There are three do not say, there are three do not do, people do not pay three

There are three words do not say
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Do not say that you are short.
“Vegetable root Tan”: “Do not blame people too small, do not send people Yin private, do not look old evil, the three can be raised, but also far from harm!
Mouth is hurt ax, words are cut knife, know people do not have to say, leaving some morality.
Do not attack the shortcomings, exposing the scars. Exposing people who scars, hiring people hate, harm others.
People live a lifetime, is dignified stand in the world, “people live a face, tree live a skin”, everyone has dignity, are good face, so in life, do not expose weaknesses, privacy.
Do not say your own words.
Others praised the reputation, self-advertised called boast.
“Heaven is not arrogant, to self-esteem,” really have the knowledge of people who do not have to open up their own.
Late Qing Zongtang West expedition, recovered from Xinjiang, set the power of the world. Zuo Zongtang would have “literati hi words” of the problems, meritorious service is to see people talk about their own experience.
Some people find him to work, whether it is business or private affairs, Zuo Zongtang three words can be things around the west to go, so that the other helpless.
Zuo Zongtang is a person who has the ability to boast of credit is indeed true, still subject to criticism, so advertised their own words, we better not say.
Do not say anything without value.
Zizi asked the teacher Mozi, how to speak is good. Mozi said: “Toad, mosquitoes, day and night called a non-stop, called dry mouth, who can listen to them? Look at the cock, dawn shouting, the world vibration, people get up early.”
“Lady is not words, words must be”, Confucius said the meaning is that a person either do not speak, or an opening to say the key.
Do not say that there is no value of nonsense, say no benefits, expensive in just right.
Concise, is the realm; eloquent, why not charm? Just in the right time, the right occasion, facing the right person, said the right words.
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No two things do not do
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Do not do shortcuts.
Zeng Guofan study does not take shortcuts, do not read on the sentence, do not read the next sentence; do not read this book, do not touch a book. Although Zeng Guofan scholar test for nine years, but once the resuscitation, the road behind the more and more Shun, four years after the Jinshi, and other early in the scholar of the students, but even did not come out of a person.
Zeng Guofan do not take a shortcut to fight, the Hunan army every one will camp, the offensive task into a defensive task, a little bit to eat the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom control of the region, which is “knot hard wall”; Xiangjun siege often used The whole year, rather than two or three months, through digging trench siege, breaking the enemy grain road, off the enemy supply, if necessary, when the enemy against the enemy, the method is stupid, but very effective, this is “dumb.”
Zeng Guofan think they benefit from not take shortcuts, because “the world to Zhuo, can win the world to the clever.”
Do not do things that hurt people.

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The outcome of the victim is often “to harm the beginning, to harm the end.” There is such a fable:
In ancient times, the capital has a laundry, his shop business is very good, and his neighbor is a potter, pottery business is very depressed.
Potters believe that the laundry shop has affected the feng shui of their own shops, from the heart of the victims, he asked the king, said the laundry craftsmen have ancestral skills, can be washed into white as white elephant.
The king was glad, because the country was only black elephant, and the white elephant was regarded as a symbol of auspicious, prosperous and prosperous, and ordered the laundry to wash the black elephant into white.
The washing machine did not dare to resist the purpose, after returning home, could not sigh. His wife asked the reason and gave him an idea.
The next day, the laundry man went to see the king and said, “My house ‘s laundry basin is too small to tolerate an elephant, and your Majesty first ordered a pottery with the next elephant.
So the king ordered the potter to create a pottery that could hold an elephant in three days. The potter was dumbfounded, and the king was executed by the king.
Do not do the cheap thing.
Corruption is often a big loss, because there is no free lunch, there is no white accounted for cheap. Has always been a lot of liar is the use of people love to do cheap psychological to achieve their goals.
Very often, do things, rely on popularity. Zuo Zongtang said, “good cheap, not with the financial”, like the cheap people, we all prevent it! One to two, the cheap people will be annoying, popular sent, but will lose a lot of opportunities.
Cheap things do not do, suffer a fortune may wish to do some, suffer is a blessing, sometimes a disadvantage is to take advantage of. Speaking of interests, some very superficial, everyone can see, but some are invisible, not everyone can see. To be rewarded, we must know how to pay.
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No.3 people have three do not pay
━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━
Affordable people can not pay.
Spring and Autumn Period, Guan Zhong auxiliary Qi Huan public, so Qi Guoqiang Sheng. Guan Zhong dying, Qi Huan Gong to discuss with him who can replace the future management of the country.
Qi Huan known as easy teeth, vertical Diao, prescribe these three people loyal to him, Yi Ya had his son steamed, made of vegetables to Qi Huan public use; vertical Diao own castration, into an eunuch to serve Qi Huan public ; Prescription is the guard of the country’s son, to give up the country to save the king do not do, and to serve Qi Qi Huan public 15 years, even if the father died, do not go home to see.
Guan Zhong said that a person even their own and their loved ones do not love, how can it really love the king it, be sure to stay away from the three people.
Tube Zhong death, Qi Huanong after all, or reuse the three people, the results of the three chaos, Qi Huan Gong alive in the palace starved to death.
Family indifferent people, born heart of stone, ruthless, such a person, can not pay!
Mercenary people who can not pay.
Zeng said: “Working with good people has been involved.”
Some people in the world are mercenary, in his heart, always value the benefits, always in the use of others, in order to benefit can sell friends.
In life, with such people, you will always be his squeeze the object, the bag of things. Of course he will pay, but his pay is built on the basis of greater income, is built on the scope of your more squeeze. This kind of person certainly can not pay!
A man who is unbelieving can not pay.
Confucius said: “people without a letter, I do not know it can.”
That is to say a person talking to do things must be Kaopu, not a moment is three, and then for four, people at a loss.
It is a nightmare to live with a man of unbelieving life. It is a waste of life to hope for those who promise it. They have been changing, the morning said things changed in the afternoon, yesterday decided to become a waste paper today, and their contacts, like to sit on a boat they do not know where to go.
Friends in your sincere, friends have other shortcomings may be forgiven, if the words without words, people can not touch his sentence which is true, which sentence is false, or respect for the good, because no one interested in every day Can not be fulfilled.