What do men think about women’s makeup?

I think a lot of people have heard the phrase “girls please their own faces”. Simply put, women will dress themselves up for their favorite objects. I think not only women, but men will also dress up for their favorite objects, because we all want to make a good impression on the people we like.

I don’t know whether society has higher expectations for women’s dressing, or women are more natural to dress up. I feel that overall, women spend more time, energy and money on dressing up than men. Once, when chatting with a female friend, she asked me, from a man’s perspective, should a woman make up?

How to say it, I think there are still great individual differences in views on this matter. Some men like women with heavy makeup, while others prefer more natural ones. For example, I prefer the latter. In addition to differences in preferences, men also have different expectations for women’s makeup. If you just go out for a stroll, you don’t feel the need for makeup at all. However, if it is a formal occasion, it will feel strange if you don’t wear makeup. For example, when you encounter a plain-faced stewardess, you will feel that the other party is a little rude and not professional enough.

But I must also admit that sometimes a man can’t really see whether a woman has makeup or not. Especially when that makeup is natural, the man doesn’t have the kind of eyesight and observation to know that the woman has no base makeup and has a huge makeup. difference. Sometimes, what kind of makeup the wife wants to buy, will ask me to watch the teaching video of the beauty blogger with her. A situation that often happens is that if you don’t directly compare the appearance before and after makeup, I really can’t see the difference.

In fact, most men do not quite understand what real makeup looks like, nor can they tell the difference between makeup and light makeup. If a man says he likes your makeup, you may have to believe his statement, because he thinks that your light makeup looks like your makeup. Of course, if this man usually likes women with heavy makeup, but knowing that you don’t like heavy makeup, you might not really like your makeup, but just to please you. There are so many kinds of men. There are some very oily people who do not make drafts. Everyone should be careful.

But frankly speaking, I don’t think women should be happy for themselves. If a person likes you just because of your makeup, what should you do after removing makeup? It’s like some Internet celebrities usually use filters. As a result, they forgot to use filters once, and instantly lost a lot of fans.

In the past, some women did put on their makeup before the man woke up, and removed the makeup after the man fell asleep, in order to maintain a beautiful image in front of the man. But now, times have changed, and it is too hard to do so. Unless this person loves you so much, you will be happy with each other, otherwise I would say that such a man really can’t keep up. You have to remember one thing, the man you loved has loved a plain woman, that is, his mother. So don’t think he is only interested in women with makeup. Have confidence in yourself and let him fall in love with you instead of your makeup.

If you are putting on makeup to make yourself happy, I don’t think it’s a problem, it’s just a matter of size. Some women can’t go out in an hour, and I feel a bit exaggerated. If you are not a big star, there is really no need to spend so much time on dressing up, it will be more worthwhile to spend time sleeping.

In addition to time, the cost of money must be controlled. The price of cosmetics can be very cheap or very expensive. If you spend most of your income in order to add a little beauty, it is really not worth it. After all, nowadays we often communicate with others through the screen. Where do you need makeup, choose high-quality filters can be beautiful, white and thin, and just press a button, how good!