Men’s liquid on the women’s several major benefits, you absolutely do not know!

“If it were not for the accident two years ago, she would not be a fool, hey, it was a pity, it was silly, but also to the blind date.

“Boo …”

The maid was whispering behind him. And walking in front of the girl, jumping and shouting: “Sister, you are here to take me where?”

“You can not trouble! Really can not figure out, why do you want to go with you this fool to blind date, do not sprinkle the urine according to their own virtue, a mentally retarded also with my blind date? Are not afraid to go out to give a joke “Long Meinai look unhappy swept the side of the girl.

“But people do not want to urinate.” Girl down his head, wronged said.

“Oh, you really is the first pig! You fool, you can not marry a life! Also, I tell you, Long Lele. Today you better do not give me trouble, or else see how I go back to clean up you “Sneer after a touch of sinister eyes, swept her body.

Long Le music trembling about the body, lowered his head, she said something wrong, what is wrong? Why is it so angry?

“Sister, I give you sugar to eat, you do not I live my gas is good?” From the pocket to work out a lollipop, trembling towel handed Long Chennai.


Directly to her hand to open: “Do not take this mentally handicapped things to me, you think I am you ah? Also eat this garbage!

Lollipop rolled to the ground, she lost the squatting body picked up, his eyes red lap. And had to quickly stand up and catch up, or else her sister left her away.

Agreed in a good cafe.

Long Meinai a hurry to make up a makeup, today blind date object, not someone else, but that end of the wooden home of the young master,

Do not know how many women dream of wanting to marry him every day, not just the company president, but also the imperial city of the famous gold bachelor, stunning handsome ah!

Now the end of the wood and the dragon family marriage, which is a rare opportunity, and she has confidence, the end of the wooden jue will definitely choose her, rather than next to the idiot sister!

Looked at the side, she suddenly opened his eyes: “Hey, Long Lele, why are you?”

“Sister, you said this hairpin, I should be in the folder where good?” Long music music holding a flower hairpin, touched in his head around.

“Do you get your hair?”

“Maid said, blind date is to dress up their own beautiful, will recruit people like.

‘Puff … …’ Long Naimai almost laughed out, grabbed the dragon music in the hands of the hairpin lost: “With this break what is the use? You want to discuss men favor it? Sister tell you, how Only to recruit people! ”

Said, then conspire Long Lele ears, whispered a few words.

“Come, come, the end of the young master came!” Maid rushed from the door ran over.

Long Meina quickly grasped his hair, raised his eyes looked toward the door, two rows of black people lined up from the middle of the man came out, at least one meter eighty or so, tall and slender.

Cafe all the waiter are holding their breath, in the man under the cold majesty, have lowered his head.

“Hello, hello, I was Long Chennai.” Long Meini immediately stood up, eyeing his eyes light moment, almost go God.

This man is really looks handsome, a pair of deep dark black pupil, as if the bottom of the whirlpool, high nose, there is a slight hook up the smile, arrogant and elegant!

The side of the wooden jazz swept a dragon armor: “Miss Long, long yang name.

“Jazz less, recognize me?” Long Minai confident smile.

“Oh … … of course, like Miss Long such a line of actress, how many people do not know it?” He is just a gentleman’s smile, entertainment, the name of the most chaotic actress, Family background money. More is, removed from the various places of entertainment princess, how could he not know?

Long Meina looks shy smile.

They both sat down.

“Hello, handsome ah … …” Long Lele eyes wide open, staring at the front of the man sitting down, a good flash of people ah, flash she did not want to blink of an eye.

Long Meinai took a deep breath, watching Long Lele turned a supercilious, idiot! And then quickly look to the side to see the side of the mug, so make a difficult look: “Jazz little, really sorry, this is my sister Long Lele, she … … a little problem, let you laughed.” Head of the place.

Long Lele suddenly stood up, half of the body across the table conspire in front of the side of the wooden jaw, hands to poke his face: “You look so nice!

Reaching out, the end of the wooden jazz elegantly blocked her fingers: “Long home two Miss, really cute and lovely.

“Hee hee.” Long Le music silly smile, more comfortable with his fingers gently poke his handsome face.

“Lele, too rude! Quickly hand back!” Long MEI eyes flashing unhappy, Jazz less really is to lift the smelly girl, well-behaved? Obviously a fool.

“Oh.” Long Lele low head, like a child like a mistake, quickly put his hand back.

Long Meinai expression solemnly: “Jazz less, sorry, my sister has always been a bad mind. You more to take it.” Then, immediately took Long Lele to sit down: “Lele, how can you so impolite? Duanmu young master angry Oh!

Lele shrink neck head, small lips tightly Min Zhao, looked at the end of the wooden jazz, she was angry again? And look to the angry sister, think of just my sister said, pleasing way.

She looked at the cake on the table, end up, snapped up toward his face shot up.

That moment, everyone surprised the big mouth, incredible staring at Long Lele.

“Hee hee hee.” A look of cream cake. She also showed a row of white teeth, giggle. Sister said, so that you can be happy.

“She ‘s really a fool, so stupid, she’ s making her face on her face.

“Do not you feel funny?

Surprised a few seconds later, stunned burst of laughter.

Long Meinai gently side of the head, but also hold back the smile, hum, you want to be an idiot to seduce men, stupid guy.

“Look at the fool in the face!”

“Ha ha ha ha … …”

Lele immediately rubbed his hands with his hands on the cream, start a grimace, we all laughed, really laughed, to make everyone happy, can not provoke them angry.

“Ha ha ha ha ha … …”

Laughter more wanton, and everyone’s eyes are ridiculed.

‘Snapped! ‘

Suddenly heard the table back, breaking the ridicule at this time. Duanmujue face that gentleman’s smile, long no longer exist, put on a look of cold: “laugh laugh, so funny ?!”

Just ridiculed the people, and now his face filled with fear and fear, in this bustling capital, who do not know the command of his side of the woods, is the imperial edict. Who defies? Who just do not want to live. Or want to experience the way a wooden side of the way, it is also harder than death!

Do not let Lele come. Do you want it? Let me get it back and let me go back to me soon. , Let the destruction of our spirits. How do you see? “Long Meinai also panic, she did not know that people who want to wipe the cake there is no her copies.

Duan Qiao stood up, around the table to the front of the dragon music, rude one of her from the position caught up, took out the paper towel, wiping her face cream: “Long Lele, after you is my end wood Jazz’s fiancee.

002: engagement

“What is it?” Long Chennai sluggish staring at the side of the mug, and looked at the side sitting fool sister, brain bang on the explosion, she did not listen to it? She is now the most sought-after actress. On the beauty, on wisdom, on the identity, where the closed dragon music that fool? The Duan Mujue abandoned her to choose Long Le Le when fiancee? The

This is almost around people want to ask the question, did not listen to the wrong bar, stood a good star daughter is not elected, how to choose a fool? Is it crazy? The

“Jazz little, you mean, you want to choose music?” How can she not believe that he lost to a fool?

Duanmu if nothing had happened to keep the cream on the face of Long Lele, Mouguang a turn, just hard-working is not, and put on a leisurely smile: “Miss Long, but smart people, do not understand me The words? ”

“Why? Why?”

Narrow black eyes slightly squint, joking smile: “Lele so cute, at first glance to see, I like her.”

Long Minai clenched his fist, self-esteem is like being trampled on the same, whether in the entertainment, or at home, she is all holding the hands of the baby! Now lost to a fool!

“Oh, that little jazz, and my sister to play well, I do not bother !!” Negative gas, Long Minai unwilling to turn and ran out.

“Missy, Missy.” Long family servants have followed to chase out.

Was Duanmujue arm of the music, puzzled look away from the back of her sister, a look of loss, looked down at the side of the palm of the hand holding the wiping his face for the paper towel, can not help but smile: “Thank you. ”

Quiet cafe, his Mouguang this fall into the arms of the silly woman who, eyes suddenly become ruthless many, one will Lele open, the hands of the paper towels also despise the thrown to the table.

Long Lele staggered back a few steps, Huh? Why did he suddenly push her? Raise your head: “Jazz little brother, you want to take me to play what?”

“Play?” Side of the wooden jazz scorn of a whispering voice, cold arrogant staring at that also giggle woman: “your sister really said that really is really a fool!”

Lele stunned, smile stiff on the face … …

Duanmujie step by step to her in front of, leaned over and bowed, picked up her face: “After you only need to obediently do my fiancee enough!”

Cold stood, he stood straight body, wiped with a paper towel just touched her hand, turned to the side of the servant said: “send her back to the dragon home.

Words down, there is no stay left.

She stood blankly, why did he suddenly become so fierce? Just he obviously gave her so gentle face … …

Long Lele, 19 years old, Long’s business two thousand gold. Few people know her experience, since childhood, Lele’s parents because of a fire accident, lonely she was father’s brother, is also the only relatives adopted to grow up.

So, Long Chennai, not Lele’s fellow sister, but the uncle’s aunt’s daughter, it is only her cousin only.

Soon …

She and the end of the marriage of the mug on the set down, and wedding dress is also prepared for another.

Duanmu home of the wedding banquet, but also absolutely count on the imperial city is one of the few things, to participate in the wedding banquet, no giants aristocracy.

At this point, music is wearing a white evening dress, long hair was set, looks elegant and beautiful, as the protagonist of today, where she went, are eye-catching.

“Really beautiful … … is indeed a feline less fiancee.” Not far away, a woman sigh as the Road.

“You have not seen it, you’re a fool!”

“Fool ?! No!”

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“Do not believe, you come with me.” The woman went to the dining table, picked up a glass of red wine, lost a shrimp into the cup, and this fell a little vegetable juice, that lost some vegetable chips into the wine.


“The fool is not disgusting.” Holding the cup, the two went to the front of the dragon music, that arrogant woman immediately smiled: “Miss Long, congratulations ah!

Lele looked at the front of the two women, silly smile: “Thank you.

“Come, meet for the first time, we have a cup.” The woman said, put the cup of disgusting Bala wine handed Long Lele.

Lele looked at the cup of floating shrimp, hesitated a moment, took the glass, heavy point of the head: “ah !!”

“Look, the fool is a fool.”

“God, this fool, even to marry Jazz less, really too!” Just also sigh as a woman, now pretty eyes staring at Lele

Lele hands holding a glass, conspire to the lips, just to drink … …

Suddenly, one hand stretched over, one took the wine in the hands of music, and hugged her waist: “You two, and my fiancee talk about what?

“Jazz, Jazz less!”

Two women scared a shiver, and quickly lowered his head.

Long Lele also stunned for a moment, looked up and looked at the original is the end of the mug, this grin grin: “They are blessing me, and I cheers to drink it.

“Cheers?” Side Jade frowned, shaking a bit from the music to take over the glass, looking inside the dirty things, sneer to the hands of the cup handed the two women in front of: “Lele will not drink, You drank for her! ”

“Ah ?!” Two women frightened.

“Drink !!” Duanmu Jue shouted, the two women had to accept the glass, holding the nose, eyes closed and grunted, hard swallow it.

He was so elegant smile: “Then I first took my fiancee, to other places. You slowly play.”

Went to the place where no one, the end of the wooden jeep stopped.

Lele sweet smile, raised his head: “Jazz, you are so good.

“Really trouble !!” cold open the opening, he took the hug in the dragon music waist on the hand, looked disgusted and looked down at Long Lele: “I just do not want you to sell silly where I shame!”

The previous gentle no longer exist, and some only deep despair and disgust.

Lele puzzled staring at him, suddenly felt that he seems to hate her, do not understand the shaking his head: “Jue, Lele is not a fool … …”

“Is not a fool? Not a fool you will drink those rubbish ?!”

“That ‘s just because the uncle, my aunt told me this morning, that nothing would be obedient, so I would drink the cup.

“Oh, call you obediently, you obediently drink those garbage ?! How can you so stupid!” Duanmang disgusted and despise the scolded … …

Lele grievances of the cheeks of the cheeks, small hands gently grabbed his cuffs: “Do not be angry or not … …”

“Do not touch me, it is disgusting!” He relentlessly threw the dragon music.

“Ah!” She staggered down to the ground.

Sip the lips, obediently climbed up. Looked at the end of the wooden joke, she did not understand why just a good person for her, how suddenly changed? Sucked the nose: “Lele disgusting? Why do you have to marry me? You obviously said with your sister that day, you say, you like my … …”

“Because you are the daughter of the dragon family, we are family marriage only.” As for … … Oh, how could I like a fool? ”

003: wake up

‘Make yourself passionate! ‘

‘How could i like a fool! ‘

The words of the side of the woods wandering in her mind, Long Lele can not believe in the head, the heart is a person bitterly grabbed the same: “No, Jazz is happy with the music is not right!

“Oh! Fool is a fool!” He smiled contemptuous, like looking at the same garbage overlooking her.

“No!” Long Le Le pull tight fist, grabbed the clothes angle, the kind of garbage is regarded as the eyes, stung her: “bad guys, bad guys, you are big bad guys, I do not marry you!

Duanmu Jue a pinch of her shouting mouth: “do not marry Oh … … we have been engaged, from today, you are my side of the official fiancee, by not you !!”

Dragon music trembling powerful, suddenly felt the man in front of this terrible: “You … … you are bad guys, I hate you!”

Tears panic fall, she forced a push the end of the wooden joke, turned to the wedding banquet ran out.

Tears like rain can not stop the same, brush over the cheek.

The end of the words, has always been like a nightmare in her mind lingering.

She could not hear the other voice, the ear is the end of the woods insulting ridicule, she holding his head: “not a fool, Lele is not a fool!

Under the night, the dragon music figure stumbled to the outside of the road, suddenly a glare of the light on her face.

‘Drip …’

The horn of the car was ringing.


Head of the car to the gallop, hit a past, I saw Long Le music body flew out a few meters away.

‘… … …’ car brakes, scratch this quiet night.

Long Lele heavy fall to the ground, half squinting, looking at the sky, bad pain, eyelids have become very heavy, she is not going to die?


She was unable to close her eyes …


Since the day of a car accident, Long Lele has been coma for three days.

Duan Moujun standing in the ward, looking at the bed lying unconscious woman, contemptuous looked next to the doctor: “You said how long she will wake up?

“Should be fast, Miss Long is only the impact of the brain caused by coma, the body has not been a little hurt, according to her current situation, it is estimated that it will not take long to wake up ..”

He waved: “You go out.”

“Yes.” The doctor angrily retreated out.

Standing on the bed, the side of the Crowd leaned down, gently provoked her hair: “Oh … … fool is life big, car accident can not die.

‘Bell bells …’

The ringtones broke the quiet atmosphere at this time.

He took out the phone: “Hey … … know, I will be in the past.” Hung up the phone, did not look at the bed of a woman, turned away.

White bed, Lok Le quietly lying in bed, his back also lost liquid, her face is still some white, but then, that pair of eyes closed eyes moving, eyelashes also followed slightly trembling A few times.

Who is speaking?

She seems to have heard someone say something in the ear, die dead.

The head hurts …

Long Le music fingers moved, grabbed the sheets: “cough cough cough cough … …” throat dry and powerful, can not help but violent cough a lot of sound, this strong insisted on opening his eyes … …

Greeted a piece of white vast, look good blurred, here, what is the place?

For a moment, his eyes wake up, see all the things around. Is this a hospital? The

Oh, yes, she remembered a car accident, the original did not die ah.

Lele slowly turned, bedside empty, Huh? Just obviously heard someone talking, is it auditory?

Suddenly, the ward door was pushed open.

A maid rushed rushed in, see the bed of the dragon Lele eyes open, excited crying rushed past: “Miss, Miss, you finally woke up, so good! Xiaoyun have to be scared you Dead, you know? You can be a coma for three days !! ”


Her close maid, almost from an early age to follow her, take care of her diet, watching her crying pear rain, dragon music faint opening: “I have not died, crying.

“Yes yes, miss it all right.”

Lele gentle smile: “Give me a glass of water.”

“Good.” Excited Xiaoyun, immediately poured a cup of warm water, sat down at the bed: “Miss, I feed you to drink.”

“I come.” Hand, dragon music directly took the cup, grunted to drink a whole cup.

Xiaoyun puzzled look at Long Lele, articulate clear, it seems that thinking is also very clear: “Miss, how strange you.

Put down the empty cup, Long Lele look to her: “I’m weird? Where I am strange, and I am not good now.” The mouth brought back a touch of smile.

Such a lady, people have a long absence of the feeling, since two years ago, Miss silly, like a four or five years old child, but today … …

“Miss, you …”

Xiaoyun still some can not believe that looking at the bed sitting on the people, that familiar and sharp eyes, so her heart Yi Zheng.

Long Lele mouth smile big bigger: “silly girl, these two years to take care of me, really hard you.”

Xiaoyun froze, rub some eyes, incredible staring at her: “Miss you, you are not stupid?”

“Ah.” Nodded his head, she indifferent smile, full of thoughts, if not see Xiaoyun come in, she almost forgot their own good things.

Two years ago that accident, let her stay alive for two years, did not think, even because of a car accident to let her remember all the things.


It seems that even God can not stand, she was so useless.

“It’s so great,” he said, cried out at her excitement.

“Yes, Xiaoyun, just is not someone coming to this room.”

“Yes, the young master came to see you a trip, but soon gone.”

“Jazz young master?” Lele hesitated a moment, this time to think of it, on the side of the things that can not help but sneer a cry.

Ah! Dragon Group and Duanmu family marriage, he dignified a little young master, no election Long Chennai, but chose her.

And …

Think of him in front of others, everywhere to protect her, privately but hate to abuse her, I really do not know what he is in the end what the heart! And those words just said at his bed, it seems that she was not killed by the car, he’d be some disappointment … …

“Yes ah, after you married into the end of the wood home, we do not have to look at the eldest lady and lady ‘s wink.

“Oh … … is it?” But how can she feel that the end of the wooden jazz, it is not what kind of good? The

The The The The

004: conspiracy

“Of course, miss you, let me go and see you.”

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Lele nodded, Xiao Yun excited stood up, like runaway wild horse ran out of the ward, so good, did not think the lady not only wake up, but not silly!

“Xiao Yun. You are so anxious, to go where?” Corridor opposite, Long Minai section came … …

Xiaoyun a brakes, timid bowed his head: “Missy, our family woke up, I went to call the doctor over.”

“What? You said the dragon music awake?” Long Meina frowned, Oh, this fool, really big! The Out of such a serious car accident, even to be able to wake up without incident!

She was also counting on this fool can sleep and sleep, never wake up! In that case, she would be able to replace it as a fiancee! But … … did not think that this fool can wake up! What should we do now? Can not really look at the dragon music to marry the end of the mug, flying on the branches when the Phoenix it! The

“Missy, then I went to the doctor.” Xiaoyun trembling said.

“And so on!” Long Chennai took her arm: “Xiaoyun, you go to help me do something, for a while, I went to see a doctor to see her.

“Ah … … this … …”

“How! Long Lele call you, I will not call you ?!”

“No, no, miss, what do you have?”

“You go out of the hospital, to help me buy something … …” she said elegantly, slender eyelashes, Mouguang flashing sly, slowly reminded the mouth of a touch of cold smile … …


Long Lele lying in bed, strange, Xiaoyun said to call a doctor, how to go for so long has not come back, sat up and looked at the bed next to the dots have been fast drops finished.

Stripped off the needle, Long Le music from the bed to go down, or to find their own girl it

Open the door.

Two monsters stunned to block her line of sight, Long Le staring at the front of the two brawny, doubts the rise: “Who are you?

Suddenly, her head was a heavy blow, eyes a black.

Business van, Long Lele’s head with a black linen cloth, his hands and feet tied tightly by the rope, the mouth was sealed up the tape.

The back of the head and some pain, the whole people are unexamined, she only know that just opened the door was hit, and then forced by these people dragged out from the window!

These people, in the end what is it? Why do they catch themselves?

“Well!” Long Le Le Menheng soon.

“Give me a quiet point! Or else you are welcome!” Next to the man, kicked the dragon music.

‘Wo …’

The door opens.

“Oh, yes! You do things, it is quite efficient.When she came out, not seen by others, right?” Heard a sharp female voice came.

Lele startled startled, although she can not see, but the sound of her day and night get along, has been cooked can not be cooked again, is the dragon Chennai!

“Miss Long, we act, you rest assured that absolutely no one found that she was taken away by us.” The man patted the chest to ensure.

Long Minai this smile, watching the car was tied by the dragon music: “Oh! Long Lele, with you a fool, but also want to grab my man with me?

Rubber cloth sealed mouth, she had no way to speak, more did not think, tied his own people, even their own sister.

It seems that she was out of a car accident can wake up, not only Duanmou a disappointment ah!

“Miss Long, how did she deal with it?”

Longmei Nai hug in the chest, sneer: “how to deal with you how to deal with her! Just let her disappear forever in front of me, whether you are selling her, or throw her into the barren hills to feed the dog, Of the matter!

“Yes yes, Miss Long you can be assured to us!”

“Hurry to go, do not let people find.” Long Minai urging a cry, do not get rid of this fool, how did she when the fiancee? As long as the dragon music missing missing, a few days, she let parents go back to the wooden home to re-discuss the marriage, then the end of the wood home, the location of the little grandmother, is her!

“Well! Well!” Lele struggling mute humming, want to cry also shout out, the hands tied the rope, the more struggling, the more le on the more pain.

‘Wow’ is heard, the door has been closed.

She can clearly feel the car Mercedes-Benz up.

“Boss, how does this woman deal with it?”

“This little girl is also good to sell, live to live color fragrant words, maybe the value of a good price!” Adultery voice echoed in the ear … …

Lele eyes wide open, pupil trembling, live color fragrant?

That is, but this emperor out of the name of the entertainment city, who can go there, are some Prince Edward, daughter Miss, where, even see the star, is also very normal thing!

So here whether it is day or night, here are lively, there are always countless tricks, provided to those wealthy aristocratic entertainment.

Do they want to sell her to that place?

Oh, it’s a bit bad …

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to visit live and fragrant, today ‘s sale will be officially started !! Let me introduce to you, today’ s first auction!

On the high stage, the master of ceremonies waved and waved, the waiter pushed a huge cage up, the cage covered with a layer of cloth to cover the inside of things.

“Yo, so big a guy, what is the curious thing!” Unite the sound of the sound of waves, saw two figure, into the live color of the hall, unruly men grinning: “Jue, are you interested?

“No interest.” Ice lip light Qi, black eyes ruthless. A wooden suit with a black suit, dim light, lengthened his lines …

Having said that, the side of the tripod toward the other side of the big step, followed by a row of attendants, and quickly head down to keep up with his footsteps.

And the man who spoke to the side of the mansion, still standing in place, looking at the stage of the cage … …

I saw the cage covered with a cloth was opened, a woman sitting in a cage, wearing a cheongsam, filling graceful.

“Hey woman, do not go, wait, ah, come see … …” Man hastily shouted has gone far from the end of the wooden jazz.

But he did not seem to hear the cry, the corner disappeared in the line of sight.

“Monsoon Master, you are interested in watching the auction, then I lead you to sit in front.” Miss service head down to the monsoon side, respectfully said.

“it is good.”

Cage, Long Lele hands and feet are handcuffed on the chain, not only that, her face is also wearing a silver half-mask, more to the spectators of the audience, a little more mysterious dare.

Heavy chain, almost let her lift the hand.

Lele big breathing heavily, so hot … … those people in the end to give her what medicine? Why the head so halo, hands and feet of soft little effort to make it out.

005: first time

Vague line of sight on the stage looking for, fell to the cage is not far from the master of the body.

“Yes, this is our first sale, cheap one hundred thousand!”

Secretary of the instrument holding a hammer high shouting, followed by one by one brand up: “two hundred thousand … …”

“Three hundred thousand.”

“Five hundred thousand!”

“One million! One million times, one million twice, one million three times! Congratulations to Mr. quarter!” Hammer down.

Monsoon stood up, hook hook finger, signaled next to the service lady came, whispered in her ear a few words.

Lively auction of the game is still in full swing, live and fragrant fragrant VIP box … …

“Jazz little, let’s play fist!”

“Jazz less …”

Women like honey surrounded by the side of the side of the side of the side, he was cold on the sofa, his hands gently shaking the glass, it seems that they have no interest.

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The door of the VIP box was pushed open: “Jazz, you guess I took something out there.”

Duan Mujue lifted his eyes: “Oh, I said where you go, the original is outside the auction.

The monsoon leisurely Zai into the box: “Hey, Jazz, we brothers so many years, do not say I do not mean to know you marry a fool when the fiancee is very bad luck, so the brothers I prepared a gift to you. To see. “, He said, winked his pocket and took out a room card, chic to the end of the wooden jazz where the throw in the past!

The side of the wooden jazz hands will catch the fly over the room card, looked at: “good things? The will not, but also a woman?

“Uh … …” the monsoon’s forehead instantly covered with a black line, paused: “Jazz, you are too no mood! This is my cost for half a day of strength, only shot down Oh! You quickly go and see, Guaranteed surprise! ”

“Is it?” Duanjie Jue with a lazy smile, has been holding a card stood up and went to the side of the monsoon: “That I really want to see, this thing, how good!

“Hee hee. Absolutely let you satisfied. Come on … …” the monsoon raised his eyebrows, facing him made a gesture of worship.

Duanmujue diameter out of the room, looking at the hands of the room card, to the second floor of the VIP box in front.

‘Click on …’ open the door …

The end of the door to go.

“Uncle.” Charming intolerable sound echoed in the dark pressed room, Long Lele lying in bed, uncomfortable twist the body.

She was so hot …

The heart is like a group of fire like the same bad … …

“Oh, really is a woman ah … … monsoon is more and more no idea.” Even the lights are too lazy to open, Duanmu Jue went to the bedside, looking down at the bed lying on the woman.

Long Le music muffled Jiaozhuo, feel that someone came over, who is it! The Trying to keep her eyes wide and looking at the silhouette of the bedside …

How can the effort, but also do not know his way.

My mind sounded the alarm, she was very aware of their current situation is how bad, can be chosen is not a little effort to make up, let alone run away!

Duan Mujue looked carefully at the woman on the bed, although there was no light, but was able to see her stature slightly, and there was a face with a mask: “ah, still wearing a mask?

Sat down at the bed, he played like a hand, to take off her face mask. ,

‘Snapped! ‘

Long Lele force to shoot his hand: “get out, do not touch me !!”

His hands paused in the air, had no interest in the eyes, more than a trace of fun: “Oh? Woman, you still have a little meaning.

“Closed, mouth!” Lele cold spit out the two words. But can breathe more and more powerful.

The side of the wooden jazz eyes more concentrated, grabbed her clothes, her soft body directly pulled from the bed up: “woman, you are very courageous!”

“Roll!” Mask under the eyes flashed a touch of sharp.

“Roll or roll sheets of a single woman, then to make it clear.” Although not clearly see her eyes, but he really felt the cold eyes of her cold murderous!

Long Lele bite the lower lip, rely on! The Shameless! Downstream!

“Do not face!”

“In the end who is not going to face, the woman, your hand may have reached my clothes.” Duanmu Ji looked down and looked at her little hand that had been drilled into his clothes and stroked his chest.

Her body startled, sharp eyes, because the drug filled with a layer of gentle, how her hands will be uncontrollable to touch him?

It must be that damn medicine at work.

So hot……

So sad……

The effort of the handle away from his body, but difficult to issue exhortation.

Side mug a little bit to hold her waist, she was ignited the flame, unable to pack up: “want to play so long play so good, woman, it seems, you can not wait. Do you want me to fulfill you?

“Let, let open … … hold … … hold me …” open the baffling has become a hold me, she was crazy.

Pretty voice, soft body, she kept in his body to fan the flames, a moment, he directly pressed her back to bed.


Fiery lips, suddenly kissed her lips, bitter bitterly.

She closed her lips, exclusion and resistance, the only trace of reason, crazy struggling, do not, she can not … …

But in the men’s strong, was occupied.

To suck sweet … … lingering intersect.

‘Torn …’

Clothes are pulled open, the skin close together, his chest, like iron as hot, hot in her chest that a fire, more rich.

From the labial to the neck, the clavicle …

He kept kissing …

Damn! He had no intention to touch this woman! Who knows, even to the point where this is out of control.

Even can not wait to want her.

“No … do not take away your …”

The side of the wooden jazz looked down at her: “This is not what you want ?!” He suddenly broke into her warmth.



Like the body to tear the general pain, her whole body pain shaking, even the drug in the pain that moment, was swept away, the rest only pain.

Feeling the warmth of her, Duan Moujue incredible eyes: “how will you be the first time?” He does not think that just as anxious seduce the woman, even the first time, unless … … was under the medicine.

“Pain … … you give me, go out … … go out !!” She cried screams, his hands unable to push his chest, trying to let him out.

He frowned and held her tightly, and the action became gentle: “Do not be afraid, you will not hurt you anymore.”

Patience that want to rampage of the impulse, the end of the action, more and more gentle up. This woman ‘s body is simply fairy: “Let me see you.

One hand holding her, a hand to her face mask pull … …