“Broken News” Therapy

It is a very important thing for me to pay attention to the world’s major events at all times, not to sing a high profile. I think this is the responsibility of being a citizen of the country. However, reading the news now is not as simple as glancing at the morning newspaper as in the past, and then treating it as a day’s talk. Sometimes, when I am busy with the work at hand, I will suddenly think: take a look at the news, the world is so big, what happened at this moment? Take a look: “The tide of unemployment and layoffs” “Five people were killed” “Increase in deaths”…

God, is this true? Terrible, is there any good news? Try another one. I know that swiping around on this phone is not only killing time, but also consuming my energy. “Government crisis” and “terrorist threat”…These party headings all have a set of words that will make you unable to hold back and look at it, but I also know that watching these news will make you feel down, because the good news is Will not be on the front page. But every time I open the front page of a news website, I see bad news. This is really disturbing.

“The front page news made me so disgusted that I didn’t even have interest in watching other news.” Judy Jackson, author of “What Reads Determines Life: Why Less Watching Media Can Change the World,” said, “These news are like Siren, always warn me that terrible things are about to happen.”

Jackson believes that in today’s information age, it is difficult for us to maintain a correct view of “bad news”, which poses a threat to our mental health. “The front-page news that ignites the flames allows us to look at life from a distorted perspective.” She said, “In my personal experience, the world should be a beautiful and complex place, full of magic, unknown and goodwill, but also exist Brutality, misery and injustice. The media nowadays always wear dark and colored glasses to see the world, I don’t believe them.”

I live in London, and anyone who likes to watch the news will definitely think that London is a place where crimes with swords are frequent. I watched the front page news for a few years, and I know that the number of criminal crimes in London has been constant, so I always worry about the safety of several children. The scene of the case was terrible. Crime with a knife is indeed a serious problem that needs to be dealt with seriously, but a few pieces of news have fundamentally changed my view of the city of London. Is this reasonable? I have never encountered a crime with a knife, and none of the people I know have encountered. If I were to describe London on the basis of my own experience, I would say that London is a very intimate city. Although there are some unsatisfactory places, it will never be the terrible Western film in the media reports. world. My opinion is pertinent, because from the statistical data, for residents, London is a safe city.

I know that to find a balance between news and objectivity, I have to rely on myself. There is nothing wrong with watching the news, but you can look at the world from a broader perspective. I have developed a news addiction, but I want to live a down-to-earth life, take a look, listen, and feel the real world. So I decided not to read the news within a month, and not to read at a glance.

Come back, my time
On the first day of not watching the news, I felt uncomfortable and always wanted to get rid of my work and find something to distract. I don’t know what’s going on in the outside world. However, after this day, I have gained a lot! Not only did I complete my work tasks, I had time to cook dinner, but I also read an in-depth magazine article and sorted out the garden floor. I have been thinking about resettling the garden for several years. I realized then that I wasted so much time and energy before.

After waking up the next morning, I felt weak and listless. I still think about finding something to pass the time. Although I was still struggling to stay away from the news, I found myself falling into another anxiety trap. So I wrote a list of health activities that I can do when I feel uncomfortable: running, studying recipes for next week, and reading a short story.

The strange circle of thinking woven by negative news makes people deeply unknowingly.

“Breaking news” can help people get rid of extremes and return to reason.

Early on the third day, I was in a great mood. I feel that I have enough energy and I can concentrate on my work. After the end of the day’s work, my daughter came home from school and I listened attentively to her about the study and life during the day. I used to blame my work absent-mindedness on work, but now I found out that it was because my mind was always full of anxious murmurs. I am so guilty that I have never stepped down to face those closest to me.

I once chatted with psychotherapist F. Robinson and asked her: “Why did I fall to the point where I am today?” She told me that in this era of instant communication with the outside world, my situation is quite common , She said: “There are big things happening in the world every moment, but you don’t know it at all. This feeling may cause people to panic. Many people will find another thing as a spiritual sustenance immediately after letting go of one thing. In fact, when the empty space in your mind becomes larger, the feeling system will make you discover more, and you will start to pay attention to your feelings and thoughts. Taking back your heart may make you uncomfortable, but not doing so The price is that we will lose contact with ourselves. It is important to find a balance between inside and outside. Do you have time to receive information from the depths of your mind? Can you know how you feel?”

“How do I know this?” I asked Robinson.

Not online, panic
“For me, although the painful and anxious sense of anxiety can make me understand.” She replied, “But if I lose sensitivity to my feelings, I will panic. Because in that case, I found Communicating with others is just coping, not responding.”

It sounds like she feels the same as me. Now I know that I have chosen one of the worst psychological sustenance methods: cramming all kinds of sensational news into my mind, but I am powerless to these things, and the result is anxiety and depression Quagmire.

“This is a sinister world.” Robinson said, “It’s hard to come to such a conclusion if you read a lot of news. It’s not easy to find a balance between positive and negative news from a psychological point of view.”

Being obsessed with the news has also overwhelmed me. However, a week after “Broken News”, I felt much better and also started to get used to the new space in my life. This makes me more able to listen to my heart, willing to spend time to understand and take care of my emotions.

Robinson’s advice to me is to read some news that looks forward to a better future. She also added: “If we ignore the foundation of real life, we will believe the one-sided words in the news. The brain is a’meaning building machine. No matter what kind of information you see or hear, it will give meaning to its existence. When we read the news, we should realize this and not be puzzled. Ask yourself more:’when you see these contents Feeling? What does this news mean to me? It helps to build a bridge between news information and real life.”

Everyday pessimist
After a few more days, several friends and I went out to eat, and the topic inevitably turned to the world and what is happening in our city. I noticed that they all looked depressed, and I was the only optimist in the group. When others talk about the world’s problems, I said: “I believe it will be all right.”

My friends told me that another stabbing case occurred. They talked about the terrible details of the case, and I found myself stunned in horror. I was scared out of illness, and I felt depressed until the next day. If I were in the past, I would definitely search the Internet for more details about the case, as if I could figure it out, I could turn things around or make myself feel better. Now that I have adopted Robinson’s suggestion, I asked myself, “How do I feel about this news?” The answer is: “The perpetrators are too evil, in addition to frustrating me, they also make me feel depressed and fearful.”

Listening to my voice seems to be very good. I found that the strong negative emotions have faded, and I quickly followed the rhythm of life. I remind myself that I must be sober about the information that is poured into my mind, and the fear of being brought about by a news cause my heart to collapse, and there is no benefit to others.

Now, whenever I encounter arguments or communication difficulties, I find myself responding to each other, not coping.

Two weeks of “broken news”, my anxiety has been reduced a lot, and I have become more calm. When I met another group of friends, everyone also talked about the news. This time I noticed that their views were polarized. They are all describing the same thing, but everyone is speaking from their own perspective, without really listening to each other. As always, this chat is not speculative.

This reminds me of Robinson’s writing in the book that “dead staring at the negative” media news can make people anxious, and people who are helpless can easily form extreme views, which will trigger people to people. The opposition between them is not conducive to cooperation to solve problems.

Listening to the heart and feeling the emotions are essential to protect mental health.

Am I always living like this? In retrospect, it is very clear that I was living and working in an excessive emotion at that time, and my negative thinking accumulated for a long time, which made me fall into a strange circle of thinking without knowing it. Receiving negative energy every day, it is naturally impossible to bring positive energy to those around you.

Now, whenever I encounter disputes or communication difficulties, I find that I am responding to each other, not coping, that is, I no longer look at others with a high degree of vigilance. When I think of the problems in this world, I can judge more calmly and pay attention to the possible solutions and the meager power I can do.

Maintain a balanced “news meal”
I don’t want to stay away from the news forever, but I hope to receive it in a new way in the future. Both Robinson and Jackson advise people to watch the news periodically. “You can read the news feed once a week, or even once a month.” Robinson said. This method is more traditional, just like people check out once a week and once a month. Jackson also suggested that you can pay attention to some solutions while watching negative news, so that you can maintain emotional balance.

I plan to order a weekly news report, watch the world’s major events once a week, pay more attention to problem-solving news, and don’t forget to gain experience from the real world of life. In this way, you can understand the world’s major events and see the world from a fairer perspective.

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