It is time to solve the North Korean problem

From April 6th to 7th, General Secretary learned the first meeting with the newly appointed US President Chuan Pu in the United States, Florida, Haihu Manor.
As a world power, the trend of Sino-US relations is not only related to the vital interests of the two countries, but also will affect the region and even the international situation. This time two of the world’s most powerful gang of the meeting will be no reason not to be widely concerned about the world. Britain’s “Financial Times” on this meeting is so evaluation, China and the United States are facing a plate related to a major chess game, the “learn special meeting” success “will let the world breathe.”
However, until the end of the meeting, we found that this breath really breathed, but the breath but do not have the taste, so that people do not feel any quiet and peaceful, but rather the crisis.
▌ one,
In this meeting, when Chuan Pu with his face smile and warm handshake expressed his welcome to the Chinese leaders, it is also surprisingly issued in the back of the Syria in the Middle East launched about 60 Tomahawk missiles The Affected by the day the global market volatility.
Chuan Pu of this move in my opinion can be described as extreme, of course, this once again confirmed that the President of the United States in my mind so straightforward positioning. After all, the new president who once shouted “Everyone from the front of the snow, regardless of others,” the call for the “priority of the United States” and those around the war swamped again by his words.
Do politicians say what the Western politician says?
When Chuan Pu affectionate mourning “When the innocent children, innocent babies were killed! Is the baby, infant in the baby! This thing broke my many bottom line.” In this case, it is inevitable that ordinary people have touched , After all, that a piece of innocent creatures hurt by the destruction of civilians face really sad.
However, political affairs to the end, in the final analysis, he used a sudden force to attack such a strong drug to solve the problem is also too self-willed. Perhaps he did not need to scruple the views of Russia, but sitting next to him in the straight away from the guests, he really do not need to consider it?
wrong! He certainly considered, and this side of the next strike is the long history of the new president of the mall.
In fact, Syria’s “chemical weapons ghost” is not only this time, but the attack in the end is the Syrian government forces, the opposition, or extreme organizations for the general to the final truth is difficult to say clearly.
However, for Chuan Pu and the Pacific on the other side of the big country leader of the dialogue is really a rare opportunity, do not find a thing here to beat, how can show Chuanpu new official took three fire passion and the US imperialists The wisdom and courage. What’s more, now two people are negotiating the table you come to me, who do not want to fight for more chips? Chuan Pu is obviously doing pre-emptive.
It is hard to imagine that the Chinese delegates were aware of the psychological shadow area at the venue.
In the final analysis, this thing is an escape of the topic is that by my country like a child endorsement, shelter of the rogue regime – North Korea.
The United States this so tough attitude only to China to express a state, suggesting that the same on the DPRK issue will not be soft. This is also enough to show the United States to China’s great containment, of course, this also highlights the Sino-US cooperation exists in the boundaries. So when you listen to the first glimpse of the United States and the United States head of the sea and lake manor, bilateral relations made “great progress” of the propaganda, it can only laugh at it.
▌ Second,
Whether it is Syria or North Korea, only out of the right prescription, in order to achieve real results. For the United States, if only wayward to show off force, not only failed to suppress the purpose of the crisis, but may make the crisis to further expand.
In fact, Chuan Pu this time to play the edge of the ball had to be a desperate action, and do not say the United Nations have not got some evidence out of a clear right and wrong, you quietly pre-emptive, think of the year to attack Iraq’s lessons , In the situation can not tell the truth.
Not to mention the Russian side of the face do not take into account, do not allow people to urge a day after a rush to count. In addition, even the United States own internal political ecology may also be done because of this mess. After all, such a newly appointed office, may not even the political layout of the country has not stabilized even this time without the United States will be authorized to force the launch of force, it is inevitable to lead to more criticism.
However, the shrewd North Korea is also the first time to smell the taste of provocation. The DPRK Foreign Ministry spokesman strongly condemned the US air raid on Syria on aggression against sovereign states and said North Korea would not be intimidated by the so-called “warning” action in the United States.
In my opinion, but rather China’s position this time is very interesting.
From the US side of the note, the Chinese side against the US military against Syria actually expressed understanding.
To know the previous issue of Syria, China has repeatedly joined forces in Russia in the Council against the Western countries on the settlement of the Syrian issue of the draft resolution, although this period there have been many incidents of civilians and children in Syria, but China has been pursuing It is “non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries,” the foreign policy.
This time despite the domestic draft is also a “China insists on non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries; do not support the use of force to solve international affairs,” then a pass. But the American people said that the Chinese side of the US military against Syria expressed understanding, which is a bit confusing people. Is it because the general secretary in the guest to the guest a few words?
Obviously not the case, all political problems will be due to the situation, because of the interests of change.
This may be more clear on the DPRK issue.

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The two leaders in the talks agreed that the DPRK nuclear program into a very “serious stage.” Trump expressed the idea that “if China did not take action with us and the United States prepared for a separate response,” he urged China to strengthen sanctions against North Korea.
Although the two sides did not agree on the specific content on this issue. But when the Americans straightforward to tell you, “Brother, you have to and I shot, then I alone go alone,” you do not respond to one sentence: “Brother, do not impulse you can sit down and discuss slowly.” Obviously this has been Indirectly shows your attitude, even if you do not think so, the Americans should think so. After all, they have no time to keep up with you on this issue and mud.
Perhaps this also indicates that the DPRK issue is about to enter a new stage.
That is – is the time to solve the North Korean problem!
▌ three,
Sure enough, just yesterday, the United States has been unable to wait to start action. US officials confirmed to CNN that the US Navy “Carl Vincent” aircraft carrier battle group left Singapore on Saturday, to the west of the Korean Peninsula near the Western Pacific, the US side made it clear that this is in response to North Korea’s provocation.
This time, North Korea may be really nervous.
In fact, every time the US dollar met for the first time, the DPRK side had to naughty for a while, release the news to test nuclear weapons, for fear that China abandoned their own, this time naturally and ultimately. Not to mention the recent North Korea will also usher in the celebration of the whole country to be fired to highlight the important days of national prestige: one is April 15, Kim Il Sung’s 105th anniversary, the other is April 25 People’s Army 85 anniversary of the army The
It is reported that the US military has recently dispatched to detect atmospheric radioactive material “Sniffer” nuclear reconnaissance aircraft to Japan. According to South Korea, “Central Daily” reported on the 26th, Han Jun stakeholders said, “North Korea in the sixth nuclear test may follow the example of the Pakistan model, a number of nuclear tests within a day,” and thus “to the international community to recognize its support Nuclear country “.
Obviously, the United States has long used action to show the attitude. Although the United States will be their strategic weapons to North Korea is not twice a thing, but the newly appointed president of such a reasonable President Chuan made such a tough action, and China so vaguely cope, and then Plus the DPRK side and so unpredictable, I am afraid who is also not allowed to accidentally want to come to a gun fire.
Can not help but think that the United States last Obama administration is because of these problems that do not speak lightly, which led to now the South China Sea and the Korean Peninsula, the crisis continues to intensify, even Japan can not stand it, Chu Po’s bombs, Abe Jin immediately To support the decision of the United States. Winds from the dust flying, the world has become the day, in the face of really playing Chu Pu, North Korea this really ferocious!
In the past because of China’s endorsement and support, and three fat “barefoot not afraid of shoes,” the rogue behavior, leading to the final whether the United States, or China, in fact, take this rogue regime no way. The reason why no way, because no one on the three fat moved through the real grid.
We certainly know that the three fat is certainly not “barefoot”, his hands that in fact for his own one person the right to service, see extremely heavy, but also extremely worried about losing. Once someone has told him that I will move the truth, his monopoly on the right, may collapse instantly.
By the Americans to solve this matter, far better than our own hands, because no one knows that the rogue neighbors jumping the wall, what will do unpredictable behavior. For such a fact is the Chinese tarsal bone maggots, and we simply can not control, the application of the rogue device, China’s action on the United States by boat, is undoubtedly the best program.
Everyone knows that the three fat nuclear bombs, certainly not prepared for South Korea, but not for the United States prepared. It is closest to China.
▌ end
Finally, or to the north of Zhang Zhencheng’s memoir “beloved leader” in the end of it:
In this totalitarian state, “leader” exists as God. The leaders are omnipotent, the people are ignorant; the leaders control everything, the people can not move; the leaders decide everything, the people are life from. The people also good officials worth mentioning, the King’s regime is only a number, a part, a piece, at any time may be smeared, replaced and abandoned. This country “leader” is everywhere, “people” everywhere, but you can not find a real sense of the people.
North Korea such a wonderful collective power can survive in the 21st century, is indeed a humiliation of mankind.
If we were just building a country and staggering, North Korea was probably one of our buffers, that we had stood up and even ready to lead the world today, a complete departure from human values ​​and development, possession of nuclear weapons, leaders The nerve may be split at any time, the community may collapse at any time the centralized small country, we have long been not an asset, but the absolute debt, right?
In the game balance between China and the United States, continue to use this as a bargaining chip, in fact, we have a soft rogue regime to the game, has been completely inconsistent with a rise in the strategic needs of large countries.
For China, the DPRK issue is not resolved every day, China can not become a real power one day. Because the example of North Korea is placed there, it is implied in all countries of the citizens, the Chinese leadership of the world may be what kind of.
It is time to solve the North Korean problem.

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