How have you been fragmented and how long have you been cheated?

Have you ever calculated how much time do you spend on your cell phone every day?
Millet before doing a survey and found that more than three percent of millet mobile phone users use mobile phone time more than 5.5 hours. Occupies one-third of our sober time, the proportion is very alarming.
We are every day to accept the micro-public letter of the article bombing, we point praise, forward, and even save. Then what do you learn by reading the WeChat in the end?
We found that we have a lot of things to learn, but what is valuable to us? Which investment rate of return is not high? What is the standard of our choice?
We thought we learned a lot, but when others let us talk, but nothing can not tell!
Have to admit, and now our time is cut more and more broken. Imagine your daily time: on the way to work, the bus on the subway, work, a WeChat, a jump out of the message, next to a colleague “know? Bai Bai Ge derailed” may also lead you to microblogging slip around … …
These things will cut your entire time into a small piece of debris. So there are so many people advocate, you have to make full use of your fragmented time to learn something! Who says no?
However, you may also find that on the way to work and listen to the Himalayas and get, want to get some new ideas; bus subway, look at WeChat articles, expect to get some new way of thinking; before going to bed and then look at the bed The book …
Really someone asked you: “Hey, what did you learn today?” Now think back, today you use the fragmented time to learn what? May let you remember or “white hundred derailed 18 line male model” the latest progress, right?
You look at those knowledge management experts, they know – even if you take back a million knowledge of gravel, only the desert, people love to see, is the sand into a pyramid – organized knowledge is the core Competitiveness. They are generally focused on a small area, with hotspots as keywords, searching for their own areas of expertise; and then expressing them through new knowledge structures.
In the era of this information explosion, if you do not expect to want to get any knowledge points, and there are plans to find these points, and then string them up, so soon, you see the view the previous second, the next second It will be replaced by another.
How can we use fragmented time to learn the system?
1. From the problem
You can not like the school, the system to learn a knowledge, and then sitting in the classroom waiting for no more than the knowledge of the examination. Most of the time, life will give you a test, and then you according to the problem, find their own keywords, began to learn.
So, the starting point of learning is not someone in a circle of friends in a book, recommend a WeChat, or a classic textbook of the industry to raise your anxiety, but should be a real problem you encounter:
For example, I suddenly feel that every day brush WeChat articles, listen to the Himalayan, get, can not let me get a clear growth, how can I effectively use these fragmented time to learn?
2. Find resources
The ability to search for resources is the ability to search.
Most people find resources, the first reaction is online, or buy a book. It is easy to get into trouble, because the network is a bottomless pit, where to look through it, accidentally, 2 days are not come out. To digest the contents of the book to spend at least 2 weeks, the premise or you choose the book.
Information explosion era, the most important thing is not to increase the information, but to filter and delete information.
So the best way is:
1. Start with an experienced person and give you a clear suggestion, direction and border based on your question.
2. to find the industry on the standard, to see how people do;
3. To further use the network search information and book summary and comments, the last is the system of reading.
3. Enter the forced output
How can I make sure I think there is a system?
I have seen, tried a lot of methods, the most effective only one, that is, with the output Daobi input.
You can write articles, lectures, do PPT, do reading notes, map … only one request – your output has a structure.
Many people will say, I will not write how to do?
The study of the new constructivist Wang Zhuli teacher has a point of view – the knowledge of zero deposit to take:
The first step, called the piece of writing, is to use ctrl + C plus ctrl + V method, first spell out a logical text.
The second step, into the personalized rewrite stage, on the basis of the first step, you can according to their own personalization, write their own case, their own style, their own focus – now most of the network writing and Lecture is such a class.
The third step, creative reconstruction, in the first two steps of accumulation, to create a new way of thinking and models.
For example, take the “how to effectively use debris to learn the knowledge?” This question:

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1. extract keywords: from this issue, you have to extract the keyword “fragmented learning, knowledge management, systematic learning.”
2. Search: find this small area of ​​cattle people ask questions, and then enter the keyword Baidu, know, WeChat, find the answer.
3. Integration of resources: the contents of your search, sort out the useful content for you, and even, you can this finishing content written as a readable article, put on a simple book, or other public The
This way, you have a more in-depth understanding of how to effectively use the fragmented time to learn? You can also you master the way, tell you around the friends to listen to.
Finally borrowed the words of the teacher said:
“Who have seen picking up coins and picking up a rich man? Do not look for a system without a system.” Hopefully you will be able to pick up the gravel into a pyramid.