Fascinating landscape

  1, Lijiang River
  Lijiang River is the essence of Guilin scenery, has long been known to the world. Some people say that if you don’t arrive at the Li River, you’ve never been to Guilin. Taking a bamboo raft down the Li River is the best interpretation of Guilin’s landscape and the best experience. The 83km water course from Guilin to Yangshuo, the Li River resembles a Qingluo belt, meandering between 10,000 points of strange bees, the scenery along the river is beautiful, the blue water is lingering, the reflection of Qifeng, the deep pool, fountains, and waterfalls are uneven, forming a colorful and colorful The picture scroll deserves the reputation of “Lijiang River, Baili Gallery”.
  2, West
  is located in Yangshuo Li River in the West Bank, particularly beautiful scenery, and even “Yangshuo of Guilin”. West Street is an ancient block in Yangshuo County and a place to go when visiting Yangshuo. It has a history of more than 1400 years and is a foreigner street full of Western colors. It is a face that represents Yangshuo, which condenses the essence of China and exudes a rich historical and cultural atmosphere. Only when you stroll on West Street can you truly feel the pulse of Yangshuo.
  3, Yulong
  to Guilin, Lijiang tour not, it is a pity; to Yangshuo, Yulong He does not play, it is a pity. Known as the “little Lijiang River”, the Yulong River is another scenic spot in Yangshuo. This beautiful river is famous for its mountains, waters, bamboos, bridges and villages. Riding down the bamboo raft, the peaks on both sides of the bank swelled, the trees were overgrown, the fields were vertical and horizontal, and the villages were scattered and dreamlike. You can also see the scenic beauty of Yulong Bridge, Rhino Mochizuki, Chuanshan Ancient Village, Guiyi City Ruins, Wuzhi Mountain, Shuangliukou, and Horse Lingkong.
  4. Reed Flute
  The peak forest in the Guilin area is a typical representative of karst landforms. The peaks here are numerous and the caves are numerous. The dazzling stone stalactites and beautiful landscapes complement each other, forming the fantastic scenery of the “queer peaks, strange caves, and beautiful stones” in the land of Guilin. . The surface karst landscapes such as Shiya, Shilin, Fenglin, and Tianshengqiao are well-known in the world, and the most representative is the Reed Flute Cave landscape, which is mainly based on the cave landscape. Reed Flute Rock is located in the northwest suburb of Guilin, 5 kilometers from the city center. It is a sac-like karst cave. The stalactites, stalagmites, and pillars in the cave are as white as ivory, and the illumination of multicolored lights is like a fairyland. It is said that many national leaders and dignitaries of foreign heads have visited the Reed Flute Cave, so it is also called “Guo Bin Cave”.
  5, Longji terrace
  , Guilin charm, in addition to beautiful scenery, its idyllic scenery is not to be missed. Especially the scenes of local people’s life and work are reflected in the beauty of Guilin’s landscape. Longji Terraces is a great place to feel this wonderful place. It is a large-scale terraced field group located in Heping Township, southeast of Longsheng County. It is like a chain, winding from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, layer upon layer. Walking through the scattered terraces, breathing the fragrance of rice and flowers in the fields, lamenting the nature of nature and the confidence that people will win the sky.
  6, Longsheng Hot Springs
  is located 32 km northeast of Longsheng County Longsheng stream of ailing spa, keep the water temperature of 60 degrees year-round. According to locals, the water of Longsheng Hot Spring contains lithium, strontium, iron, zinc, copper and other dozen trace elements that are beneficial to the human body. After enjoying the charming scenery of Guilin, soaking in the hot springs in the green mountains and green water is a kind of ultimate enjoyment. Interestingly, the hot spring here has a cold spring to naturally adjust the temperature, and no artificial blending is necessary at all. The peculiarity of Longsheng Hot Spring is precisely that it does not bring any smell, not only can drink directly, but also has a great taste.
  Feel the simplicity of folk customs
  Guilin is not only fascinating with its beautiful scenery and cultural landscape, but also with its colorful ethnic customs. The simple atmosphere and the unique regional culture made me appreciate a strong and colorful pen and ink painting, which added a lot of fun to my trip to Guilin.
  1. Zhuang Traditional Song Festival
  The Song Festival is also called “March 3” and “Song Wei Festival”. The song Wei is called “Wubupo” and “Shuanglongdong” in the Zhuang language, which means to sing in the field or outside the cave. There are many legends about its origins. One said that Liu Sanjie invented folk songs, and everyone rushed to sing, and gradually evolved into a song. One was to entertain the gods and eliminate the disaster. The other was to commemorate a pair of loyal couples. Before the festival, people have to prepare colored rice and eggs, and the girls have to make hydrangeas. On the polder day, the boys and girls wore festive costumes. Men brought gifts and women wore hydrangeas in groups. Some carried the goddess Liu San around the song for a week before they began to sing. In others, the girls set up colorful embroidery sheds and waited for the boys to arrive, and then sang the songs and examined each other’s talents. There are men and women in opposition, and the girl throws the hydrangea to the intended person. If the other party agrees, she will tie a gift on the hydrangea and return the woman. Some songs have the custom of touching eggs: the young man touches the egg with the egg on the girl’s hand. If the girl wants to be a friend with him, she exposes half of the egg and lets him touch it. This simple and straightforward expression makes me feel so cute.
  2, cattle soul festival
  when the eighth day of the lunar month, also known as “off the yoke Festival”, popular in northern Guangxi Zhuang Village in Longsheng area. It is said that this day is the birthday of the King of Cows, and he must be decoyed, washed, and grazed to the place where the plants are rich. The bullpen should be cleaned and covered with dry straw. They are not allowed to serve, let alone to whip, but also to sing folk songs to cattle and feed black rice. In the past, some villages also built temples of cattle and demon kings. On the day of the festival, to kill pigs and sacrifice, villagers had dinner in the temple. There is a popular legend in the local area: At the beginning, there were only rocks and yellow sand on the land. The King of Niu was ordered to sow grass. He planned to spread a handful of grass in three steps. The crops are covered with wild grass. The emperor was furious and punished the king of cattle to eat baicao. But the Emperor of Heaven did not forget it, and every time it was born, it sent the Niu Demon King to visit and protect the Niu King and its descendants, for their diseases and disasters, thus building the Niu Demon Temple. The Niuhun Festival shows the love of the Zhuang people for cattle farming and the expectation of a bumper agricultural harvest.
  3. Special marriage customs
  The Zhuang people in Longji County, Longsheng County, Guilin region have unique wedding customs such as back bride, chopping ladder, demolishing bridges, and singing songs when they get married. When a bride is married, it is usually carried out by a man with a living parent and a complete child, or by the girl’s father, who is called a back bride. The bride went out of her husband’s house and was not accompanied by a sedan chair, accompanied by a dozen bridesmaids and singers. The wedding must include a pair of shoes and a set of clothes for the groom, a bust for each of the mother-in-law and the aunt, and a belt for each of the father and the uncle. When the bride arrives at her husband’s house, she will walk upstairs on a temporary bamboo ladder and walk over the “new bridge” built for her into the cave. Entering the cave, someone behind them immediately demolished the “new bridge”. “Cut ladders” and “break bridges” indicate that the bride’s future is broken. In this life, she will leave her husband’s house, give birth to children, and start a new business.
  Marriage customs at night marriage in some areas of Zhuang nationality in northern Guangxi. Also known as “torch marriage”. On the evening of the wedding, the groom took two or thirty people, lit the torches, sang while walking, and went straight to the girl’s house. Go to the village of the woman’s house and sing a song with the bride and wife first. Usually, the man always wins. The man then sends a clever young man into the village, approaching the house of the woman, and is stopped by the girls. Only then were you allowed to enter the door. The bride was on the road, accompanied by twenty or thirty female companions. She walked along the way to sing with the young men who greeted the relatives. In the laughter of the song, the bride gathered around him and arrived at the male chapel. After the newcomer entered the cave, the young men and women continued to sing the song until dawn. Through the song, they know and understand each other, and some make friends, and then form a good relationship.
  Fun with Guilin Tips:
  1. Prepare wind oil and mosquito repellent water when you leave, which can deal with the troubles caused by mosquitoes.
  2. Go in summer. In addition to summer clothes, it is best to bring long sleeves for sun protection.
  3. Cash must be prepared in Yangshuo, and most small shops cannot swipe cards.
  4. The boat tickets must be booked one day in advance. You can stay in Yangshuo without going back to Guilin after you cruise to Yangshuo.
  5. There are many steps in the cave, and the ground is wet and slippery, so pay attention to safety. There is a free Chinese interpretation service in the cave.
  6. During the tour, you may encounter the situation of taking photos for tourists, and then printing them out to force them to purchase at a high price, so pay more attention.