The original perfume can be drunk

  The stories of grandpa and grandma in this life can’t be finished. They have gone through the most difficult days together and experienced the hardships of life together. Of all the stories between them, I only love one small thing.
  Grandpa’s family is a big family, there are many members, grandma was beautiful and capable at that time, after marriage, very popular with the husband’s family. The young couple are also very affectionate. Grandpa is educated and elegant. Grandma is dignified and generous.
  But this kind of day did not last long. Soon after marriage, my grandfather was transferred to a far place because of work relationship, and he could not return home several times a year. So, the whole family’s big and small things fell on grandma’s head.
  It is not easy for a newly-wed wife to face such a big family alone, and grandpa can also predict that he can’t help her outside, and can only write letters to express his heart.
  Grandpa is a romantic person. He often buys grandma some small gifts. Later, grandma forbids him to spend more money. There are so many people in the family and there are too many places to spend money.
  So Grandpa didn’t give grandma any gifts for a long time. Until New Year, Grandpa specially asked someone to bring a bottle of perfume to Grandma. In those days, soap was a luxury, perfume was a rarity, many people had never seen it before, and grandma was no exception.
  How to deal with this bottle of “Holy Water” can be difficult for grandma. Grandma looked at the English letters above and thought it should be a high-end foreign wine. She studied and studied, and finally came up with a method.
  Grandma called a dozen people from the whole family, and solemnly announced to everyone that this is a foreign gadget that Grandpa came back from outside. It is said to be called perfume. Grandma opened the perfume bottle sacredly, poured all the perfume out, soaked it in a pot of water, and took out 10 small cups. Like tea, it was evenly distributed to everyone. Everyone tasted the smell of perfume soaking in water.
  After drinking, the whole family agreed that they didn’t think the taste of this foreign toy was special.
  Later, my grandmother asked someone to write back to Grandpa, and the letter said: I have already distributed the perfume to everyone. However, the taste is too general, comparable to the Huoxiang tea at home. And the portion is too little, you can only taste it, no matter how full it is.
  I don’t know how Grandpa responded to the letter at that time. I probably want to eat it.
  Grandpa came back many years later, and grandma and the whole family knew the real use of this perfume. Later, everyone joked that this bottle of perfume is probably the most useful bottle of perfume in the world.
  The first time I heard my father tell this story, I laughed. Afterwards, I was very warm. This bottle of drunk perfume is a better expression of love than any oath.