Good marriage, the need for a man's fulfillment

Weekend friends together to chat, talk about the subject of the topic, wheat to us to describe her ideal marriage object, the first value must be closer to Zhang Zhen, followed by a career, the best financial freedom, someday bored with my ring Travel the world, the way to buy buy … …
I said, this girl dissatisfied with the streets want to marry such a man! Can not come to something new?
A Xin hand to append, I have new ideas, I want to marry people willing to accompany me to wandering, two people, an RV, a dog, a guitar go horizon.
Procedural smiled and said, I want to marry, then we must marry like my dad as a man.
Finished, everyone happy and sincere service.
The process of the father is a vice president of the exhibition company, according to reason that every day should not finish the reward, see endless guests, but listening to the program said that for so many years, her father almost every day on time to accompany her mother to buy Cooking dishes, but also help to do housework, the weekend to stay at home all kinds of flowers, writing calligraphy, or with a family out to play.
Occasionally catch something on the work, it will not go home more than ten in the evening.
All this her father for decades to adhere to, in addition to have a family of three happy days, his career as well developed.
Once I went to the process of home to eat, during which I and her father drink wine, I will ask him through the wine, his uncle, like your work so busy, often have time to come back to accompany his family, and even the housework , Has been very curious, how did you do it?
He smiled and said:
“You do not know, the man said very busy mouth, in fact, the key is to see where your heart is placed.
In my opinion the most important is the home, then I as much as possible in the work time to do a good job, and then go home, even if the catch up with the entertainment, it is only twice a thing, those who shouting every day, spend time And others eat and drink, of course, no time to go home, in the final analysis, mostly unable to withstand the temptation of the outside fills.
Man Well, more home, to accompany his family to cook, pouring water, dry housework, in order to truly appreciate the taste of life and family. ”
I nodded hard.
Uncle added:
“Do you think about what we work for?”
Is not hope that the family had a good day, there is a warm family, but if it is to work, and even spend time with his family, the wife and children dry at home, that earn more money, what is the meaning, What? ”
Indeed, the two most important things men, family and career, should have been mutual achievements, rather than the trade-off.
Naturally I think Chen Daoming phrase “men’s biggest fashion is more at home to be a while.”
As a national treasure actor Chen Daoming, never immersed in the cause of the success of the numerous encounters, he is more enjoyment at home, taste the temperature of family life, playing the piano, clean up the daily soft, or for her daughter People, or with his wife in the window, he sewed the bag, his wife stabbed cross stitch, fine tours of the years quiet, slowly flowing.

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And only know how to be the greatest responsibility of their men, can only understand, to conquer the outside world, but in order to be able to better guard the family.
This man is enough to give the pursuit of a happy woman to trust, with him, you will feel his greatest sincerity to the family, because he always used to prove his family care and pay for the family.
He is the pillar of the house, for you shelter from the rain, but also warm companion, happy to share with you to enjoy the trickle of life.
Of course, not every man is willing to spend time at home.
My former neighbor into the uncle is almost never at home man, his work, often in the friends of the teahouse chat playing cards, or disappeared, in short, all the normal time are reluctant to stay at home.
Every night, his family came to the quarrel, his wife crying, the child slammed away, he shouted, everything is as usual, but he did not repent, the next day as usual and friends to play, until the night to go home to sleep The
Later, his wife and his rivalry, all day dress dressed, but also do not stay at home, and go out their own happy.
And his children wandering the same day all day, get to know the bad youth, young dropped out of school, and completely reduced to the social bully.
Maybe he thought that with the house, to the full cost of living, men on the family’s responsibility to this end.
Later, before listening to the old neighbors talking about his home, his wife ran, the child because of drug abuse into the detention center, leaving him alone at home, regret it.
A completely complete family completely disintegrated.
In the final analysis, do not go home of the men, did not do the real responsibility to the family, they abandoned the feelings between husband and wife, ignoring the child’s growth, as if the outside world is deeply attracted, or the pursuit of fame, Or chic outside, and home is more like an occasional back to sleep at the Inn, not with the slightest attachment.
And so on to find out, have everything, unknowingly has been fragmented.
Some people will say, sticking home man, horizon pattern is so small, destined not become a big climate.
However, a man can not give the family happiness, even the family are operating well, what ability to conquer the outside world?
On the contrary, many successful men, they know how to return to the family, they know that the family is the greatest responsibility of men, can not replace the harbor.
King Zhang Xueyou is the family in the first home of the good man, he had said a word so moving:
“I think so far, do Luo Meiwei’s husband, I can only play 60 points, do dad can play 70 points, so I decided to focus on the family, if someone interfere with my plan, I will hesitate to withdraw from the entertainment ”
He and his wife Luo Meiwei married twenty years, with two daughters, in addition to performing arts work, he spent time with his wife and children, the husband and father’s responsibility, not the slightest scandal, only happy family.
It is said that the need to work half a month away from home, he will be bound to turn away.
But these do not affect his career, his tour concert is still full field, is still the mind can not shake the song of God.
Standing in the industry peak of the man, experienced great wind and waves, have seen the temptation of fame and fortune, still the family on the most important position to guard, and ordinary men around, but also how to make money is not easy to work busy, as can not return home Excuse.
A family, not by the woman to do a good chores, manage the living expenses, optimistic about the child will be able to take care of it, it also needs a man’s irrigation and care in order to become complete and warm.
Those who are still streaming out of the men, the world of light and shade you still carnival, cumbersome work seems to have no end, but the family is always the most need your place.