Thank you for waiting for him

Lin Xiaoyu hands hurt, blood infiltration of the sleeves, because of anxious to go home cooking, the road was an electric car cut rub, the other one after another apology, but also took her to the hospital, but she was rejected, she was on this Not an aggressive, care about people, sometimes even if someone else her loss, injury, she is also as much as possible.
In fact, there are important reasons, is married for three years her husband, hate her and other men have dyed, even if only the other side to see her one, will be angry with her.
Married into the giants, is the dream of the vast majority of women, Lin Xiaoyu once also fantasy and white horse princes grow old, and now the husband gold scales is essentially a man, well-off, with two listed companies, Of successful people.
She may be the only regret that the golden scales when young military service, in a military training suffered a serious back injury, especially in the intercourse, the direct point is not to mention.
But the biggest difference between men and women is that women can endure, especially Lin light rain this woman. Three years ago, she was a car accident and gold scales, then, she and her son Xiao Luo is the victim, small Los also suffering from congenital muscular dystrophy. Gold scales to take them home, not only paid a large amount of compensation, but also tried every means to cure the small Luo disease.
Lin Xiao-yu parents leave early, when she was fifteen years old, parents travel abroad because of the plane crash to bid farewell to the world, since then she was strong like a man like to endure alone to the present, and in essence she is eager to be People care little woman.
Small Luo only six years old, six years old, he was just a child with a simple child, when the forest rain to see him from the airport jumped to his arms, her heart quickly melted.
Then, the gold scales to her to marry him, although very abrupt, but she still accepted, even if she did not have feelings for him, but enough to let her life can not afford.
Lin Xiaoyu just opened the door, I feel something wrong, the huge villa door turned out to be covered, nanny Zhang aunt although some careless, but not so stupid.
Moreover, the whole villa park, only the Golden House is the most luxurious, light servants have more than a dozen, so many servants today are gone?
Lin Xiaoyu’s heart is tight.
Is it because the gold scales to give yourself a surprise.
So that he did not forget that today is their third anniversary of the anniversary?
Lin Xiaoyu some overjoyed, although her husband busy on weekdays, but she still care about, Lin light rain daily life spending he never asked, in addition to rarely sleep together, many times are respectful. Lin Xiaoyu eyes, gold scales is a little modesty gentleman!
There is no such thing! The
Lin light rain that, as long as the days of the plain, not so much waves is enough.
The quietness of the house, the living room of the European architecture, the exquisite ground abruptly reflects two shadows.
Lin Xiaoyu shocked, carrying the dishes also fell to the ground.
Just when she had not returned to God, a dagger has been erected in her neck, two masked criminals in the eye flashed strange light, especially to see Lin light rain that delicate delicate face , There is a person can not help but swallowed saliva.
“Behave as we do, or do not blame us for your kindness!”
“You just listen to me, I promise you will not be in danger.”
Lin Xiaoyu’s hand trembling, strong self-calm: “What do you want?”
A tall gangster cold: “Do not nonsense, you will know.”
Lin Xiaowu thought it was illusion, but the sharp voice seemed to reveal the familiar sound, she felt that she must hear the wrong, but the golden house villain, district law and order is airtight, if not a familiar environment here It is impossible to easily slip in!
Lin Xiaoyu hope is not acquaintance, otherwise, the other party will be afraid of the Department of Health and the next ruthless hand!
She had to go to the bedroom, and so the two pushed her into the bedroom, she found something bad, that tall man apart from anything else, immediately tear off her coat. Lin Xiaoyu shouted, another person has been the first to cover her mouth, the backhand to control her whole person.
Tall men move a little clumsy, but also soon Lin drizzle clothes torn apart, leaving only graceful ketone body in the night issued a seductive atmosphere.
Tall man stared at the man and said: “You go out for me the first wind, I quickly get away!
Men nodded, dagger against the forest light rainy lanes: “We are all money is not life of the bully, you obediently wait for a good boss, or wait too soon!”
Lin Xiaoyu hand pain, blood flow to the ground, but at the moment she is more pain is the lower body, after suffering the man’s abuse, Lin rain rain eyes full of anger, pain, embarrassment … …
She thought of a small Luo, think of her husband, think of their own good girlfriend Zhu Ling … … if she lost in today, then she has any face to face her husband, what face live in this world.
Gold scales for her very good, do not mind her origin, do not mind that she has a child, even though she never told the child is not her own life, but her adoption, but the gold scales do not mind, the past three years, All her peace is he gave …
But she, but today to chaste to two bastards!
Lin Xiaoyu was already ready to give her husband a surprise today, told him, in fact, she has never had any man had a physical pleasure, she had the first time.
She believes that when the golden scales to hear the news, even if the performance is not so strong, will be happy, men have this complex, although the gold scales that hurt, but he is still a man!
Think of this, she could not bear the pair of big hands in his body with ease, but also do not know where to come from the effort, or a man suddenly relaxed, her mouth toward the man’s ear bites up, the man roared loudly, a Gulu jumped up.
Lin Xiaoyu seize this opportunity to stand up from the bed, the bedroom glass door did not lock, she would like to think, naked on the second floor jumped down. Golden house villa is very high, the second floor from the ground enough to have five meters, if not fall in the soft lawn, forest rain is not dead also have serious injuries.
She felt the arm dislocated, but with the pain, turned up and ran out.
Gold villa fleeing into the two masked people rushed out quickly, when you see the outside of the wide street no one, the two people depressed straight stomping.
“How to explain with the young master?”
“Nonsense, this kind of thing you do not need to worry about, I will talk with my brother, remember that today we did not fail!” Tall man angry anger rubbing his ears, that there are faint blood, he bit his teeth, Smelly bitch how so powerful, damn, so jumped from the high can run away, I really served.
“Maybe she did not dare to say it, but fortunately we did not reveal the flaws today!
Tall man nodded, and my heart inevitably some resentment.
Hummer car, sitting in the driver’s seat short hair man just a cigar finished, far from watching the two shadows from the side of the flash, he did not look back, there is no alarm, just a touch of another point, a long while , The back of the curled woman dressed in a towel from his car staggering jump, she was trembling, trembling said a couple of thanks, and then escape also like to leave.
The man put the cigar into the window, tall and straight body in the dark like a sculpture as a motionless, from the side to see his face like a knife-like angular, right side of the face that ink-like eye is more aggressive, from him The car stopped, to a woman for help, and then got into the car, and then leave … … the whole incident down, he did not say a word, as if everything did not happen, everything is nothing like him, he is like a cold Prairie wolf.
In the woman trying to cover the body, holding the dislocation of the shoulder into the dark the last second, he will look gaze in the past.
Zhu Ling soon came from the suburbs, and then frozen almost as ice rain forest received their own home, forest rain is still in the scared, she bit her lips, my mind repeatedly replied how she explained to the scales.
Will he forgive her?
No, why did she have this idea?
Obviously she was hurt, almost was spoiled, why worry about gold scales dislike her? Lin Xiaoyu shook his head, in the final analysis, or because he was too low self-esteem, the golden scales are good for themselves, but his identity is high on the group president, if the outside know his woman was bullying, for him is tantamount to the sky humiliation.
Do not you tell him?

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But he is, after all, her husband, how she had the heart to conceal him, Moreover, she had died of life and death, she was not ruined!
Lin Xiaoyu think for a long time, or dial the golden scales of the phone.
“Hey, gold scales, are you working?”
“Is there something like that?” His voice is always like a machine, no scold, nor thoughtful.
Lin Xiaoyu biting his lips: “No, I, I just want to ask, yes, you eat it? I bought a lot of food, had wanted to go home today to cook you … …”
“There is nothing to hang up, there is a very important meeting to open.”
“What time do you come back?”
“About eleven o’clock.”
“I am in Zhu Ling here, you, you can come to me to work?” Lin Xiaoyu fight back, did not let tears come out, did not let the sound become choked.
She was very hope that the golden scales can give him some comfort, but do not know where to start.
Gold scales for two seconds, said a good.
After the house, Lin light rain washed a bath, wearing Zhu Ling’s pajamas came out from the bathroom, Zhu Ling is very clever to avoid the topic, just pull the rain and rain did not change the body, and then change the law of the knot Married woman is not hip fat waist round, you see you, that has not changed, and more beautiful.
Zhu Ling is a good sister, it is a considerate woman.
Only here, Lin light rain had the feeling of home, only really feel that they are not alone. Small Luo has been asleep, sleep is very peaceful, this three years, Lin Xiaoyu no way to accompany him day and night, can only be small Luo to Zhu Ling support, for no reason, gold scales can accept Lin light rain is not easy, let He accepts a child who is not his own, even if he is willing, outside the media, his competitors will never give him this right, on the contrary, they will be fierce attack him!
Lin Xiaoyu do not want to see him under pressure for her, in the golden scales ready to open when she handed the small Luo to Zhu Ling, and then come every two days to visit him.
Looked at the face of sleepy Zhu Ling, and sleep with a smiling son, Lin Xiaoyu suddenly feel that they have been very happy, the storm has been left behind her uneasy.
Gold scales are very punctuality came at eleven o’clock, and then Lin Xiaoyu bring the car, along the way he kept silent, Lin light rain do not know what to say, at the moment she has a lot of reason, but the more rational woman, face The more difficult the performance of men.
Lin Xiaoyu finally spoke: “Today is the third anniversary of our marriage.”
“Oh,” said Grace, “I forgot, too busy.”
“I understand, so.”
“What do you want to say!”
Lin Xiaoyu shoulder Yi Chan, words to the mouth, or hold back, she smiled and said: “Happy third anniversary!
Golden scales faint: “Oh.
Back home, Lin light rain has been very tired, she did not want to take off his coat to see the scales on her body injury, after a simple treatment for a long night gown, forest rain has been on the bed. Not long after, after washing the gold scales also lay down, and soon, his breathing began to uniform.
Lin could not sleep, but he knew that the gold scales were so hard that he would not force him to stand up and he was tired, so she closed her eyes and tried to let her breathe.
Do not know how long, Lin light rain just feel what light flash, and then realized that the scales of the phone.
At this time, gold scales gently from the body, the phone from the pillow dig out.
Gold scales staring at the forest rain a few seconds to see her seem to sleep very fragrant, the quilt up to mention, this move to Lin Xiaoyu feel very warm, this little care has made her warm enough.
Golden scales went to the balcony, the glass door closed, and then pick up the phone received a phone call.
Lin Xiaoyu opened his eyes to see the gold scales only wearing a very thin pajamas standing on the windowsill, she hesitated, or clothes hanging jacket removed, ready to get gold scales, in order not to scare him, she was interested Cough, but the gold standard is clearly not aware of the more she walked, the more the golden scales of the mood is not right, his face filled with unhappy.
“Are you sure to shoot in?”
“That she will be pregnant? No guarantee? I want is certain, even if you get a few times, no matter what method you use, I want is the result, I can not wait!
Lin Xiaoyu Yizheng, she did not intend to eavesdrop, but a heart seems to be what was twisted.
She is nothing but because of public pressure, the family forced, and now her last value is pregnant, only pregnant to break those rumors, enough, I said , I want is a child with our golden blood, not outside the wild … … I will marry a man to play with other women, purely because she better control, say, we have to use each other Relationship, I cured her son’s disease, and she married me, so that Father assured the inheritance to me, and now the situation has changed, if I do not give him a grandson, the ghost know that the old die will not put the consortium To his bastard! ”
“Even let her find what? A woman abandoned by a woman, but also with a child, I gave her life is good enough, you are my brother, do not even you do not help me, watched us Gold family wealth to hand over to others? I am so hard to work hard, is for what? After all the gold family is not the two of us!
“I, I am not no, you know, I have virgin complex, the thought of her a few years old son, I feel sick, let alone touch her … …”
The bang is broken and the glass is broken.
Broken ground, forest rain did not wear shoes, barefoot on the glass slag.
Her mood at the moment is unparalleled confusion, dignity was stepped on the foot but also so stop! Tears have not flow out, in the end is the eyes too dry, or the heart of the heart, she has been unable to tell, just that punch, she did not know will break the glass. Weekdays in the weak as she, how can there be such a big ability? In the end is hatred too strong, or angry too Sheng!
“Golden scales, you this beast!”
No wonder the man’s voice so familiar, at first she thought it was illusion, the original, that tall man is her little brother, gold scales of the younger brother!
He even let his brother brother raped her! The
He does not go to bed with herself, just because of disgusting her origin, that she is a wandering bitch!
Did he marry her?
Is it also because of a lie, or that he has any unspeakable, in general, is because she is too good to cheat!
She is really silly!
Golden scales went to the living room, and soon took out a check from the bag, with a pen casually draw a bit, and then faintly said: “This is five million, enough to buy your body with?
Lin Xiaoyu laughed.
Laughing is crazy.
Gold scales cold channel: “You laugh, you and me together, not for money?”
The past three years, Lin Xiaoyu think she spent gold scales of money but tens of thousands, a lot of time, she is relying on online Taobao part-time earn money to buy daily necessities, and even cosmetics she never used more than two hundred The
All this, in his view, but money can measure!
Lin Xiaoyu torn check, thrown in the golden scales of the face, and then rushed out.
It was cold at night
Cooler than yesterday, yesterday is the body cold, and today, it is cold heart, cold to the hairs.
She did not give Zhu Ling called her…