane.
  After returning, Shen Xiaohe broke up with Bi Qing. She finally understood that when Bi Qing’s love left, he was no longer the one who was different to herself in this world. She should stop wronging herself to preserve the appearance of life, the road ahead is so long, there must be a sincere and beautiful fate waiting for her.
  Only sometimes, on the road, she still thinks of Xiao Wu. Every time, she smiled gently. She believed Xiao Wu’s words: Believe in love, and you will get good luck in love.

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