Osmanthus tree in front of home

Two osmanthus trees were planted in front of my house. In previous years, around the Mid-Autumn Festival, the sweet-scented osmanthus tree was full of small yellow flowers like grains of rice, but this year was a little abnormal. Seeing the end of August of the lunar calendar, the sweet-scented osmanthus tree was still as usual, only green leaves were seen, but no flowers were smelled. It surprised me inexplicably.

One evening after the Double Ninth Festival, I saw small white spots on the branches. Chunfang asked me if the sweet-scented osmanthus tree was blooming? After careful observation, I think this possibility is relatively high. One morning a week later, when he just went out, Chunfang told me excitedly that the osmanthus tree had blossomed. I looked up and saw, really, the sweet-scented osmanthus tree was full of tiny yellow flowers at some point. The sweet-scented osmanthus tree finally bloomed, but the flowering period was delayed by a month compared with previous years. I came closer and stopped to look up at the sweet-scented osmanthus tree in my house. Every inch of the branches produced small yellow flowers. It turned out that the small white spots we saw some time ago were the growth points of the flowers. However, the flowers were just blooming at this time and were not fragrant. No wonder my love and I didn’t notice it when we went for a walk in the morning.

The two sweet-scented osmanthus trees in my house, like the sweet-scented osmanthus trees that have been planted for decades in my family’s backyard, are not only lush and leafy, but also very tall. The tops of the trees have reached the third floor of my house and are at least three higher than ordinary osmanthus trees. One part. More than ten years ago, my spouse brought back two sweet-scented osmanthus trees and a few red photinia seedlings from the countryside. The two trees are no more than two feet tall and the trunks are as slender as a pinky. He planted two sweet-scented osmanthus trees on both sides of the road at the gate, and planted red leaf photinia separately less than one meter away from the osmanthus tree.

After that, we never loosened the soil, fertilized them, and let them grow naturally. These trees seemed to be still adapting at first, and they grew very slowly, but within two years, a few red photinia began to branch out, and every spring and autumn, a layer of fiery red leaves would grow on the green branches. The sweet-scented osmanthus tree is still doing its own way, with hindsight. At this time, I realized that the tree was planted too densely, and the osmanthus tree had almost no room to grow.

I was muttering with my lover, should we pruning and pruning the red photinia in our house? Look at the red photinia on the street and make a shape after trimming. It will not grow too high and look good. Otherwise, if Hongye Photinia grows like this, it will affect the growth of the two sweet-scented osmanthus trees, but he categorically replied that the tree species is different and there is no need to pruning. To be honest, I still feel that he was fooling me.

A few years later, the sweet-scented osmanthus tree may know that the situation is not good for it, and it will start to grow wild. Thus, the sweet-scented osmanthus tree and the red-leaf photinia branch and leaf-to-leaf began a battle for space for growth. They are not to be outdone, not giving way to each other, and their growth space is too tight, so they grow up desperately, always competing for highs and lows, regardless of victory or defeat, until they grow to the height of my third floor.

About four years ago, several Red Photinia trees became ill one after another, and the leaves began to wither. We did not understand gardening techniques, so we went online to check, but couldn’t find the cause of the disease. Just like that, the tall red Photinia trees died one after another. Later, it was discovered that its roots were eaten up by bugs. While I was sorry for the dead red-leaf photinia, I wondered if these two sweet-scented osmanthus trees would also be infected and suffer from pests? Fortunately, the sweet-scented osmanthus tree has been growing well, but after the red photinia on both sides is gone, it can breathe freely and grow more freely. However, one of the sawn off Red Photinia now has new buds, and it grows under the sweet-scented osmanthus tree like a chick hiding under the wings of a hen.

During the frost and chrysanthemum season, the sweet-scented osmanthus tree in front of my house is still full of sweet-scented osmanthus, which releases a strong floral fragrance every day, which makes people wrapped in the fragrant wind and cannot bear to leave. In the morning, when I was out for a walk, I stopped and raised my neck under the sweet-scented osmanthus tree, took a few deep breaths, filled my internal organs with the refreshing fragrance, and then traveled with the fragrance of flowers. During the day and night, I roll the blinds and push the windows from time to time, stringing light-yellow osmanthus fairies like elf dancing in the green leaves, releasing a strong floral fragrance from the window, floating into my living room and study until every room, Let me forget my worries, the fragrance of flowers is accompanied by the fragrance of books, and I can enjoy the quiet of the years.

Osmanthus is not only a charming fragrance, but also can be made into sweet-scented osmanthus. Many years ago, when the sweet-scented osmanthus was in full bloom, I went to study in Zhelin, Jiujiang. The sweet-scented osmanthus tree in front of the dormitory was full of osmanthus. A female student wanted to make sweet-scented osmanthus, so she borrowed a large tablecloth from the cafeteria and invited several students to help her shake osmanthus. The four people each hold a corner and spread the tablecloth under the sweet-scented osmanthus tree, and the other is responsible for shaking the branches. At this moment, the ripe sweet-scented osmanthus grains that were originally hidden in the green leaves float down, as if in the next fragrant sweet-scented osmanthus rain. Pick up the collected osmanthus with impurities, put it directly into the bottle, and add white sugar to make a pot of fragrant osmanthus sugar. However, the sweet-scented osmanthus tree in my house is too tall, the branches are too thick, and the sweet-scented osmanthus is not easy to shake. Therefore, after the sweet-scented sweet-scented osmanthus tree blooms every year, it is like a drizzle every day, letting it fall under the tree by itself, changing from yellow to dark brown. , Accumulated a thick layer, turned into silt to protect the flowers.

Meeting in life is a time. Winter is coming soon. The osmanthus flowers on the sweet-scented osmanthus tree at the door of my house have turned into a dry dark brown. They have brought me so many beautiful and warm times. Now they are about to wither and leave me. Reluctant to give up, but also helpless. I would like to turn into the evergreen green leaf on the sweet-scented osmanthus tree, all the way through winter, to spring next year, and see you again in autumn.