Sad! A mine dug up the earth 600 million years of history, the world is so one!

Guizhou’s Beidou Mountain phosphate plant preserved the world’s oldest animal fossils (about 610 million years ago), in the Cambrian before the specific burial fauna are second to none, is currently studying the early history of the evolution of the Earth’s only window The However, a large number of local open-pit mining, sent to the phosphate fertilizer plant, [tears] now quickly dug! Scientists are anxious!
Was excavated by large tracts of Weng’an phosphate
“In November last year, we found that the problem has been very serious, to find the three points of research and research, as a reserve point, but April 1 to the scene to see, one of the points have been gone, completely digging light! “Institute of Geology and Paleontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhu Maoyan researcher said sadly.
This year Ching Ming, for the world of paleontology is gloomy, from the United States, Britain and other countries of the top scholars gathered in Guizhou Weng’an County Beidou Mountain phosphate. The scene of the machine roar, wrapped 600 million years ago the fossils of the ancient fossils into the giant excavator under the arm of the robot, and then the wheel is also higher than the heavy truck sent to the phosphate fertilizer plant, made of fertilizer into the field.
“The whole world on this one”
“This is the only window to study the early history of the evolution of the earth’s life, and the whole world is dug and there is no.”
Zhu Maoyan said the only window, in fact, we study the origin of human ancestors and early evolution of scientific evidence.

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The age of the earliest fauna of animals was named Cambrian (4.85-5.41 billion years ago). However, in 1998, a large number of animal fossils were found in the Eddie Karaji strata in the phosphate mining area of ​​Weng’an County in 1998, breaking the consensus of the scientific community. This has preserved the world’s oldest animal fossil (about 610 million years ago), providing a unique empirical record for the study of animal origin and early evolution.
Weng’an Biota is the world’s oldest animal fossil record, both its burial capacity, fossil diversity, scientific value, or influence in the international academic community, in the Cambrian before the specific buried fauna are second to none. Since 1998, the results of the Weng’an Biota have been published extensively in international top academic journals including the “Nature”, the “Science”, “Journal of the American Academy of Sciences”.
A “live” fossil treasure digging
Whether a late consensus can balance economic development and scientific research
“Now the core issue is the government, the people did not realize that this place is the only, no other place, until the meeting last week they understand the concept.” Zhu Maoyan that.
The protection of the Weng’an biota does not require too much cost, and scientists only want to keep a core area in the large mountains. However, there are many companies in the Weng’an Phosphate, where the tenements cross, and the implementation of protection involves several related enterprises and several levels of government departments.
To this end, Zhu Maoyan spent a few months to invite relevant departments and scientists to pay attention to this matter. April 1 this year, the Ministry of Land and Resources, China Paleontological Fossil Conservation Foundation, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the relevant bureau of Guizhou Province, Qiannan Autonomous Prefecture, Weng’an County Party Committee and related enterprises finally sit down in front of a table.
Two days of the meeting to discuss and field trips, and finally to all the people here to reach a consensus: First, Weng’an Beidou Mountain phosphate is a world-class precious fossil origin, Weng’an biogas fossil core origin and classic geological profile must be Natural heritage is permanently protected. Second, in view of the current phosphate mining and associated geological disasters, Weng’an biogas fossil origin and geological profile by a comprehensive destruction or coverage, the urgent need to rescue protection. Third, the Weng’an biological fossil fossil protection and development, the need to go all the way with the national strategy and the strategy of Guizhou Province, a combination of tourism, and Weng’an County, “five in one” development combined.
“Weng’an biology is not only Weng’an, but also China, is all mankind, is the world ‘s attention, irreplaceable precious natural heritage, its outcome should not be a few bags of phosphate fertilizer. The experts of the meeting on the fate of this mountain is not only a high degree of concern, and the view is surprisingly consistent.