40 life experience, regret did not know earlier

In addition to their own patients or relatives and friends to leave the pain is true, the other pain is your own values ​​to bring you.
Shen no less than reading, impetuous and anxiety, are because of getting older, do not believe the right way and too much utilitarian result.
Really adhere to the last person is not by the passion, but just like the likes and inputs.
It is much more important for a person to understand what he can do than he wants to do. The former need to set a realistic territory for himself. It is a hardworking effort, and the latter is the passion of selfishness, often from the world Ignorance and conceit.
A person, be sure to clearly understand themselves.
Cheap Mo greedy, the world no free lunch. Want to get anything before you have to ask yourself, whether it can afford the corresponding price.
In the morning to wake you up, should not be the alarm clock, should not be the alarm clock, but should be sleep early yesterday.
Too hard to run, do not run the marathon as a hundred meters sprint; too hard to love not only make yourself tired, but also to the people around tired, and ultimately difficult to complete.
“Do not deserve, do not light promise. Gou light promise, into the retreat.”
Do not grasp the things do not easily agreed, if promised to do well, advance and retreat is wrong, it is easy to get themselves into the embarrassing situation is not human.
The ancient and modern mediocrity of the world, all with a lan words defeated;
The ancient and modern talent, all with a proud word defeated.
You do not have to find a network of contacts, the only need to worry about is to practice their own skills.
Never argue with people, it is hard for you to argue against others because the position is different because there is no right or wrong, only rule, only benefit.
Circle different, do not have to strengthen.
Be sure to control your own life, and do not let your life go with you.
Tsai Kang-yung once said that when you were 15 years old, it was difficult to swim, give up swimming, and meet you at the age of 18 One of the people you liked was about to go swimming, and you had to say, “I will not be ye.” You are 18 years old think hard, give up English, you 28 years old met a very good and very suitable for you but asked to work in English, you have to say “I will not Jesus.”
Out of the mix is ​​always to also, early lazy, the latter must spend several times to make up for the energy, but unfortunately, not necessarily make up.
The most terrible thing in life is to regret the side of life.
The accusations and complaints in marriage are not because of “I love you”, but because “I am emotionally ill”.
Blame is not love, but the murder of marriage.

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The words of the parents are not all right, the parents’ love is not all selfless.
Mature is not equal to the world, know the world and not the world, is the most kind of mature.
You actually did not imagine so dependent on their parents, but the parents rely on you far more than your imagination.
Try not to add trouble to others, others do not bother me. This sentence is not cold, is mature.
Separate time must be forced to bid farewell, because goodbye, maybe really is no longer see.
All you feel unbearable at all, can not cross the suffering, once survived, looking back, but a cloud.
twenty one
When your school, work, life is not smooth, remember not to love as your life-saving straw.
twenty two
We always like to take its natural to perfunctory thorns on the road of ups and downs, but rarely admitted that the real go with the flow, in fact, do everything we can not force, rather than both hands as a surprise.
twenty three
Ears are not heard of people, do not care about the short of people, the mouth of the words too.
twenty four
Do not say broken, know people do not comment on people, do not argue.
Engraved and humor is two different things, mouth and no distinction between the two things, there is no education and sex is two different things.
Do not talk about any plans and ideas before people are successful. The world will not care about your self-esteem, just your accomplishments. Do not stress self-esteem before you have any success.
The world is not fair, between people in some ways is inherently insurmountable gap.
There is something to say, do not wait for each other to comprehend, because the other is not you, do not know what you want, until the last can only be sad and disappointed, especially feelings.
Society is really cruel, your ability and the lower the value, the faster the eliminated.
The most simple but also the most difficult thing: stay up late, read more books, drink hot water, more exercise, with a loved one.
Marriage is not robbing the rich and poor, women must be economic independence. Men no matter how good you have that is really there is.
Whether it is a man or a woman, have to learn to do housework. Do housework is not who serve “who” the problem, but to cultivate a person’s independent life skills.
Regardless of the usual relationship, involving money, be sure to divide clearly.
Economic ability with the right to speak at home is proportional to the right to speak
Take care of your own body, it is necessary. A bad body can bring your limitations can not rely on the power of a breakthrough.
Society is not so complicated, complex is the people.
No matter what the outside world is what can affect you, in fact, around a few people. Have the ability to change the world, at least you can choose who to walk with.
Encounter that is not always a channel life and death can not talk to a point on the people do not force, and do not try to work hard, the more the more desperate. In marriage, the spirit of the door when the material is more important.
Three different view, really can not get married.
Struggle is difficult every day, but a year is more and more easy; not fighting is easy every day, more and more difficult day by day.
Whether it is work, life, or marriage, do not compare jealousy, there is no contrast no harm. Life is long, tired, irritable, disappointed will have to see the truth, please still love life.
The last truth is the paradox, that is, no matter what you have heard the truth, when you have not experienced some things or the mind did not reach this realm, you will not understand this truth.
Or, you think you understand, in fact, you do not understand, you still have to go somersault to practice.
I wish you every step is going to be practical, powerful, do not regret it.
Also, do not blindly believe the above words, practice a real knowledge.

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