Big forecast: March economic data will be published Internet of things or detonated concept stocks

Clean economic data week struck, next month in March CPI and PPI will be announced, the analysis refers to the inflationary pressure is not large. Investment opportunities, the China Communications Industry Internet of Things Assembly or once again triggered the trend of speculation stocks.
Supereconomic data week is coming
Next week, economic data-intensive, domestic will be released in March the money supply and price index, expected PPI growth rate will fall slightly, inflation pressure is not. A number of institutions predicted that in March the new credit was 1257.1 billion yuan, lower than the level of 13700 billion yuan last year; M2 growth rate will be difficult to rebound, is expected to change in the vicinity of 11%. Peripheral economic data is concentrated in the United States, focusing on inflation levels. At present, the US price index continues to grow, the level of inflation has steadily increased, the employment market has become stronger, economic or sustained growth trend.
Financial calendar
On Monday, April 10, China will announce the March money supply year-on-year, new loans and social financing.
Thursday, April 12, China will announce March CPI year on year and PPI year on year.
Thursday, April 13, China will announce the March trade account; the United States will announce March PPI ring, April 8 week for the first time jobless claims and April University of Michigan consumer confidence index initial value.
April 14, Friday, the United States will announce March CPI ring and March retail sales chain.
Next week will be the third year of refined oil prices
April 24 at 24 o’clock, the domestic oil price adjustment window officially opened. A number of social research institutions are expected, when the domestic refined oil prices will usher in the third rise during the year, the increase rate of more than 100 yuan / ton.
Next week the central bank open market 130 billion reverse repurchase and 217 billion MLF expires
Statistics show that next week (April 8 – 14) the central bank open market will have 130 billion reverse repurchase expires, Monday to Friday, respectively, the amount of 10 billion, 20 billion, 40 billion, 40 billion and 200 Billion, and Thursday there are 217 billion MLF expired, no repurchase and the central vote due.
【Investment Opportunities】 China Communications Industry Internet of Things Conference held next week, the concept of stocks or resurgence trend
2017 China Communications Industry Internet of Things Conference will be held on April 13, 2017. At present, the Internet of Things is becoming the next growth point and competitive heights for operators and industry. Gartner expects the number of global networking equipment to reach 26 billion by 2020 and the scale of the Internet of Things to reach US $ 1.9 trillion. According to statistics, there are 33 listed companies listed companies have disclosed 2016 annual report performance notice, which, the performance of pre-hi number of companies to reach 25, accounting for 75.76%, of which, and crystal technology, Anne shares, rich technology, Technology, Yuanwang Valley and other five companies expected 2016 net profit year on year increase over 100%.

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