See through a person is actually see through his desire

The crowd is not omnipotent, but nobody can not help you.
To deal with people can not find people know this ability.
This ability to a certain age and have a certain experience of normal IQ, emotions are not extreme people can get, but we are too anxious, always feel that people can see through the “ice Kam” this book quickly grasp.
Those who do rely on the relationship between the project type of businessman, playing capital operation, the system officials. These people will see people, see people with no clothes, of course, knowledge is widely understood as one aspect, they understand a person’s core: the interests of the other demands.
Is the so-called: the world hee hee, all for the benefit, the world rush, all for the benefit to.
This sixteen words clear in the chest, you can see a lot of things.
Young people are very keen to learn similar knowledge, knowledge and knowledge. There are 1744156 people concerned about the interpersonal concern.
I think this is not the reason: women learn these afraid of the wrong men can not marry a good man, men learn that they are afraid of making a lot of money.
Interpersonal knowledge of the knowledge of nothing, get the benefits, to avoid losses.
The more young people are nothing more afraid of the loss, the more afraid of others take advantage of others.
Too afraid of the loss of young people really is a bit too nervous, and nothing in the eyes of your big brother is really nothing tofu delicious.
Really want to reveal the mysterious mystery of this layer of people identified, nothing more than the word human nature. Left the understanding of human nature, pure technical means to learn to identify people that little bit of paper on the taste.
Feng Lun said in front of money and sex can find the real essence of a person.
People are ass decided to head, such as an official leader sitting in a life and death or can change the fate of many people when the position, and he was in the bottom when the staff, that temperament is quite different, because his Demand and power has changed, the pattern has changed, everything has changed, you only from the human nature to understand him, not from what character color science, people learn to try to figure out him.
I used to do sales, if you do the relationship between an office director, we can routinely use the song to sing the sauna to win the benefits.
But to do a bureau level leadership relationship, if you still use these tricks quite low. Have to stand in his position, from doing this project to his career influence point of view to do, for the development of this project to talk about his future. This time also mechanically analysis of his nine type of personality, character color, I am afraid you will be brought to the pit.
And then take a man dating girls waiting for this matter, a lot of Cock silk like chasing girls with their own goddess loyalty to loyalty as their own advantages, in fact, the truth is that you have nothing, so you can only take a single advertised Own, because you fucking no other chips.
There is a child is to say that if a man has 10 million, he will believe in love? A Cock silk really 500 million lottery is hard to say that he will not become another person.
In the face of great benefits can hold their own few people.
Knowledge of people’s knowledge, I personally do not recommend too much time and energy to learn, it is entirely by the experience and experience accumulated, experience more than the loss of more people encountered more, natural Feeling is coming.
Know someone else is to call someone else to help you, want someone else to support you.
Then you first consider what value to give others. As the saying goes, small favors, in exchange for big and big German.
Or you want to achieve their big desire, then first of all you have to meet the little desire of others.
Everyone has their own depression, have their own can not solve the problem, just to see if you can find their problems, and found no ability to solve.
For example, you want to make friends with Tuhao, you have to understand the needs of the local tyrants.
According to my own long-term experience with the Tuhao I summed up the land of such a few needs:
The three rigid and dominant demands of the land

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Relationship: China’s rich people, need to protect the umbrella, the need for resources, so the money of high-quality connections to those who refuse, high-quality contacts to meet their needs.
Information: huge information asymmetry is a means of high-end local tyrants to make a fortune, the land of the policy of time and insider, than ordinary people to be sensitive.
Health: people are afraid of death, Daozhang Li and Ma are iron buddies, Hong Kong feng shui master is the land of the guests.
Tate ‘s four rigid stealth needs
Lust: not only vulgar sense of beauty, there is an emotion, such as Wang Shi and Tian Pu Jun.
Funds: financial leverage, low-cost funds, China’s local tyrants are relying on capital to make money, Wang Jianlin, Jia Yue Ting are actually playing a master of funds.
Loneliness: the identity of society for them, the original sin, and the meaning of life. The rich looking for meaning, the poor find comfort.
Children education or children relationship: children education is always very concerned about the rich, and most of the rich and their children as we imagine so good, after the opportunity to speak.
Some of these problems are not plugged in, but some needs ordinary people to work hard to meet, such as health and children education.
Any person to stop and carefully observe the people around, more analysis and more summary, you can find that everyone has a pile of such a problem.
When you have this insight into the needs of other people’s habits, you mix the community to make money and pay girlfriend is actually not so difficult, whether you are in China’s first-tier cities or leave the north wide back to your hometown acquaintance society twenty-three four lines city, There are Chinese people, these principles are applicable.
China’s only child, most of the social and get people generally lack of basic awareness, are hope that others how to take care of your emotions, your feelings, other people’s feelings to consider less.
You have to consider the interests of others first, to give the interests of others way of thinking, than what to identify people to know this ability to be quick and more effective.
Learn more reason, let people eat a meal. WeChat plus more important people, as usual red envelopes about the key time can always help you get you.