Three little stories, which most make you moved

The first story: the child’s heart
A single woman had just moved home, and she found a poor family next door, a widow with two children. One night, that area suddenly stopped the electricity, the woman had to point their own candles. No time, suddenly heard someone knock on the door.
The original neighbor next door to the children, saw him nervously asked: “aunt, ask your home a candle?” The woman thought: “their home was poor even the candles are not there? Do not borrow them, so as not to be They are dependent! ”
So, the roar of the child said: “No!” When she was ready to close the door, the poor child started a love smile said: “I know your home must not!”
Finished, actually took out two candles from his arms, said: “Mom and I am afraid you live alone and no candles, so I take two to send you.” At the moment the woman blame, moved to tears, that The child is tightly in his arms.

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The second story: pure heart
There was a long time in the rural town that had not rained, and the local crop had suffered heavy losses. So the local evangelists gathered everyone to prepare a prayer prayer in the family chapel.
There is a little girl in the crowd, because the child is too small, almost no one can see her, but she also came to pray for prayer prayer. At this time, the preacher noticed the little girl brought something, excitedly pointing to her on the stage: “The little sister is a very confident person, so I am very moved!” So everyone down him The direction of the fingers looked past.
The preacher went on to say, “We pray today for praying for the rain of God, but in the whole synagogue, only one of her people with an umbrella today!” Everyone looked carefully, and she had a red umbrella beside her seat. When everyone quiet a moment, followed by a burst of applause and tears intertwined beauty.
Sometimes we have to say: children are not really small, he (she) are actually very big! Through the eyes of God, he (her) their love is great! He (she) their confidence!
The third story: we are not convenient for three hours
The day with her husband lucky set to the ticket, to visit the countryside to visit her mother, but after the bus found a lady sitting in our seat, her husband said I first sat next to her seat, but did not ask the lady to let Bit. I carefully look and found her right foot is a little inconvenient to understand why her husband did not ask her to give a seat.
He was so from Nanning has been stationed Chongzuo, from beginning to end did not say to the lady this seat is his, got out of the car, the distressed husband I told him: “give way is good, but from Nanning to Chong Zuo for so long, you can always ask her seat back to you, for you to sit.
Her husband said: “It is inconvenient for a lifetime, we are not convenient for three hours only Moreover, if it is Jesus, he will do the same.” Hear my husband said so, I am quite touched, there is such a good A good husband who came to Jesus to love makes me feel that the world has become so gentle.
Different eyes, the world may be different. Everything in life, there is the ability to change, to see if we are through their own eyes, or through the eyes of God to see.
We will not succeed in three minutes, but perhaps just a minute, put on a new look, life is no longer the same.
After you read this essay, you can continue to work, or immediately get up to wipe the table, or wash the bowl; you can put the computer, the newspaper aside, close your eyes for a while; of course, you can put this essay Give a lot of friends you love.
And what I most want is that you choose the last one, who knows that you may change the lives of many people!
We do not necessarily earn a lot of money and rich, but we can be different from the eyes of the rich.