Ineffective effort and pretentiousness to make you tired and poor

1. You have done a very tired and painful impression
Now people, love to fight time and sun friends circle. Take me on the gym. If there is no coach in the next staring, you will find yourself running forever run enough for 30 minutes, followed by keep fitness will never do the specified action. Because they are playing mobile phones, watching TV, at rest. Only the coach staring at the training next to their own in a short time to complete a series of efficient action, the coach a walk, pedal bike legs to stop.
Heart or anxious that they did not complete the training program, sweat did not drop a drop, so continue to bubble in the gym, a bubble in the afternoon, what efficiency is not, but also consume a lot of time. Facing the mirror to take a photo, said he had to, so that friends in the phone are envy and jealousy, said his good hard ah.
Is it really hardworking or pretentious? Is your effort really effective? In addition to fitness, how do you do other work? Overtime are diligent typing wrestling, or eat two hours to reimburse the dinner, and then dizzy up to open the computer? Is the class attending or listening to or just lying on the table? Your time is not less than others, the body is also very tired, you have made a very tired and very tired of the illusion, you can get those who do not seem to work hard is less
2. others are so Niubi, you only desperate life
 Stay up all night to study the work, morning work disoriented, long night do not sleep, lack of sleep during the day, so that your body getting worse. Do not say to increase the income of more money, the body almost collapsed, the boss almost to your nightlife is too rich affect the work to find you talk, why other people every day spirits, why other people do not sleep well, how their own so frustrating? Are they not people?
You only see the appearance, did not see the essence. In addition to a handful of natural people (such as me), most people have their own schedule. I know the famous writer Li Xiaoyi teacher, every night 10:00 to sleep, get up at 4 o’clock in the morning love is writing, 8 o’clock to go to work, start a day work. You see the light from 4 o’clock, and learn for two days, he said he can not get up, life desperate.
Now very popular what early get up the party, get up at five o’clock every day punch card, too many people can get up with five points that they are very hard, sun in the circle of friends, as if they are enough effort. But after the effort of the whole day, you have a good? If you get up at eight o’clock, it must not be hard enough?
Punch is just a behavior, the key is behind the behavior of the habit. Everyone has five cards, but it does not mean you have failed since 8 o’clock. On the contrary, if you want to participate in such activities, then find yourself to get up after 5:00 to start an effective effort to sleep all day long, so that you get up early is effective, otherwise you just imitate a behavior. Adult world, no longer slogan of life, effective, more than anything else.
3. My efficiency training manual
I used to stay up the night party, dangling during the day, one night began to hurry to work hard, often dry to two or three points, exhausted, want to sleep before brushing the phone, are often hit the phone directly on the halo past. The body has been tired to the extreme, the morning is always fluttering, all day long sleepy, and sometimes write an article to a whole day, always dawdle for a while to drink water, while eating. I began to consciously control and train my own efficiency, not working hours. The biggest effect is finally have time to read, have time to go out with their families to play.
Simply share some of my little ways:
Find your own time: sleep time and quality management, fitness, suitable food
For me, the most suitable sleep time is 0:00 to 8:00 in the morning, after 8 o’clock basically get up to work, so I never attended what the early sign of the event.
Fitness and eating ice cream is very refreshing way to me, and recently fell in love with tea.
Meat will make me feel very tired and tired, so I basically eat beef and fish. Do not eat too much, otherwise it would be very sleepy to sleep.
Manage the rhythm of their own lives, so as to manage their own energy
Have seen a lot of energy management books, such as “energy management” are interested you can go to the site search, there will be a lot of similar books. Energy management is not only the management of their own spiritual head, but through a reasonable body and the rhythm of the entire life management. Such as the day of the day, get up early fitness, the morning to deal with the most difficult work in the afternoon need to think carefully about the work at night can do things without brain. If this is all upside down, maybe nothing is done.
Five minutes a day, do the schedule management
This year makes my mind very easy The most important way is to do the schedule management. Small to go out to buy vinegar, big business to write reports, are one by one with the calendar management app to record. The biggest advantage is that you do not need to use the mind to remember, something directly recorded up, the brain is particularly easy to open every day to see, done off, you know how to complete today, no longer worry about something forget, Be alert, and will not be disrupted by sudden things.
Make good use of APP software and other high-tech tools
Now mobile APP is well developed, many people like to ask someone else what to download their own. But in fact the needs of each person is different, suitable for their APP is also different, and even each APP does not need to use all the features. So, I generally find an app, I would like to find a good hope to find what app function, such as search “schedule management” may come out a lot, download the first three, one by one to open with a look, you can find their own right. I used a good app are basically found so simple, so easy to make.
Do not lie down during the day, the more the mind with the more spiritual

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Whether you are at home or working outside, just wake up, it is best not to go back to bed. Do not stop unless you need a nap. As long as a stop work, even if it is to drink saliva, eat a banana, you finished, and then start too difficult, it is possible for an hour can not enter the state.
In addition, do not worry too much with the brain, your efforts from the degree of too far away. The mind is always more with the more spiritual, the more with the faster, do not immediately rust.
Give yourself time to complete the work, work and rest
Write an article on an hour; make a report with two hours. Time and schedule with the same goal of life, there is a goal to have the power to work, or drag the pull one or two days is not a dream done.
Everything is in advance
The boss said tomorrow things, you can not finish yesterday, leaving a full day of time to modify, or in advance with the boss to fight for a modified time? If everything three hours ahead of time or do it nervously, not wrong, that is, thinking is not comprehensive, the last rework or their own.
I personally write the public number, unless the family has a hurry, the basic will be 3-7 days in advance to prepare all the content. Because the family has two children, big things at any time there will be. If you encounter a business trip, basically everything two weeks ahead of all completed, so even if the business trip for 20 hours a day will not worry about more. The most important thing is that they do not worry, good mood to do what will be efficient
You have to believe that some people do not so cattle, you are not so miserable, do not set yourself too much goal and too full content, little by little go forward.