Not wasted

A young middle school teacher who has been on the job for two years wrote a letter to the writer Lian Yue, confessing his confusion about work. She wrote in the letter: After working for two years, I deeply realized the hardship and tediousness of the work, the unfinished teaching plan, and the teaching and research activities of Laozizi. The most embarrassing thing is to see those old teachers in their forties who are doing repetitive work day after year in their small world. Seeing them, I seem to see my future. Wanting to leave, but also reluctant to the establishment of the unit, she paid off and called herself a confused and confused person.

I think, at its root, this female teacher’s troubles come from the anxiety and impetuosity of a young man. She wanted to gain the benefits of preparing teachers, but could not bear the pressure of specific work. This entanglement is the root cause of her confusion.

Yesterday, I followed a batik video taken by the internet celebrity Li Ziqi. With her long hair fluttering, in the yard of flowers and a world of paradise, she skillfully and beautifully showed everyone how to turn a white cloth into a blue printed cloth cloak. And sheet process. Picturesque landscapes, heart-warming camera language, and video views instantly exceeded one million. Some netizens couldn’t help but sigh, this girl is a god from heaven, how can you make the video so beautiful, and everything?

But who knows that this 16-minute video, Li Ziqi took a year to shoot? At the beginning of 2019, she planted a plant seed called Polygonum in the field. After ripe harvesting, she planted it in a bundle and immersed it in a large water tank mixed with rice wine and grass ash. It was fermented for two weeks and waited in the tank. The liquid becomes darker before it can be used to dye cloth. For each of these procedures, she has hands-on hands, and the perfect video in the eyes of the audience is inseparable from her countless labor and countless edits and modifications.

She recalled the beginning of her video. There was no team, and everything was done by one person. From the choice of theme, the preparation of ingredients, to the entire production process, she is both a director, an actor, a photographer and a post-production. Every shot must have at least two trips back and forth. Set up the camera, work in front of the lens, take a picture and press pause before returning to the camera, the same is true for the next lens. Sometimes the carpentry work is too heavy and I don’t know if my hands are worn. There are tens of thousands of video materials in her computer alone. To ensure the perfection of the food production process, it takes hundreds of hours of practice. It is normal to practice a dozen bowls of ordinary Lanzhou ramen in a tangible and posture, not to mention the continuous selection of topics and materials. I can’t think about it anymore.

The popularity of Li Ziqi’s video, in addition to her showing us the daily life of a vegetable and a meal, a bowl and a bowl, her existence itself is a work that represents perseverance and patience. No job is easy and pleasant. Behind all the high-energy auras, you can’t do without perseverance and diligence to build a fortress. Feelings of boredom and opportunism are instinctive reactions to heavy work, but excessive burnout can wipe out the inner enthusiasm and lose the vitality of life.

Destiny loves those who can bear the trouble, those who can concentrate on doing every little thing. In the documentary film “Fruits of Life”, a retired architect in his nineties, Xiuyi, did every little thing very seriously. For easy identification, he made a small yellow brand for every vegetable in the vegetable garden. In order to hear the sound of Dingdong on rainy days, he purposely installed a metal roof on the house. In order to find the best taste of food, he also made more than 150 hand-made bacon. His motto in life is: No matter what, as long as it is done more than a hundred times, it can make really good things, with its own style.

In his letter to the female teacher, Lian Yue wrote in a gentle and firm tone: No matter what we do, you teach, I write, every line must have its hard work and cumbersomeness. The process of building your competitiveness.

Each of us lives in our own time. Different treatments and different choices will bear very different fruits of life. Let us start from where we can do it, one by one, and move forward slowly and firmly.