American White House supernatural phenomenon

  Rumors about the haunting of the White House in the United States once caused a lot of trouble. Who is at the heart of America’s political center?
  The White House was built in 1792. After 1800, all presidents used it as their official residence, where they worked and lived. In such a long time, the owner of the White House has changed round after round. In fact, the White House was not called the White House before, and the former White House was not white, but a gray sandstone building, known as the “Presidential Building” or “Presidential Palace.”
  Is the White House haunted incident real?
  Historically, Washington was burned down by the invading British forces on August 24, 1812. It was not until 1817 that the building was rebuilt. Its exterior was painted with a layer of white paint, and the remnants of history were also covered by this layer of white paint.
  Since then, this building has been used as the president’s residence and is called the “White House” because of its white appearance. President Roosevelt officially named it the “White House” in 1902, which later became synonymous with the US government.
  With such a long history of the White House in the United States, something evil will inevitably occur in the meantime. It is reported that the first ghost that appeared in the White House was Lincoln William Wallace, the son of US President Lincoln. Lincoln William Wallace died in the White House from a disease similar to typhoid fever.
  According to Lincoln Todd Mary (Mother of Lincoln William Wallace) provided on the Internet by Lincoln College, said to his half-sisters: “Lincoln William Wallace comes to me every night and stands by me. At the end of the bed, he smiled sweetly at me, just like before, but he was never alone. Little Eddie (Lincoln’s second son, died at the age of three) sometimes came with Lincoln William Wallace. And Several times with our brother Alec…”
  Another incident also proved the haunted rumors of the White House. In 1948, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands lived in the Lincoln bedroom when she visited the United States. According to what she said, someone knocked on the door in the middle of the night, but when she opened the door, she saw a ghost that looked like Lincoln Abraham staring at herself outside the door.
  In fact, there are many ghost incidents on the White House website. The most recent time was when Jenna Bush and Harry Haig, the daughters of former US President George W. Bush, participated in an interview with Jer Leno, the famous talk show host of the National Broadcasting Corporation. Have been to the “spiritual” incident that made her creepy.
  At that time, Jenna was living in a room with a fireplace in the White House, and some weird incidents often occurred near the fireplace in this room, which made Jenna afraid to sleep every night. Once while Jenner was asleep, she was suddenly awakened by the sound of popular music in the 1920s. Jenna later said in an interview with reporters: “It frightened me at the time. I immediately ran into sister Barbara’s bedroom.”
  Jenna ran to sister Barbara’s bedroom in a panic and described how she touched her. The weird phenomenon arrived, but in any case, sister Barbara didn’t believe what she said. From then on, Jenna never dared to sleep alone in the bedroom. Every day, she forced her sister Barbara to sleep with her.
  However, one day, the two sisters heard music from the fireplace at the same time. The next day, Jenna tried to hear a reasonable explanation from the White House spokesperson about the sound of the fireplace music, because she did not want to believe that she had encountered a ghost.
  But the explanation of the White House personnel surprised her. They said that the “haunted” thing in the White House was normal, and they had encountered it many times.