Ghost pond

  That summer, I was ten years old and my brother was eight years old.
  One day, thunder and lightning flashed in the sky, and heavy rain spewed. This afternoon, when other people’s children were playing around their parents, my brother and I were hiding in the corner with tears on our faces, tremblingly watching our parents arguing.
  The mother’s physique has always been good. Living in the countryside, working all the year round, my mother’s skin glowed with a black oily glow. In my impression, my mother has always been a relatively strong person, while my father has been relatively weak. But that day, without knowing what it was for, his father clamored and beat up his mother.
  My brother and I rushed up. The younger brother hugged his father’s thigh, while I stood between father and mother. Because of the sudden arrival, my father didn’t take his hand for a while and slapped me on the face. Suddenly, I felt a burning pain on my face, and started crying.
  The younger brother also cried and hugged his father’s leg and said, “Dad, don’t hit my mother, don’t hit my mother.”
  ”Get out of the way.” Maybe the weather is boring, making people feel a little flustered, and his father threw it away. Brother, waved me away. When I was about to beat my mother, suddenly, my mother laughed strangely.
  ”Hehe, haha…” The mother laughed and clapped her hands like a child.
  Seeing his mother’s strange behavior, his father was stunned.
  ”Hey, fight, keep fighting, I want to see who is fighting.” I
  don’t know if it is an illusion. At this time, my mother felt very strange to me. I held back the cry and looked at me unblinkingly. To the mother.
  His father had grown up in the countryside, by the influence of some feudal superstition, coupled with the mother’s situation now, all of a sudden he did not know what to do, just stood there, their voices are tough to ask: “You Zala?”
  ”Hey “The mother raised her head, her eyes exuding a cold light. “Don’t you fight anymore? If you don’t fight, I will leave.”
  The mother stood up suddenly, raised her foot and ran. Behind my house is a pond, not too deep. It is said that people have drowned before. The sky after the rain was azure blue, and there were gutters on the ground. The mother didn’t care, even if the shoes were stepped on the ditch, she just kept rushing to the pond behind the house.
  The neighbors walking nearby saw this situation and they all ran out trying to hold their mother. What is strange is that the mother’s strength suddenly became so great that none of the three middle-aged men could hold her. In this way, two minutes later, under the tears of my brother and me, my mother jumped into the pond full of rain.
  ”Quickly, save people.”
  The father who rushed to jumped down behind his mother and grabbed the sinking mother. At this time, other neighbors also caught up and jumped in without hesitation.
  My mother was struggling in the water, and occasionally when her head was exposed, I could still hear her yelling: “Let go of me, I want to go home.”
  Finally, with the joint efforts of the four men, the mother was dragged to the shore. side. Perhaps after struggling for so long, my mother’s strength was completely exhausted. After going ashore, her mother had no vision and stopped struggling, but her mouth kept grinning and laughing.
  Several people worked together to carry my mother home and tied it to my small wooden bed with a very thick rope. After returning home, my mother began to struggle again, but was tied up with a rope and couldn’t break free for a while.
  My brother and I were very scared. We stood in the corner watching our mother struggle for a while, giggled for a while, and then started singing again.
  The younger brother clutched my hand tightly and asked in a low voice; “Brother, what’s wrong with my mother?” Before
  I could answer, I heard an older neighbor calling me: “Xiaoshun, go and call your third grandmother.” ”
  Oh.” I promised and ran out of the house quickly.
  The third grandmother was a very old widow in our village. Her husband used to be the principal of our elementary school and died of a sudden illness. The three grandmothers and children work outside all year round, and only return home to meet during the New Year. Because of the third grandfather, the third grandmother is very prestigious in the village, and every family will invite the third grandmother to marry a daughter-in-law or funeral. My home is not very far from the third grandmother’s home, a 10-minute journey back and forth. After the third grandma came, she rolled her mother’s eyelids to observe. After a while, Grandma San sighed and said, “Go and get me a kitchen knife.” The
  father responded and hurried to the kitchen to fetch the kitchen knife and hand it to Grandma San.
  Although I was very scared at that time, I was also curious about such a scene, so I took my brother to get behind the third grandma and watched her every move. I saw the third grandma pinching her mother’s neck with her left hand, holding a kitchen knife in her right hand, and sternly asked: “Who are you?” At the
  beginning, the mother just laughed, and then after the third grandma kept asking, the mother smiled and replied: “Hey, My name is Linghua, Sangu, don’t you remember me?”
  When talking about Linghua, I obviously felt that the neighbors around me took a step back. I don’t know why, except that my mother doesn’t call this name.
  The third grandmother turned her head and whispered: “It seems that we have touched something dirty.”
  ”What should I do?” Father asked hurriedly.
  ”It’s not difficult.” The third grandmother stood up, scanned the crowd, and said: “Go and get some blood. Chicken blood or duck blood will work, but it must be fresh.”
  ”Okay, I’m going now.”
  Father While going to get the chicken blood, the third grandmother sat down in her original posture again, and sternly asked: “Where are you from?”
  ”Hey, I’m from the water?” My mother’s pupils gradually dilated, and she started crying, “Home I’m the only one, I’m so lonely.”
  ”Then what are you doing here?” The third grandmother smiled nonchalantly all the year round, terribly serious.
  Mother stopped crying and said, “What am I doing here? I think about it, oh, yes, I was walking by the road just now, and I saw this house arguing, so I ran in to see.”
  In fact, the third grandmother is only older and has experienced more things. She has never practiced how to deal with such things. Hearing her mother say this, the third grandmother’s right hand holding the knife tightened and said: “Where is it? Go back!”
  ”No, I won’t go back.” The mother’s face was pale, without a trace of blood, “It’s so fun here. , Haha, there are still so many people, I won’t go back.” At
  exactly this time, my father got a bowl of fresh chicken blood. The third grandmother told her father to stay by her mother’s side and act on the occasion.
  The third grandma scolded: “You go quickly, if you don’t go, I will kill you.”
  ”If you don’t go, you won’t go.”
  ”Can’t you go?” The third grandma quickly raised the kitchen knife in her hand and slashed towards the mother’s face. go with. At the same time, the chicken blood in his father’s hand was splashed on his mother’s face. Hearing a scream of “Ah”, the mother’s face was covered with chicken blood, but she also passed out in a coma.
  What kind of sound is that, until now, I can’t forget that sound, like it comes from hell, it is more ear-piercing than the sound of nails cutting through glass shards.
  The third grandmother stood up and took a long breath and said, “Okay, that thing is gone, she can sleep for a while.” The
  father thanked him repeatedly and sent the third grandmother out.
  When she walked to the door, the third grandmother turned her head and glanced at her father profoundly, and said: “You two should not quarrel often in the future. The back of your house is not clean. It is hard to guarantee that the thing will not come in again. This time. It’s easy to handle, and it’s hard to deal with
  it later .” After that, my mother fell seriously ill. Of course, father and mother still quarrel occasionally, but no matter how hard the quarrel is, father will never beat mother. It seems that the experience has also produced a big shadow in his father’s heart.
  At that time, I didn’t know what unclean things were. Only once I overheard a neighbor talking about the small pond behind the house, and then I learned that Linghua was also a girl in our village before. Once she was washing clothes by the pond and accidentally fell into the pond and drowned.
  It is said that if someone passes there late at night, you can often hear the rushing sound of water, just like a person washing clothes.
  Whether there are ghosts in this pond, I am still not sure. It was just passing through a small pond in the small village. In summer, everyone would not hesitate the legend of the pond. They would still bathe and wash clothes in it. It wasn’t until I was thirteen that a person died in the same place in the pond behind the house, that everyone realized that the pond was really not peaceful.
  The old man in the village said that a person who died violently had to find a substitute to reincarnate, otherwise he would have to wander forever in the place where she violently died. The double was originally the mother, but she failed to succeed, and was replaced by another person later.
  The legend of this small pond didn’t fade until I left the village and went to study outside.