A person does not love you, are in these little things

01 –
Married four years of friends Luo Li and her husband divorced, and no third party involved, no mother-in-law and no money disputes, even just because of a meal dinner.
Luo Li has always been rational restraint, known for high interest rates, broken will not make such a hasty decision ah!
Not to mention her and He Liang from the sophomore began to contact, feelings are very Benedict.
A month later, I finally saw in the coffee room Luo Li, no longer past her look, the whole person lost a circle do not say, looking bad, look stiff, the whole person sickly.
Divorce, for a woman, is not a thing that can be put down to put down.
For a long time, Luo Li finally tells the reason why the marriage can not go on.
That day at the company, at two o’clock in the afternoon, the boss informed the evening to work overtime, Rory immediately give her husband called, asked her to leave her dinner dinner, because do not want to eat every day to take away.
But wait until nine o’clock back home, hungry, she saw the kitchen cold pot cold stove, the bedroom her husband is still playing in the game, her emotions suddenly collapsed.
“Do you know that moment, I really feel the room and then warm, it is not my home. He Liang he did not feel bad ah!” Luo Li eyes desolate.
All the grievances in the marriage, because there is no stay in this bowl of rice, all out.
– 02 –
Once and colleagues weekend shopping, suddenly under heavy rain, the two of them can only stay in the mall.
Seeing the sky is about to dark, the rain also kept, my colleagues called the phone asked, that their location, the rain came to pick up the car.
Of course, my colleagues also sent Luoli back home. Can be home, He Liang did not ask a word
“I was really unforgettable to realize that what is called other people are waiting for people to send umbrella, only I was waiting for rain stopped.
Luo Li went on to say that He Liang never remember her birthday, can not remember her stomach is not good, can not remember her eating habits.
Originally thought that they can not care, elders advised her to say, after all, and love is not the same.
Did not expect those who did not care about the past, do not feel bad, do not care about her scene, scenes so clear.
I know she is not really missing this meal, probably just disappointed enough to save.
In the marriage, I feel the warmth of a trace of the family, she was forced to make such a choice.
A man, if never know distressed you, do not care about your health, do not worry about your safety, do not care about your details. Then he is unable to give you the warmth and the stability you want in the long marital life.
– 03 –
Love and not love, the language can lie and cover, the details but never lie. If he really love you, how willing to let you be so even the wind and rain that hurt it?
Listening to the experience of Lorie, I did not advise them to remarry, but silently when a listener.
After returning home, see the kitchen is busy playing fruit juice Mr. A, immediately decided to immediately after the “good” Mr. A.
In fact, decided to marry Mr. A, also because of a meal.
During the love, Mr. A sent me home, happened to meet my mother downstairs garbage, so invited Mr. A also followed us, go home for dinner.
During the banquet, no surprise, my mother told me a lot of things about my childhood.
Since childhood, I am extremely picky eaters, whenever there is nutrition, healthy food, like carrots, celery, apples and the like, I just do not like to eat, can be greedy spicy and instant noodles.

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At that time, the family economic conditions are not good, the whole family can only rent in a small house. The landlady did not bother cooking because the cooking was too fond of the whole room.
But the mother is always worried about my malnutrition, so think of the law, change the pattern to these fruits and vegetables, cook to me to eat.
Afraid of being found by the landlord, so every time the mother will put the cooker pot, on the window next to the side, while cooking, while holding the palm fan, the food smell out of the window.
Big winter, the snow outside the window, she was like the loss of the senses, I do not know the cold, so fixed to stand, give me vegetables and fruit porridge.
A mother, for the sake of the child’s health, as if nothing can eat under the bitter. It was tough at that time, but it was so sweet to remember now.
– 04 –
Mr. A, a dignified seven feet man, heard here, even some of the eyes moist, silly to my mother said that after my nutrition and health to give him the full.
I will doubt the letter, after all, but even the instant noodles do not do the main child. Since then, my “nightmare” has begun.
Mr. A began his feeding plan, cook some vegetables and fruit porridge every day to let me drink. Tell the truth, from the materialist point of view, even if added more love, the taste of this bowl of porridge is not how.
However, regardless of wind and rain, no matter how busy the job, he really did not fall one day.
Once, and saw him fiddle in the kitchen, I was also thinking about how to reject this bowl of “love nutrition porridge”, can see him clumsy to so many vegetables and fruits, too troublesome cut into small pieces of fear Paste the need to concentrate on guarding the pot.
Is this busy back, so I suddenly felt that if this life can not marry him, that probably married to who, in fact, does not matter.
In Mr. A side, wind and sleep, all ferry, this life are regrettable. Because where he is, where the house I want is.
Think of that sentence, “I long for a lifetime was a good collection, proper placement, careful preservation, avoid me scared, free me bitter, free me wandering, free I can not follow.
Although I am not so miserable, but still able to completely take care of their own, but the thought of this world in the world, there is a person even busy, and my heart still thinking about me, afraid I am not enough to eat, afraid I do not wear warm, always feel Life is particularly beautiful.
For my health and nutrition sake, a child, the mother took the fan standing on the window for my porridge, grow up, Mr. A took over the task, for me to cook vegetables and fruits.
A person does not love you, there is no heart you, to see if he is concerned about your diet, whether the tension of your health, is willing to think for you.