Live the better woman, the more active character

Two days ago to see idol Chen Wenqian wrote a word very resonate: “The world is a proactive era, rather than sitting at home lament, as they strive for.
Indeed, in the era of all kinds of beautiful bursting, who has the pleasure to spy on your soul? Not big beauty also like to hide the tuck people, destiny worrying.
Who has not experienced several young ignorance?
Fledgling, I am also a silent lamb, the leadership assigned to my task step by step to complete the work of the fine, peace of mind to punch home also.
And never take the initiative to report the work, wishful thinking that the leadership of the eye is X-ray, if I do not say, he probably can detect my recent work progress.
But less than a year, I sadly crying to see others in the future, and their precarious, straight to the rhythm of the cold palace.
Until the leadership told me to the office said the following paragraphs:
“You know why I rise L work? You work seriously, but too much of the points, very little active communication, and L every day get off work will write a summary of my mailbox, let me know her progress and confusion;
She frankly communicated to me about future career planning, letting me clearer her goals and abilities. Naturally every time there is a project opportunity, I will think of her. And I know very little about you. ”
The conversation was long and some details were left behind, but it was impressed that the leadership of the most deserving of my place was not active.
He five or five a day conference call to visit customers early to late, let him take the initiative to understand that I can not do.
In fact, I did not mention normal, no boss will promote a subordinate he did not understand.
“Seven people in high habits” in the first habit is to take the initiative, good luck is not all free gift, some of your own fishing back. Like L, because of the initiative, has won a lot of new street.
Proactive people, even God is also open.
Classmate Xiaojun University graduate went to my favorite long history of the magazine when the editor. As far as I know, that magazine only recruit famous universities, the process of writing alone is extremely harsh terrible.
I and she are not a first-class university graduate, just screening resume was brush down, so I only dare to look away and not hands-on, even the cast of the guts are not.
Three months later, she actually entered the magazine! But also positive! With tears can not express my envy at that time jealousy hate.
When she had a lot of people with the same resume, but the result is a huge sea.
Because too want to get this opportunity, she then single-handedly with their own works to the magazine. But go there, of course, is also touch porcelain, even the door of the people can not enter, but also by the front turned a few times supercilious.
But she was relentlessly to the magazine squatting several points, actually talk with the front desk, eat a few times after a meal mixed.
Later, the front desk introduced her to the magazine editor, editor read her articles and illustrations, very satisfied.
Very smoothly, she got this many people dream of the opportunity. Now she can often interview the big coffee, seen the world is not the average person can be compared.
She is talented, but talented people do not necessarily have her such an opportunity. But this opportunity is not accidental, but because of her active into the water into a matter of course.
As Dumas said: “Whoever has a timid timid, perhaps let go of luck in this moment to reach out to his bait.”
So every active person, luck is not too bad.
I am a college students in the face of his face is very magical catch up with the super handsome seniors, many people asked her secret, she said, rely on “thick skinned” ah.
Her initiative really let us a public girl catch up.
She wrote a letter of confession, Christmas hand sweater to send warmth, in the library and canteen continue to create occasional opportunities, anyway, she did everything we can to express: I like you!
Although there are many female students disdain her “do not keep the woman”, but I admire her “aggressive”.

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When we did not dare to watch the sweetheart was other women led away and sad, she was happy heart holding the beloved prey shopping, so cool.
Spring Festival cousin to me Tucao said that her friends in the circle of the Jiugong Gemei few people praise, but also very few people message, a little bit depressed, and even doubt is not everyone does not like her.
I asked her, then you often help others praise it? She shook her head.
You are irrational to others, why other people to paste the hot ass praise ah. Friends circle also need to reciprocity, let alone the daily life of the friendship business.
Recently a friend gave birth to a child, I went to her house to visit, accidentally found that to visit her friends simply flow, children’s gifts piled into a mountain, showing her good affinity than the yuan.
Her good people, I am not surprised that even if married, she also from time to time to contact friends to chat, care about friends, Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas, old friends will receive her personally do moon cake, cookies, greeting cards.
Every friend was warmed by her real truth.
Friendship is not a passive request, but the initiative to express. Some people say that when the sad can not find friends talk, into the community, the friends lost several batches. Unless they sell insurance or do business to think of them.
For example, I am a high school classmate, she rarely before the initiative to contact others, friends have difficulties she does not take the initiative to care about the holidays do not send blessings.
Recently suddenly added me and several students WeChat, and then made a few of her selling insurance products, not a few days on our bombing.
This sudden enthusiasm without blessing, small heart also flattered, so I soon pulled her black.
Any kind of feelings also need a fair exchange, usually do not take the initiative to maintain feelings, but hope to get friends to help, which is no different with speculators.
Those who are good people, there are difficulties to get someone else to help people, is often the most active people who care about friends.
Your life every scene of the initiative, will help you do the job like to pay to appreciate the friends, harvest beloved lovers.
In this world, the initiative of the people will get all the opportunities, “first come first served” This word is not only applicable to the store to buy, the various occasions of life also in the dark box operation of this law.
Silence is overtime ten years is not as good as the initiative to communicate and feedback of new promotions faster;
Afraid to walk away with friends, not as good as tonight to take the initiative to contact him, and he shared your recent emotions;
For the mind of the man, the confession in the drum more cost-effective, maybe he also like you.
In fact, the initiative is not shame, passive is also not clear high. Anything, as long as the initiative a little bit, perhaps you can think of things into.

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