You want to allow yourself to fail, big deal from scratch again

A while back, many years no friends to Beijing travel, I made a special trip to accompany him.
To Beijing, naturally, to the Forbidden City, the Great Wall and other famous attractions. Attractions crowded, but also covers a vast, no side of the tour guide, the hands of no map, easy to get lost. Frankly speaking, to work in Beijing for more than a year, I was the first time out to play, so, and friends, like a fog.
In any case, I always do the landlord friendship. Every one of the attractions, have volunteered to lead the way, friends followed. So, the wrong way to happen. Want to go to a pavilion, around for a long time, only to find a shortcut to go; want to go northwest door, visiting most of the garden, in the end to see is the main entrance.
Many times, my friend was a bit impatient, punched and I joked – “Big Brother, we are in Beijing, or Nanjing?” “I said this road is not right, should go the article.” “You are not Look at me breakfast too much, no effort to make?
I was laughing, or, followed by self-deprecating about. But thought it was – how the wrong way? Big deal from scratch. We are traveling, not hiking contest. Every step are cautious, not up to the purpose of not give up, what fun? Moreover, for the first time, you have to allow yourself to go wrong.
Think of the first three semesters, an English class, the students left the teacher called the blackboard before the silent words.
Small left English performance has always been good, we all looked up to look at him to go forward, including the teacher. The reason why his name, probably also to give other students to be a demonstration. Immediately, the small left finished, down the podium. The teacher laughed at him and picked up the textbook and began to check.
In the process, the classroom bursts of bursts of cheers, many super-words, small left to write the right. The teacher’s teachings also knocked “da da” ring, “the students, learning to have this spirit … …” Here, he suddenly paused, and everyone was this sudden silence by the deterrent, subconsciously stop applause The
Yes, unfortunately, the penultimate word, small left wrong.
After school, the students go home, boarding students went to the cafeteria. Only a small left, alone lying on the desk to copy that a word to almost self-torture way, a complete copy of the two books. The next day, looking at the small left crying red eyes, we are impressed. Thought, like this classmate, if not material, who can become useful?
However, after the small left English results are deteriorating. The whole person looks sick listless listless, even with the other results are getting worse. In the test before the small left is no longer another example of the students.
Once bitten, twice shy. Terrible is not a snake, but the fear of our hearts. A small word, to defeat a person, this long life, ups and downs, and how to spend it?

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The first two years, a distant relatives and others to open a furniture factory. At first, small profits but quick turnover, wide publicity, business is booming The relatives in front of family and friends, the real scenery for a while. Shili Ba Township people met on the road, are left a “Liu total” right a “Liu total”. “Liu total” he is not modest, one by one smile response.
Can not last long, business gradually to die. Poor location, furniture style Guadan, has been relying on Boli to revenue, but also too much. Unconsciously, the production of furniture, eyes filled with two floors, but no one is interested. One night, Liu always go to the bathroom, accidentally knocked down a dresser, suddenly nose clear blood. It is said that Liu total homeopters leaning on the dresser, crying for a long time.
The next day, Liu always put down the pick. At the same time, another partner Wang always insisted down. He went to the county, and even the provincial capital of the furniture city to observe, study, study. As a result, the business gradually recovered, profit, the site moved from the village moved to the town center.
Now, Wang always in the printing of a legend. The first few days, the county television also interview him, let him tell his own heart of the process.
Liu always see the interview, did not say anything. Only every time passing the furniture city, eyes are filled with concealment of lonely.
Who can blame? Can not bear the bitter fruit, there is no qualification to enjoy the results. A failure to scare the gallbladder, how do you hope that vista?
People’s life, there are many ditch Kankan to cross, than the honor of the body near the success, I appreciate those who have the courage to accept the failure of people.
Accepting failure is a kind of wisdom, it is a kind of courage. Born for the people, we are the first to live, who is not feeling the stones across the river? You want to allow yourself to fail, big deal from scratch again.
The interview is not passed, afraid of what, the interview is more, perhaps this is not for you, it is not known; entrepreneurial blood without a return, the examination does not pass, Afraid of what, bit by bit accumulation of capital, careful study of the experience, one day, you will develop their own one day
Often received young readers of the private letter, the content is mostly walking at the crossroads of life, I do not know which way to choose, lost, pain, helplessness.
I want to say, with its confusion, pain, helpless, as a straight choice of a road. As long as it is not evil, wrong a few junctions, big deal again.
This world is the most tragic, not the failure itself, but after the failure of the slump. You are so young, why can not afford to lose?

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