Really do not understand why women are shopping mad

“Women every 5 seconds to think of a shopping,
This obsession even more than with their partner to get along. ”
A few days ago, I am a base friends because his girlfriend kept buying like buying a quarrel, and make trouble.
Base friends and I said, I really do not understand how my girlfriend so much like to buy things, useful useless, bought a lot of Last week I accompanied her to go shopping, she bought two lipstick, a bag, two pairs of shoes, you know, her family almost no heap, she would like to buy, I could not help but said her a few words, she There is reason.
His girlfriend said solemnly: “girls if not a month to buy clothes and bags of shoes, the incidence of depression will be significantly higher than their peers.At the same time more experts pointed out that buy buy buy is not sick, do not buy things girls may exist Serious psychological problems, easy to have a tendency to depression, please family close attention to women ‘s health, do preventive work.
Friends of the base after listening to a look of secretly forced to buy things can be, can buy a bunch are not used, really not waste it? Those lipstick, clothes, shoes, she bought back are not used several times, stood to see it?
I can not help but heard here laughing out: “Congratulations, really replied, they like those good-looking package, beautiful clothes and shoes, even if they do not wear, do not use, you can buy back to see Is also very good. ”
I used to talk about a girlfriend, especially like to buy some clothes do not meet her size, with her words, especially good clothes, do not buy back too pity, and first bought, and so thin, you can wear.
In fact, girls buy buy, this is really not a particularly big problem, like we boys like to drink, they spend thousands of clothes to buy, buy bags at least there are physical to take home, and we do, spent Several thousand drink, drink out of stomach does not say, there is no meaning.
Can you ask me if you are interested in drinking? I will answer you, of course, interesting, more fun ah, happy like, hard to buy me happy.
Girls sweep goods is actually the truth, they are happy to like to buy things to celebrate, they are not happy to like to buy things to resolve, this is really nothing wrong.
“Prada ‘s counter hit 98 fold, I want to hurry to buy her a package.
Friends and I said, before I do not understand why his girlfriend always like shopping, shopping Taobao. Every time Taobao have any activities, she can buy a lot of things to go home. Every time the mall discount, she can always spend the wages of this month. I always said she can not do such a prodigal, can not buy something, but she never listen.
Once I secretly go out and friends to drink by her know, I knew I made a mistake, attitude called a low, but still coax well, and later her girlfriend to give me the idea, I bought a package she likes Coax well
From that time, I suddenly quite glad girlfriend like to buy to buy this thing, make mistakes, you can use to express things to apologize, anniversary, you can use shopping to express joy.
Sometimes I was thinking, if there is no woman in this world, then the meaning of men to make money?
Girls at what time the desire for shopping is the most prosperous? Season, when a new product, when a friend recommended to see the beauty of the video when the time.
Cc told me that last month we are still carrying a thick cotton-padded jacket when her wardrobe has been properly discharged a good early spring models of a single product, the summer section of the explosion section.
Today I see her made a friend circle, has been bought in a breath of 5 pairs of high heels to meet the summer, the way fasting 1 week to lose weight for a month to express the welcome to the summer.

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Sometimes a woman in order to be beautiful is simply frenzied state.
Remember that I have written an article before, “a month to earn 8000, living expenses only 600 girls is what? “, When the background received the most message is: a month to earn 5,000 but spend 1w girls how to do, so desperate.
The West has an old saying: to sell things to the rich, promising, there is a demand for people.
Modern women generally economic independence, in the home shopping power in the grip, called “rich and powerful.” And when there is a demand, the recent survey of a British fashion magazine made the best footnote: women every 5 seconds to think of a shopping, this obsession even more than with their partner get along.
Some people say that women like to dress themselves all to dress up for men to see.
In fact, when I was ignorant when I think so, but recently a friend told me: women make-up dress sometimes not only because men, more to the other women on the street to see, really not with men The relationship between a few cents.
In the face of the pressure brought about by life, boys like to drink through the girl to decompression; and girls are more likely to shop as a catharsis, a way to ease the pressure.
A woman is a natural shopper, for shopping has a hidden in the body of a desire.
Sometimes have to admit that this world if there is no woman, then all the money will exist meaningless.