“Fighting in the nest” is the stupidest thing in marriage

  I saw a picture with a high frequency of reposting in Moments. It was said that there was a couple who drove the luxury car home for a few days. The wife accidentally hit the car into a fire hydrant while driving, causing the car to roll over. After making sure that both parties are fine, the first thing the husband does is to take a photo with his wife!
  There is no way to verify the truth of this matter, but if it is true, then I really want to praise the couple. Switching to other couples, maybe the wife or husband accidentally smashed a bowl, and both may have a big fight.
  A friend of mine has talked about such a girlfriend before. The two drove out to play together. He accidentally took the wrong path. She started complaining and accusing him constantly. After a while, she said if he was blind, and then asked him if it was intentional. The two went round and round and finally reached the destination, but his good mood was also destroyed.
  Once she was ill and he cooked for her, but after the vegetables were cooked, he discovered that the rice cooker had forgotten to plug in. When she heard it, she started the complaining mode again: How can this be forgotten? Did you mean it? I know you don’t care about me! I’m sick, you still treat me like this!
  In fact, it’s not that she doesn’t understand his goodness, but she can’t control her temper, and thinks that she is called “true temperament.” But this kind of “true temperament” exhausted her boyfriend and finally broke up.
  Soon after, he found another girlfriend, and often happily posted photos of his new girlfriend in the circle of friends. She collapsed when she saw it, and asked him hysterically: “On looks, on body, on education, and on family conditions, she Which is better than me?”
  He said something like this: “I took the wrong road when I drove. She never complained. She only comforted me and said that it would be better if we look at the scenery of a section of the road. If I forgot to cook. Turn on the rice cooker and she cooks noodles with me… Any conflict between us, she will choose to face it with me instead of attacking me, accusing me, complaining about me, engaging in infighting with me, and spending time and energy on fighting , Rather than solving the problem.” I
  read such a story online:
  One morning, before going out, the husband asked his wife to hide a bottle of medicine to prevent their young children from taking it by mistake. The wife fully agreed. However, the husband soon received a call from his wife saying that his son had taken the medicine in the bottle by mistake and had been sent to the hospital for rescue. The husband immediately rushed to the hospital. In the hospital, the husband saw his wife who was crying and only said a word to her.
  Guess what the husband said? In reality, many husbands may say something like: “Let you keep the medicine, but you don’t keep it…” In short, it is a condemnation or abuse.
  But the husband in the story only said six words to his wife: “It’s okay, I love you.” There are few words, but it expresses an attitude of advancing side by side and facing difficulties and problems together.
  It is foolish for couples to engage in “fighting in the nest”. Their focus is not on how to manage a small family well and how to fight the wind and waves from the outside, but only on how to subdue and beat each other… They use all their energy to blame and complain about their comrades in arms and turn the family into The battlefield of life.
  We must be with another person for joy and happiness. In a good marriage, the husband and wife should go hand in hand and stay in the same boat. They should always be grasshoppers tied to a rope and comrades-in-arms in the same trench. Together they build a fortress of marriage and make it solid.

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