Instant noodles and wine are life

I like the taste of wine, but I don’t drink it well. I like rice wine, because it needs to be heated to drink, and it has a unique oriental flavor, but I can’t drink more due to multiple operations.

When I was studying at Tsinghua University, I had a night drink on campus with my close classmates. The wine was bought from the Changsan Xiaoguan, outside the East Gate. We sat on the steps of the Biology Museum, tasting the wine, and talking about the past and the present, and thought it was very romantic—the interest in our romantic feelings was actually greater than the interest in wine. Many, if there is no wine, there is no romance.

It is said that a lyricist said: “Tomorrow, bring the residual wine, and come to find Huadian on the Mo.” The king smiled and said: “Why carry the residual wine?” On the flower tin”. Sure enough, it was much lighter. This is because the emperor doesn’t care about residual wine, and the poet is much shabby.

Shabby people inevitably handle firewood, rice, oil and salt. Let’s not talk about wine, let’s talk about eating. This is really a big issue. Sometimes I can’t eat to meet my family, so I move out instant noodles. So I praised instant noodles everywhere, thinking that the great wisdom of its inventor is no less than that of the inventor of wine.

When I went to work, I didn’t have time to prepare meals, so I used a pack of instant noodles to fill my hunger for lunch. With a few people sitting around, I always praise the instant noodles for not only being convenient, but also delicious. “I love instant noodles.” I said while eating. “That’s because you don’t eat often.” A colleague said rudely. I was stunned.

I have always felt that instant noodles are needed in a poor life, but alcohol is optional. It wasn’t until that time that I ate instant noodles for about ten days, and realized that no matter what the name of the seasoning, put it in the noodles, the effect would be similar. “Because you don’t eat often” makes sense. As a result of regular eating, the amount required is gradually decreasing. No wonder Chang’e couldn’t bear the silence of the world, and rushed to the moon palace to drink sweet-scented osmanthus wine.

Life needs instant noodles to satisfy hunger, but also the romance of wine. When do I have to drink rice wine!