You do not have the power to be poor!

There is a master master, lectures overseas. Many Chinese students, live to listen.
Master said: children, you must get enough economic capacity, is to learn to make money. Money is the most fair in the world, whether it is beggars or princes, in front of a dollar is equivalent. A dollar is a dollar, you are a noble prince, this money is still a dollar. You are a despised beggars, a dollar is still a dollar … …
Suddenly, there was a young man raising his hand and interrupting the master.
Young people say: teacher, I think your values ​​have problems, open money on the money, you do not disgrace, we have not heard it yet. You are a master Oh, do not you mind, there is nothing more important than money?
You … … the master was choked straightforward, thought: child paper Yeah, if you are on their own money, to study abroad, that just that sentence, called the realm, called free and easy, called wisdom – can , You spend the father and mother’s money, but to say this kind of words, that is called … …
In the end what should be called Nie?
Do not blame the master was choked to death, because the students raised the scene of this issue, more complex. As early as 110 years ago, the US oil king Rockefeller, was almost suffocated by this problem.
110 years ago, Rockefeller is the world’s oil king.
Feel good, go to church prayer.
Just came to the door of the church, a young man stopped him: Hi, Mr. Rockefeller, my name is Hansen, is a poor gardener, my wife face sad, my children are starving, but I believe in God, happy The
Rockefeller took out the check: Mr. Hansen, I am willing to help you.
Hansen: put away your check book thin, do not take your dirty money to humiliate me. I am poor but bathed under the holy grace of God. The two of us, the farther away from God is you.
Rockefeller: … uh, how do i get away from God?
Hanson: One foot has stepped into the hell of Rockefeller, you wake up. I think you are as clear as me, money is the source of all evil.
Rockefeller: … Money is the source of all evil? What is this saying?
Hansen: It is God.
Rockefeller: God … what time did you say this?
Hansen: God’s admonition is in the Bible. Come on, poor Mr. Rockefeller, I’ll take you to read the Bible, this sentence is here.
Rockefeller stretched his neck, carefully staring at the hands of Hansen’s view: ah, Mr. Hansen, you seem wrong, in front of this sentence, there are two words:
– obsessed with money is the source of all evil!
Hanson at a loss: … is this different?
Of course there are differences. Rockefeller laughed: it was big!
Afterwards, Rockefeller said this to his son and said:
Mr. Hansen, he misunderstood the meaning of justice, and pursue the wrong concept of life, wrong to the outrageous and not know.
Hansen did not realize that he and I were the one who was obsessed with the money. It is because of obsession with money, so he deliberately pursued poverty and thought that poverty could purify his heart. But this overkill, nothing to help. Mr. Hansen really should do is fair and objective look at money.
– money should be our slave, not as Mr. Hansen, as a slave to money.
– excessive obsession with money, caused a serious psychological crisis Hansen. Only to clean the hearts of the sense of guilt, he even gave up his life responsibility, deliberately let his wife and children go hungry.
– but I, Rockefeller, just a person who listens to the inner voice and works hard.
– I am the owner of my destiny, but the money is nothing but an attachment to my work.
Everyone has been poor.
But some people can be a step by step to change their own destiny, become the owner of money.
And some people, they are more obsessed with the money than the rich, but in order to confront the hearts of money paranoia, deliberately described the money as unbearable things. While their own obsession, beautification into innocent and holy.
– but no one has the power to do the poor.
Because that means you are the most irresponsible for yourself and your family.
During World War II, Hitler slaughtered Jews, and the Jews were full of the world.
There was a Jewish man who fled to Shanghai, China.
And stay, marry a wife.
Gave birth to a daughter, called Sarah.
Sarah 12 years old, his father died, became an orphan.
Orphan Sarah, became the Chinese people, after the founding of the country she became a glorious factory workers, daily station line to do physical labor. Married three children – and then her husband disappeared.
With three children, Sarah no livelihood, went to Israel.
To Israel even worse, Sarah to side of the bitter Hebrew language, but also to survive to eat, had the edge of the street, put a stall.
Stall is tired, three children also kept the trouble, Sarah busy round and round. At this time, a nearby old lady came, Ebisan Sarah bear child, shouted abuse: you have to go will run, but also with a waste, let the mother take care of it? You should learn to take care of your mother!
Sarah snapped: we Chinese people, no matter how bitter child can not suffer.
Old lady: do not put your set of China, moved to Israel. Do not think you gave birth to a child, that is, mother!
Sarah: … uh, what about it, is it a qualified mother?
The old lady: the Israelis, the rich also suffer the child. Even a small child, nor qualified to make clothes to reach out to the mouth of the parasite. He must eat, must rely on their own labor earned.
Sarah: … bear the children, that we try?
From the Sarah provisions, in her home, even if you age and then small, eat with the play, must rely on their own housework earned.
Two big points of the children, the first entry, they buy mother fried spring rolls, brought to school high prices to sell.
– Sarah said she could not think of her dream, but just a few days ago, a few tortured children were all shrewd little businessmen, and their studies were not affected. In order to figure out the more innovative money to make money, they desperately learn. And the teacher in the classroom teaching, but also never talk about selfless dedication, you do not owe anyone, why should selfless dedication? There is only one rule in this world: the equivalent exchange.
One day, the home of the boss came back from school, seriously told her mother: According to my research law, like our family, immigration is a big subsidy.
real or fake? Sarah dubious, to the immigration asked: really a big sum of money.
– In his life, Sarah really realizes what is poor.
The greatest poverty is ignorance, not without chance, but you can not see the opportunity. Not without resources, but you can not see the resources. Even as Sarah so, not without money, but you do not know that there is still the money!
Everything is studying and learning, just to get rid of ignorance.

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After listening to the eldest son, Sarah received a sum of money from the immigration office. But the boss said: the money is his knowledge to provide advice, my mother was received. So he will charge 10% of the consultation fee.
… … you are a child, still reading primary school, so much money to do?
Shakespeare could not, but then a bite, not to his son will be sad, then give it
The eldest son to get the money, give my mother and sister to buy a gift, the rest of the money, he ordered a number of Chinese stationery box – Israel children, have not seen this stationery, have snapped up. Blink of an eye kung fu, this little thing put his hands the money, earn doubled.
The boss has enough to earn, but the second son to make money, is the boss of the four times – this little thing to use their own age is small, but also write articles to persuade the newspaper gave him a column: children see China, every day Write some of his old things in China, earn money to mother Sarah jealous.
Youngest is the daughter, the youngest, full-time selling Meng Each time to get two brothers favor, have a income.
Sarah’s life was completely improved, and three children opened a Chinese restaurant, each with a different stake.
Soon after, Sarah worked for the Israeli state diamond company, stationed in China for the first time to open the Chinese market.
Before returning home, three children with their own money, each purchased a lot of Israeli products, ready to make a big vote.
Come back, three children continue to study – but the accident.
School called parents.
Sarah tense came to school, asked the child what happened.
Teacher seriously told Sarah: your children, there are problems, each have a big problem!
These children, do not say brush test questions test scores, but every day to peddlers selling a variety of small products. Such a small age, put the skull into the eyes of money, so go so much This will destroy the child!
Sarah replied: they have to do this, because they only earn money, can continue to study.
What about the play? Teacher shocked: you you you so you are so rich, did not even give children the tuition fees?
Yes, Sarah said: children are studying money, are their own earned, I do not pay a penny.
Why? The teacher shocked to no more complex: why should this treat poor children?
Because, Sarah said one by one: I want to be a big rich mother!
The ancients cloud: money such as dirt, righteous value of the daughter!
Put this sentence, and then reasoning about:
Money and money – money is money – money such as dirt – so righteousness is also feces … … Hey, the final conclusion: Renyi such as dirt!
The reason why the derivation of such a strange conclusion, just because the money is not dirt!
Money is neutral. Bad is not bad, just look at how you look at it, use it. And money is the value of everything, but when you unjustly denigrate it, it will bring the effect of denial of the renewal, and finally even benevolence are demoted to the dirt.
Such as Rockefeller said: paranoid bring arrogant arrogance.
Paranoid, unconscious is just a tool. The amount of money, and can not be regarded as a person’s success criteria. But if a man is weak and incompetent because of poverty, he must commit a very serious mistake. He is not only faithful to himself, nor is he loyal to his family.
Ignorance is not poverty.
– obsessed with ignorance, and even ignorant arrogance, is the most terrible poverty.
– money is the greatest invention of mankind, is the best tool to improve interpersonal skills.
– you have no power to be a poor man!
Money is probably not the most important, but it is absolutely indispensable. As your left leg, you will never say that your left leg is the most important – but less left leg, only the right leg single jump, this thing you definitely not depend on.
– the owner of the money, must not do the slaves of money.
– every hand more than a penny, it has increased the strength of a sub-decision the fate of the future!
Rockefeller said: Everyone has the power to make themselves rich, it is only because, some things around the world, really more important than money. Beautiful garden, warm family, sunset when the dead leaves full of trails, so that the soul shaking the wonderful music. Egyptian ancient pyramids, the mysterious white night of Russia, the enchanting twins of the Seine, and the sun of the midnight of Norway. This beautiful world, always those who can dominate the fate of the people most love. Only when you use your own talent, to adapt to the objective rule of the world against it, to control the money, but also through the use of money, bring others joy and strength. This time you are really mature, fair, wise, modest and kind. This time we are possible to step out of paranoia and proud arrogance, usher in my life and the ultimate beauty of the encounter.

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