There is a kind of “love” called salmon

When You Yusheng paddled a fast horse into the unknown river, it was almost dusk. The stern brought a white waterline, biting tightly behind the fishing boat.

You Yusheng chased after a female salmon. In order to catch up with the escaped salmon, he has rowed out a dozen miles of waterway. When he cast a net in Heilongjiang that afternoon, he came across this salmon. I saw it hung on the fishing net with its abdomen, motionless. You Yusheng has been playing fish in Heilongjiang for more than ten years, but he has never seen such a big salmon.

You Yusheng did not dare to take it lightly and hurriedly pushed away the oars, carefully grabbing the fishing net and dragging the net on the boat. Who knows that the salmon just suddenly left the river, and suddenly threw up violently, taking advantage of Yu Yu’s stunned effort, the salmon escaped the fishing net and immediately fled into the water. A rare female salmon escaped, could you make Yu Yu angry?

You Yu gave birth to her determination: even if the female salmon escaped to the end of the world, she had to get it back!

Every year in late autumn, when there are fish and moths flying from the edge of the Heilongjiang River, salmon have swarmed into the Heilongjiang River from the Okhotsk Sea. From the day they flowed upstream into Heilongjiang, the salmon no longer preyed on any food, only consumed fat and protein in their own bodies, and relied on the instinct of multiplying offspring to support them to swim to the place where they were born.

You Yusheng thought that it wouldn’t take long to catch up with the escaped female salmon, but as the sky gradually darkened, he still didn’t find the escaped salmon, and he was a bit secret. Anxious. While carefully observing the movements under the water, he paddled the Kuimazi through a wild water chestnut seedling covered with water chestnuts. The bow of the boat knocked over the water chestnut leaves dyed brown by the autumn wind. Ling Dang divided in half. After the Kuimazi fishing boat rushed out of the wild Lingdang, the river suddenly became shallow and clear. The gravel paved at the bottom of the river, as well as the smooth pebbles embedded in the mud, are vividly remembered. Sure enough, he paddled a few more paddles and found a shadow under the water in front of him, only to see it swimming close to the bottom of the river and heading upstream—it was the escaped female salmon. He held his breath and tried to throw the harpoon in his hand.

Spearfishing is a special skill for Yu Yusheng. I saw a flying harpoon draw a beautiful arc in midair, and then plunged into the water. But what he didn’t expect was that at the moment the harpoon was about to pierce the river, the cunning mother salmon flicked its tail and evaded.

The harpoon hit a river pebble heavily and bounced with a bang. You Yusheng came to the harpoon, pulled the harpoon from the water, and then chased the boat forward. The river became narrower and shallower. There was no longer any sediment under the shallow river, and the clear river murmured through smooth pebbles.

This time, Yu Yusheng was not busy throwing a harpoon, but paddling Kuaizizi all the way past the female salmon before stopping the fishing boat. The female salmon didn’t seem to see the Kuimazi boat moored on the river and went straight under the boat. I saw it twisting quickly, and continued to swim forward. Seeing the female salmon swimming forward, You Yusheng threw the harpoon in his hand again. Harpoon plunged into the river with the wind. Seeing the harpoon flying again, the female salmon swayed its tail violently, twisting its body and trying to avoid it again. Unexpectedly, the moment the harpoon was about to pierce the water, he suddenly turned a corner and went straight towards the escaped salmon. This is the ancestral skill of You Yusheng’s family. It is also called the hand fork, which is the moment when the harpoon is thrown out, the wrist is slammed, so that the harpoon suddenly changes the flight path before going into the water, and may go straight to the fish. The direction of escape.

The female salmon who had no way to escape was finally stabbed by the harpoon, and then a red fish blood was mixed with the muddy water stirred by the tail of the salmon, which rose from the bottom of the river and floated to the surface of the river. .

Seeing that the salmon was stabbed, You Yusheng rowed over, trying to drag the female salmon onto the boat. However, he leaned out of the fishing boat several times to catch the harpoon, but he was evaded by the salmon with the harpoon.

The female salmon was holding the harpoon against the bottom of the river, twisting her body non-stop, trying to avoid the fast-moving Kuimazi boat, and desperately swimming towards the place where she was born. However, its speed of swimming has slowed significantly, and the wound has been bleeding. After catching the harpoon several times, You Yusheng was not in a hurry. She just trailed behind the female salmon. He was very clear in his heart that this stabbed mother salmon could not last long.

The female salmon tried their last bit of strength and finally swam to a section of gravel at the bottom of the river. It was really weak, and even brought to the river by the harpoon several times, struggling to sink to the bottom of the river again, only to see it flat sideways, hitting the riverbed violently with the fish tail, hitting a deep between gravel and pebble The pit, and then a golden yellow egg with big yellow beans was sprayed out.

The jetted fish eggs quickly spread out and sank in the eggs that the female salmon hit with the fish tail. Afraid that the female salmon would drain the eggs in her stomach, You Yusheng couldn’t wait any longer. She hurriedly rowed over, reached for the harpoon, and pulled the female salmon onto the fishing boat.

The mother salmon lay quietly in the cabin, motionless. Only its gills are still moving gently. You Yusheng pulled the harpoon from the dying female salmon, glancing proudly at the dying female salmon, and then he picked up the oars and prepared to row back to the village.

At this moment, something unexpected to you Yu unexpectedly happened. Seeing that the dying female salmon used its last strength, he suddenly arched his body, supported the ship’s board with his head and fishtail, violently patted a few times, and then jumped up. I saw its silver-gray fish flickered, crossed the ship’s side, jumped out of the cabin, and fell heavily in the river water.

As soon as she returned to the river, the female salmon immediately twitched and almost huddled up, and then a golden fish egg was ejected from its back abdomen. Everything happened so suddenly, You Yusheng was also shocked. He watched in surprise as the female salmon finished the last fish egg before slowly sinking to the bottom of the river, lying quietly on the pebbles in the river bed, motionless.

The salmon eggs that had just left the mother body quickly dispersed, and as the running water sank, they were hidden in the stone cracks around the dead mother salmon.

The setting sun finally fell behind the purple cloud of purple daisy, and hung red on the west sky, like a huge fish egg, quietly suspended on the rolling hills of Jiejin…

The US media disclosed an accident occurred during the test of a US hypersonic weapon. A hypersonic missile test bomb accidentally fell off the bomber. According to a report by the US Aviation Week website on June 10, the US Air Force is investigating an accident that occurred during the testing of a hypersonic weapon. It was reported that the US Air Force’s “Aspirated Hypersonic Weapon Project” (HAWC) had an accident in a recent test, and subsequently the missile driven by a supersonic combustion ramjet engine was destroyed.

According to sources familiar with the evaluation test, this hypersonic missile accidentally broke away from the B-52 strategic bomber as a carrier aircraft during a carry-on flight test. The cause of the incident is related to the aircraft of the 419th Flight Test Squadron at Edwards Base, California, and is currently under investigation.

The US Air Force submitted the matter to the US Department of Defense Advanced Program Research Agency (DAR⁃PA), but the agency declined to disclose any details. “The details of these flight demonstrations are strictly confidential,” a DARPA spokesperson responded.

As the “Freud’s Death” event fermented in the United States, the statue of “slave master” dusted in history was threatened by people. During the Civil War, the statue of General Robert Lee on Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia, was once again the target of public criticism. On June 4, Virginia Governor Lostham announced that he would dismantle this famous statue in response to the protesters’ request. Throughout the United States, there are still many statues of General Robert Lee, because of his complicated history and loud reputation, he has frequently been the target of attacks.

Had caused a fierce conflict

General Robert Lee was the most famous commander-in-chief of the Southern Army during the American Civil War, but in fact he did not agree with the split, nor did he publicly support slavery. There are not many black slaves in his family, there are five or six. After the Civil War, he devoted himself to education and made some contributions to the recovery of the United States after the war. His descendants donated the land of the Martyr’s Tomb in Arlington, and had always expressed introspection on racial discrimination. However, he has repeatedly become the “big slave owner” targeted by anti-racists, largely because his reputation is much louder than other larger “slave masters”.

In the state of Alabama in the United States, “Lee County” is still preserved. In many places, there are streets, squares named after him, and his statues. Whether the statue surrounding General Robert Lee is cleared and whether to commemorate him has been quite controversial in the United States.

In fact, the “Pushing Down” General Robert Lee statue was first widely known in 2017. On February 6, that year, in view of the pressure of African Americans and protest groups, the City Council of Charlottesville, Virginia passed the “Lee Park”, which will be located between the first and second streets in the northeast of the city, with a weak advantage of 3:2. The bronze sculpture of Robert Lee was pushed down and the park was renamed “Liberation Park”. This resolution triggered a fierce conflict between local supporters and opponents who dismantled the bronze sculptures, resulting in large-scale violence. On the night of July 7 of that year, the supporters of the demolition used red paint graffiti to destroy the copper carvings; on August 12 of the same year, the rally against the demolition triggered a fierce conflict between the two sides, resulting in 1 death and 19 injuries.

The tit-for-tat opinion made the bronze sculpture in Charlottesville unable to be removed and repaired for a while, and the continuous destruction made the bronze sculpture unsightly. On August 23, 2017, the city council decided to cover the copper sculpture with black garbage bags, which were not removed until February 28, 2018. On April 25, 2019, the city’s Circuit Court ruled that the bronze sculpture could not be removed on the grounds that “the bronze sculpture is a monumental cultural relic protected by state law”. This act angered the supporters of the demolition. On October 14, the same year, someone used a chisel to destroy the copper sculpture; on November 28, the supporter dismantled the slogans “this is racist” and “impeach Trump” on the copper sculpture .

This General Lee statue is one of the four famous bronze statues of Virginia celebrities during the Civil War and is also the most famous. Completed in 1824, the base is 8 meters high and was a local landmark. From an artistic point of view, this bronze sculpture of General Li is a masterpiece. General Li rides his famous horse “Traveller” in a uniform and looks vivid. However, the “Freud incident” did not make the general Lee’s bronze sculpture in Charlottesville the focus of attention.

This time the focus

The focus of the public’s threat of dismantling this time is the statue of General Lee, which is more famous and has a longer history in the United States, on Richmond Monument Avenue. This statue of General Li originated from the lithograph of General Li’s horseback riding by the artist Volcker. It was created in 1876 and was funded by the General Li Monumental Association. A few years later, some local gentry in Richmond wanted to open a memorial avenue in the urban area, and planned a series of iconic memorial buildings, decorated with sculptures of many local celebrities. Among these commemorative buildings and sculptures, the statue of General Li was deliberately placed in the most eye-catching position, and the famous French sculptor Messi was re-created based on Volcker lithographs, and the tall white marble neoclassical was built by local craftsmen. Style pedestal.

Messi divided the statue into four pieces for creation. The creation officially began in the autumn of 1887, and the pedestal was completed on October 27 of the same year. In early 1890, the statue was completed and displayed in Paris, and then split into four pieces for shipment to New York, and then from New York to Richmond by train. On May 29, 1890, the sculpture was officially inaugurated and unveiled. Richmond General Lee’s bronze sculpture is 4.3 meters high and the base is 18 meters high, which is more conspicuous than the one in Charlottesville.

In 1970, Monument Avenue Historic District was included in the National Register of Historic Places; in 2007, it was listed as one of the “10 Great Streets in the United States” by the American Planning Association. Although there are occasional gatherings to commemorate and oppose Confederate Confederacy, it has been relatively peaceful until the “Freud’s death” event. Although the trend of “dismantling Confederate monuments” has a long history in the United States, it has rarely been Spread here because most Americans and locals, including many Africans, also recognize the cultural relics and artistic value of these historical relics.

This time “Freud

After the outbreak of the “Death” incident, the statue was painted with various slogans by demonstrators. As a Democrat Governor, Losham announced that the statue was a “symbol of slavery” and “a representative of racism,” and issued a demolition order. After receiving the approval of General Li’s descendants, but the opposition immediately rushed in, the local residents filed a lawsuit with the City Circuit Court, pointing out that in 1890 the Virginia State Government had signed a contract with the land and sculpture donors, promising “faithful, sincere and The permanent protection of this statue is a breach of contract if it is demolished. On June 8, the City Circuit Court ruled that it cannot be demolished within 10 days so that the court can decide to seize it.

Not many statues of General Li were pushed down

Despite the great momentum of the “overthrow” of General Li’s statue, in fact, not many statues of General Lee were overthrown in the United States. Except for the “James River Embankment Statue” demolished in the 1990s, only the night of March 11, 2019 was anonymously The “bust of General Lee” of the Myers, Florida, destroyed by the face-breaker. A poll shows that the vast majority of Americans, including Africans, do not support the removal of these statues.

In response to the controversy surrounding the “overthrowing” of General Li’s statue on Monument Avenue, some commentators also believe that “political added color is too heavy”. In this group of statues, the “personal” and “slave master” of General Li’s statue are farthest away, Why did the protesters attack the statue of General Li persistently? An online comment says, “They just look for the most famous starter.”