How to know a person by WeChat nickname

WeChat nickname is also one of the dimensions of knowledge, it can be used as a reference, but not the absolute sense of the standard, the right is a kind of observation and understanding of others to try and explore it
A slightly different name and avatar is that it is not only a message you want to convey, it is more likely that someone else will remember you and call you an iconic symbol. I and some friends are between the name of micro-letter to each other, WeChat name of the identification and the importance of more than the head
real name
A considerable number of people are the real name as a WeChat name.
Their interpersonal relationships are relatively simple, social circles are relatively fixed, often contact most of the colleagues, relatives, friends, students, rarely use shake, people around the stranger social function.
Their character conservative conservative, may be humorous and humorous such characteristics of some far, personality and emotions are relatively stable.
WeChat when the chat, they must not be the first person to express love pack, brother is also like talking about business, perhaps because of their nature of work mostly close to the civil service system, institutions, state-owned enterprises and other types, 80, 70 Mostly.
Nickname / nickname / homophonic
“Mary, obviously, big hui, girl” belong to this series, these WeChat name is generally from small to big people to their call, and their own habits of this call has been deep bone marrow.
With the name of the people affinity, or want to show others affinity, but also more good at social, not the pursuit of individuality in the crowd that is not strong, there will be with the flow of behavior tendencies, they will not choose a special alternative Career.
Family relationships are close, colleagues are also more harmonious, will be eager to others care and protection, psychological age is generally lower than the actual age.
Have to admit that most of them live more ordinary, but also easier to get satisfaction and happiness.
Name + status
“Is the weight loss of XXX, XXX in Beijing, love the fish XX” … such a name / nickname + a state of WeChat nickname is not uncommon, and they will not update the state five times, may be the day before Weight loss of Xiao Li, tomorrow will become fat Xiao Li.
Choose these types of WeChat nickname lively personality, easy-going, is like freedom, the pursuit of change, the character is more common, happy do not like quiet, express and desire to speak are relatively strong.
They are eager to attract the attention of others, want to be able to give others a deep impression, but also like “label” others, as he is also using a label to define their own.
Self is not stable enough, mood swings are relatively large, low age, common in 90 after 00 after the group.
Each time after the name of the name, are to attract attention, are waiting for others to care.
Name plus occupation
In addition to the name + status, the name + occupation of the nickname structure seems more common.
Wang Dili lawyer, Nie Xiaowei reporter, or the name followed by the name of the company, such as Ma – Alibaba, Ma – Tencent, etc., also accounted for a lot of my address book, of course, Ma and Ma has not yet need to pick up after the occupation information The
Those who choose these nicknames have a higher sense of professional identity than their sense of identity, and they regard the profession as an important criterion for measuring their own value, which is an important dimension that they want others to know about them.
Career is their source of self-confidence, but also their most important identity that they think. In addition, they have a strong desire for professional social, achievement motivation, character is also more active. But their behavior style tends to have a strong professional characteristics, but blurred their own character characteristics, easy to fall into a fixed paradigm, some dogma.
English name
With the real Chinese name corresponds to the English name, my address book there are many Jessica, like a hair salon there are many Kevin, for a time difficult to identify, but not neglect.
After all, the use of the English name of the people, is to have a little different psychological, of course, there may be working in foreign countries, foreign study background, or work life in foreign countries need to deal with the name of the people.
There are many people’s WeChat nickname is not their English name, but a movie role, the English name of the novel. Such people, the pursuit of petty bourgeoisie, self-identity is very high, very confident. Most of them are more tasteful, or that they are very tasteful, the views and attitudes of things more open, and even some alternative.
They are widely friends, but in fact they have always felt that they lack the spirit of the companion, it is difficult to establish an in-depth relationship with people. They are the pursuit of new things, the “high-end” word has a natural obsession, friends circle will inadvertently some of the details of life, and these details are expensive and small minority labels.
For example, in the circle of friends will be unified after the body will reply to a unified: “Thank you for concern, my skirt is custom in France.
Mr. XX
There is also a class of names, Mr. Wang, Miss Dong, Mr. Young, Miss. Kim, looks very elegant and decent.
They are more elegant, but more is considered their own elegance. They are often shouting “life and poetry and distant” that group of people, the quality of life paranoid requirements, but often realistic and ideal there is no small gap, so their heart is full of contradictions, and sometimes the pursuit of high-end Style, sometimes low choice of ground gas range of children.
But in any case, their self-consciousness is very strong, eager to be concerned, eager to be liked. They usually pretend to be literary and melancholy, or see through the ups and downs of life, inner desolation, self-timer must be accompanied by a modern verse.
People are unpredictable, but in fact, there may be no fathom.

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Custom name
And some WeChat nickname is their own “stage name”, such as my name is “big general Guo”, and my media circle friends, WeChat names are mostly pen name, “autumn stupid”, “zebra” Wait.
Because the work and life in such an identity, so the name is more convenient to identify each other. But in addition, I have seen some of the custom name, “goose no trace”, “flowing water” so poetic, there are “comma period”, “red light” so Funny, more “There are always Diao people want to harm I” This popular network language named.
These WeChat nickname strange, it is difficult to sum up the law of fixed. But the contents of the custom content as the people, most have a delicate and sensitive side, the heart of the rich, eager to others insight, but do not want to express the expression of straightforward. They are subtle features, weak action, but good at thinking, have their own spiritual world, friends will love very much love the spirit of communication, three concept fit.
There are emoticons (such as me) in the WeChat nickname, or the whole nickname is made up of expressions.
These people are more outgoing personality, but also more fashionable, able to accept new things, temper into two extremes, either very hot, or very gentle.
They look more friends, popularity is also good, but in fact very concerned about the small circle of social, not anyone who can enter their hearts. Emoticons look like a lovely, Meng’s impression, but in fact they use this expression to do nickname may be in and their own character in the strong and cold part.
They are good at finding out, there are small smart, but often focused poorly, doing things for three minutes.
In fact, the WeChat name of the routine is not as good as the head like summary summary, it has more variants, there are more space can be used.
In any case, from their own WeChat nickname, but also manage their own social image, is a very important thing.