Huawei formed Cloud BU strong into the trillion cloud service market

Smart phone business in the toC consumer market, the world’s top three after stabilizing, Huawei is trying to build the public cloud for the toB enterprise-class market, the new engine.
“Cloud services will become the future of commercial infrastructure.For the future, Huawei will unswervingly build an open, credible public cloud platform.” Huawei vice chairman, CEO CEO Xu Zhijun on April 11 at the fourteenth Huawei Analysts Conference said that Huawei’s goal is to do intelligent community enablers, promoters, to achieve this goal of the three strategies to do more joint, large pipeline, to enable industry digital, cloud service is Huawei’s strategic core The core, will become a unified platform for enterprise-class business.
Public cloud is a giant market, Amazon AWS abroad, Microsoft Azure, Google, IBM, etc., there are BAT in the country, the three major telecom operators. But Huawei’s CEO and CEO of IT products, Zheng Ye, said, “Huawei has been involved in the industry, which is not fierce competition?” The implication is that Huawei’s public cloud has been ready for battle.
Huawei 2011 will be their own business segment is divided into operators business, business, consumer business three BG. Over the past few years, the consumer business has been “running” the fastest. But in 2016, corporate business 47.3% year on year growth of 43.6% over the consumer business, becoming the fastest driving that “carriage”. With the banner of Huawei’s public cloud is high, the smallest revenue-based enterprise business is likely to go hand in hand with the consumer business, together with the carrier business, consumer business, as Huawei continues to drive the rapid forward “Troika”.
Adhere to the “two legs to walk”
Huawei enterprise BG since the independent operation, the main provider of enterprise networks, corporate wireless, unified communications and collaboration services. Especially in 2015, “product and service dual drive” since, Huawei raised the public cloud flag has long been expected.
The industry, especially the existing cloud computing giant, more concerned about what path Huawei will cut into the public cloud market.
In this regard, Xu Zhijun made it clear that “Huawei’s public cloud strategy is to first have their own public cloud platform, followed by global telecom operators and public cloud, together telecom operators and business partners to create ecology, to achieve industry cloud , This is Huawei ‘s Cloud Family strategy, Huawei is different from other companies in the public cloud development.
As we all know, Huawei has long been beyond Ericsson, Nokia and other old rivals, a global telecommunications equipment market “boss.” Therefore, compared to Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM, BAT and other public cloud giants, Huawei force the public cloud, the biggest advantage is that all over the world of telecom operators resources. Moreover, before the banner of public cloud, Huawei has been working with China Telecom to launch Tianyi cloud in Europe, in Europe and Germany Telecom, France Telecom, Telefónica and other large operators to carry out public cloud cooperation. The future, adhere to self-cooperation and cooperation to build “walking on two legs,” Huawei’s public cloud, will be the operator’s resources to the extreme.
For self-owned public cloud business, Huawei’s position will adhere to the principle of openness, bigger China’s public cloud ecology.
Zheng Ye to that Huawei public cloud services will have three advantages: the first is to adhere to the open architecture, with OpenStacK open cloud architecture, so that business users are not bound by a service provider; the second is by virtue of more than 20 years Service enterprises experience, to provide safe and reliable, stable cloud services; the third is Huawei has 12,000 partners around the world, you can participate in Huawei’s public cloud open business ecosystem, and ultimately achieve multi-win goal.
Xu Zhijun on March 9 for the first time in public that Huawei will enter the public cloud market, will set up Cloud BU.
It is understood that the evening of March 9, Zheng Ye came to receive the appointment for the president of Huawei Cloud BU. Zheng Ye Lai also Huawei IT product line president. In the Huawei architecture, there are three major BG, as well as multiple product lines or BU (business units) for carrier business, enterprise business and consumer business. Zheng Ye said that the current main task is to let Huawei Cloud BU as soon as possible “run up.”

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It is noteworthy that, according to the relevant media combing reports, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei in the past 74 days to visit the six provincial party secretary, the final contract is the vast majority of cloud computing, large data, smart city and other related projects. In view of this, in the establishment of Cloud BU at the same time, Huawei has long been in the market action.
In addition, according to Zheng Ye to disclose, in order to promote the rapid development of public cloud business, Huawei has decided to increase the relevant departments of the 2000 human resources investment.
Become a growth engine
Why did Huawei force cloud service at this time? First, because the cloud computing market is a large, but still in the initial stage of the market.
Industry insiders, the current procurement in the Internet, the proportion of cloud computing is still small, in the US market is about 12% in the Chinese market is only about 5%. However, the relevant market research report shows that the global cloud computing market is growing rapidly, as of the end of 2015, the global cloud computing market size of about 175 billion US dollars, as of the end of 2016 has reached 203 billion US dollars, and 2019 is expected to reach 312 billion US dollars.
According to Xu Zhijun and Zheng Ye to the explanation, that is, Huawei to cloud computing, large data, Internet of things for the connotation of the digital, intelligent society does not fall behind, must enter the cloud computing market.
Second, from Huawei’s own income structure, in 2016 5216 billion yuan in the total revenue, the operator business, consumer business, business accounted for 55.7%, 34.5%, 7.8%. Huawei to achieve the “troika” go hand in hand, we must do bigger business.
At the same time, from the growth point of view, the consumer business in 2014, 2015, respectively, 32.6%, 72.9% year on year growth, Huawei’s revenue growth engine; and Huawei smartphone shipments in 2015 breakthrough 1 Billion in 2016 to reach 139 million, the consumer business continues to maintain the rapid growth of the more difficult, and corporate business in 2016 in the growth rate beyond the consumer business, select the large scale, by the rapid cloud computing as Breakthrough, it is easy to continue to push toB business to maintain high growth momentum.
The industry believes that the establishment of Huawei Cloud BU, in the outside can be said to comply with the cloud computing market outbreak of the general trend in the internal can be better open up, the integration of relevant resources to create a unified cloud service platform and window, Level of the cloud computing market to win their own right to speak.
Into the public cloud market may raise concerns that Huawei is a device provider, the world is a lot of cloud computing vendors are Huawei equipment buyers, and now, Huawei own shot into the public cloud market, into other cloud computing giant directly Competitors, will affect the performance of Huawei-related equipment in the market? In this regard, Zheng Ye to not worry, he believes that on the one hand, Huawei-related equipment in the market have a good customer base, the relevant manufacturers will not give up procurement; the other hand, cloud service market size is large enough, and in the initial stage , Not a small number of manufacturers to pack the world market.
In addition, Zheng Ye said that Huawei’s experience in the enterprise market for more than 20 years has shown that the toB market and the toC market are very different. In the toB market, the continuity of the business, the reliability of the system, the security of the data, How to connect the business now and in the future. Therefore, Huawei’s past experience, ability and team, for the public cloud service is very valuable.