New fashion for children renting clothes

For some consumers, clothing rental is an environmentally responsible choice; for others, renting clothes can ensure that they regularly update their outfits without worrying about crowding the wardrobe. Some websites have started to provide monthly clothing rental services mainly for female customers to meet their requirements for changing a batch of new clothes every month. Fast fashion giant H&M has also begun to test the “weekly rental” service of water clothing in Sweden.

So, what about the children’s clothing rental market? Can this fast-developing clothing rental service effectively reduce the pressure on parents’ wallets?

Still struggling with acceptable fashion
There are many ways to reduce children’s clothing expenditures, such as wearing old clothes of brothers and sisters, borrowing clothes from friends’ children, buying almost new second-hand clothing on flea markets or personal trading websites… In recent months, some startups The children’s apparel rental business covers different ages from babies to teenagers. However, some companies, such as “My petite wardrobe” (Ma petite étagère) or “My story” (Tale Me), which mainly rent children’s clothing, are closed. “Consumers are not ready to rent a variety of children’s clothing, but this trend is coming and will develop in the next few years.” An industry expert said, “Like adult clothing rental, children’s rental clothing will also Use special clothing as an entry point, and then gradually popularize.”

The best choice for high-end clothing
The apparel rental business first succeeds in women’s rental needs for evening dresses or luxury dresses. Today, many businesses are looking at the vacancies in the children’s clothing rental market.

Are you still worried about spending almost all your savings to afford baby wash dresses, toddler dresses or children’s cool ski suits? Now, this money may be spent in more valuable places. In short, for branded clothing that your child may only wear once, renting may be an effective way to save money.

On the “Home Wardrobe” website, people can rent children’s clothing of various brands at low prices, such as Bonpoint, Tartine et Chocolat, Petite Diane, Moncler, Dior, Rossignol, Poivre Blanc, etc. You can rent a 4-day evening dress for only 25 Euros or an 8-day ski suit for 39 Euros.

For children’s ski wear that is worn only a few times a year, rental is a good choice.

The “Little Home of the Little Home” website established in 2019 is also competing in the same field. “We soon decided to shift the company’s business focus from regular service rentals to dress rentals.” Company co-founder Anna Benjiji said, “We provide clothing rental quotes that are only a fold of the store price.” From Bonpoint’s From classic dresses (15 euros/4 days) to pink sequin dresses at Dolce & Gabbana (80 euros/4 days), or youth Hugo Boss suits (40 euros/4 days), rental clothing can meet a variety of styles and Budget requirements.

There are also websites that specialize in the rental of eco-friendly clothing. In most cases, these clothing are very expensive. The Babyclo website focuses on this area. It provides customers with clothing made from 100% organic cotton and certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) or Environmentally Friendly Textile Standard (Oeko-tex).

“From the collection of raw materials to the production process, all follow the principles of ecology and social friendliness.” We can see this sentence on the Babyclo website. Although the site only offers dozens of limited merchandise to choose from, customers can rent 5 pieces of clothing at a cost of 29 euros per month (plus 4 euros for each additional item). Maybe we can’t just wear rented clothes for children, but it is wise to try some 100% organic clothes from similar websites.

Custom children’s wardrobe
Avoiding the crowds in the children’s clothing store on Saturday afternoon is to save time-this is the concept launched by the company “My Little Cigogne” at the beginning of its establishment in 2012. For three years, the company sent a box of children’s clothing to each user every month. The suitcase contains two to three sets of complete wear, and each set includes three or four items: pants, skirts, T-shirts, jackets, pullovers or cardigans, pantyhose, accessories… help your child control the fashion wear . Currently, this business is very popular.

“We will send 10,000 suitcases every month across the whole of France,” said purchasing manager Marin Karam. “Distribution and suitcase outfits are free. After signing, the children have seven days to try on them. , And then choose the clothes you want to keep on the website, and the rest of the clothes can be returned free of charge. We will post the package.” And the bill will be settled according to the items reserved by the user. The average price of each piece of clothing is between 10 and 30 euros. .

Designer-the key to success
“The average cost per suitcase is about 70 euros.” Marin said, “If customers want to leave all the clothes in the suitcase, they can get an additional 20% discount. Although this may not be for children to add clothing The most economical way, but the amount of each consumption can still be controlled within a reasonable range.”

“My Little Stork” suitcase

Children trying on clothes in suitcase

What is the secret to the success of the “My Little Stork” company? The answer is the designer. They will prepare one suitcase after another according to the preferences filled in by the user, such as “Emma doesn’t like pink”, “Arthur likes easy-to-wear clothes”, “Laura prefers irregular patterns”, “Taiyi likes princess dresses” …

There are more than a dozen designers within the company responsible for developing the company’s 100% independent brands, and these brands are very popular on social networks. “They will think about how to match different clothes and incorporate fashion elements in them.” Marin continued, “The point is that through their vision and taste, users can avoid the difficulty of choosing when trying on in the mall.”

But if the user does not want to leave any of the items in the suitcase, there is no need to worry: just use the postage coupons placed in the box in advance, and all items will be returned for free.