The United States pounded Syria 's missiles

The ultimate way for mankind to solve the economic crisis is war.
▌ one,
2017 is destined not to be a Pacific, because almost all countries of the world economy are lackluster.
When the goods quickly flow, the weapons will do anything; the other hand, when the goods began to stagflation, the weapons will fly.
US Eastern time on April 6, 2021 between 20:00 and 21:00 (Beijing time on April 7 8:00 to 9:00), the US President Donat Trump issued a “saturation attack” command, then Two US ships located in the eastern Mediterranean sea fired 50 to 60 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Syrian military airports in central Syria, targeting air bases, airplanes and gas stations.
The military attack was the first direct action by the United States against the Syrian government, after the US military only to terrorist organizations as the goal.
The direct cause of the incident is because Tuesday, the Syrian government army suspected to launch a cause more than 100 people died of sarin gas attack. Xinhua reported that a small town in the south of Syria’s province of Idleb was attacked by air raids on the 4th, and the Syrian opposition accused the Syrian government of using chemical weapons in air raids. As of 7, at least 100 people have died in this incident, including at least 20 children and hundreds of others have been injured, including a number of sources, including Syrian opposition and medical institutions.
(Father embrace the gas was killed by the dragon and fried monsters)
The Syrian chemical attack, there is no doubt to refresh the post-war chemical attack on the death of personnel records.
In this regard, Trump condemned the behavior of the Bashar government “heinous”, the use of chemical weapons against innocent people has crossed his “red line”, is a terrible humiliation of mankind, and hinted that the fastest possible local time in the United States Four nights to take action.
History has repeatedly proved: once standing on the moral point of the high point, the Americans move hands will not hesitate, but also without soft, even weighing 1.5 tons, the warhead weight of more than 400 kilograms of Tomahawk cruise missiles saturated bombing, Most likely to lead to casualties of Russian military personnel.
So last night, the new president of the United States fulfilled the promise of action, did not care about the polar bear’s face.
Once the war is opened, it is like opening the Pandora’s box, no one knows where it will fly out in the end.
▌ Second,
The most sensitive to the feelings of war, in addition to soldiers, is the financial market.
The market is expected to announce the US non-farm employment data will be expected to exceed expectations, which will undoubtedly support the strength of the dollar, but Tomahawk dragons drag the dollar instantly bleak. Attack news came, the dollar diving quickly, the yen and other safe-haven currency jumped up:
Gold is also a short jump in just ten minutes, the highest increase of 1.46%, and has been maintained at a high level hovering:
The most exaggerated is NYMEX crude oil, an hour soared 2.4%:
Military stocks never give up this opportunity to join in the fun. A shares of the military index rose 1.91%, the closing is still up 1.25%:
This is the old machine routine routines: once the signs of trouble, gold, crude oil, military workers are almost all the object of love, like the soldiers heard the oil tanker whistling sound, conditioned reflex, the first time to hide in a The same as the crater.
But the dollar later trend, but that our first time conditioned reflex, not always correct:
Unlike gold, crude oil rose after the high, the dollar index fell after a brief panic, miraculously received back, as of this paper, the dollar index is not only completely recovered lost ground, and up 0.08%.
There is no doubt that the sober market finally awakened: this is not a world war. It is only seemingly rude United States the new president once called subtle surgical plastic surgery, its purpose is certainly a moral human values ​​to maintain, but the core purpose is to the global economy has been clearly different advantages and disadvantages of solid and solidified.
The so-called: Xiangzhuang dance sword, intended to Pei Gong.
Beneficiaries must be the United States: So, kill the dollar, brain water ah? The
As Trinor’s Trump, of course, it is clear that the content and meaning of the Bible “Matthew” Chapter 25: Wherever it is, add to him and call him superfluous. No, even his all have to take over.

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▌ three,
This time standing on the moral point of the bombing operations, everyone knows that the polar bear Russia is dumb eat berberine, bitter can not tell.
Russia disregards Europe and the United States sanctions, in their own economic situation, still bite dead Bashar, the price it can not be described is not high. From short-term tactics, this is a loss of pants sale. But in the long-term strategy, in the Middle East firmly maintain a wedge, retain the right to regional affairs and global oil prices, which is almost Russia can retain the dignity of the country, as well as the United States PK chips with the second option.
Stalls Bashar this pig teammates, Russia can only be considered bad luck. This is like a seemingly selected wrong shares, and Shigekura quilt investors, in fact, he is no shares optional. Active stop has been difficult to become his option, dead is almost the only choice, look forward to someday comeback and unlock the opportunity.
But the Americans of this action, very much like muddy water short, it is likely that this is only called Bashar’s stock a delisting, all of Russia’s investment, whether it is strategic, or tactical, May lose everything.
If so, then the Americans with 90 million US dollars (60 missiles * 1.5 million US dollars unit price) of the district investment, the Russian into the Middle East cut off the foot, also cut off the Russian oil prices in one fell swoop And pricing. There is no oil pricing in Russia, even if the Siberian land is full of oil, even if the hangar more Su -27, T-50, are also just a fool of the clay giant.
This means that for a long time, the opportunity for the Russian dial is completely dispelled.
A growing return from the financial crisis in the United States VS a change in the price of oil in the century, the increasingly difficult to breathe Russia: the current economic strength of the contrast, will be in the future for a long time to be fixed, solidified.
Let’s revisit the contents of the Bible, Matthew 25, and all that is given to him, that he may be superfluous. No, even his all have to take over.
▌ four
If you think that Putin’s Russia, is the eyes of the United States Pei Gong, you “Too simple, Too naive” the.
The United States on the 7th bombing Syria, but the day before, that is, 6, is the special meeting: the Chinese leaders and the first meeting of US leaders.
In the occasion of the special meeting of the United States, this is no coincidence.
Logic is not complicated: on the one hand, through the fight against Syria, so that “Bashar” delisting, directly to Russia drastic, Russia will be pressed in the Siberian piece is said to have buried a lot of oil on the frozen soil. On the other hand, there is no doubt that in the side of the side strike China, in the special meeting to China for more bargaining chips – in particular, has been coerced by China’s North Korea has always been the United States government a heart thorn.
From a certain point of view, the relationship between China, the United States and the three parties, like the Russian, Syria, the United States of the triangular relationship, the only difference is that Syria is more important to Russia, is its must. And North Korea is very important to China, but not the kind of play on the dish is also a non-guaranteed “chess”.
Of course, this position in the pig teammates, three fat than Bashar had more than. So what day the three fat to make something special move, grant the United States moral strike excuse, you do not surprise.
There is one of the most basic principles in the campaign: never let your opponent know your weakness.
Unfortunately, the DPRK in China, as Syria in Russia, this weakness, almost on the table. How to pinch, right almost all in the opponent side.
On the 5th of this month, the Korean military has also successfully launched a ballistic missile, which, the South Korean government to be strongly condemned. The South Korean government has ruled that in mid-April, North Korea will also conduct its sixth nuclear test.
It is no coincidence that at the point of yesterday’s meeting (April 6), Philippine President Dutterter called on the Philippine armed forces to occupy all the “South Island reefs belonging to the Philippines” and said he would be June 12 Day (Philippine Independence Day) boarded the island, or the flag of the Philippines. He said that the Philippine army had to build bunkers and dwellings in the “9 to 10 South Island Reefs of the Philippines”, and should also be replaced by a luxury wheel with a pool and a waiter in 1999, which had been dilapidated Of the landing ship.
This is Dutterter since President Philippine since the South China Sea on the most tough words, before Dutterter has been dilute with China’s territorial disputes, stressed that the Sino-Philippine friendship and cooperation, the two people.
If Russia’s economic structure is monotonous in addition to oil, there is nothing else, and that China’s economic structure is far more comprehensive than Russia, thick and flexible. But this will not give the United States the world economic competition to do a solidification to add too much difficulty.
The reason is simple: our economic structure, belong to the past. Unless we give up the future, we must break the current structure of the fetters, to achieve economic transformation – this is not the United States happy to see it.
Take advantage of their own has been fully recovered from the crisis, while the opponent is still struggling in the quagmire, more pick things, attack its weakness, and strive to cure the current global economic situation, is the inevitable choice of the United States.
This has nothing to do with morality, purely a self-interest to maximize the instinct of the competitive strategy. In morality, we have never been much more noble than the Americans, it is true.
So, our situation, in fact, not much better than Russia, we in the eyes of Trump, is that the letter of the “Pei Gong.”
▌ end
“Grandson march” so that the opportunity to grasp the attack: “off the water from the water, do not meet in the water, so that half of the economic hit, Lee.”
This is the ancient battlefield on the usual “half-crossing”. Under normal circumstances, “half-crossing” is the best time to fight the enemy.
China is now in the old economy can not be expected, the new economy disappeared, the United States at this time to pick things, in full compliance with the most classic military book “half of the ferry.”
But “half-crossing”, for the attack side and the defensive side, in fact, the crisis, the machine half.
In 203 BC, Han Xin led troops to attack Qi Jun, Xiang Yu sent generals and troops to save. After the troops assembled, it was suggested that the dragon and do not move, deep ditch high barrier, called Qi Wang Guang sent to inform all Qi City wall, so Han Xin’s troops “no income”, so “no war and down.”
Long and always look down Han Xin: “I was born to know Han Xin, easy and ears! Feeding in the drift mother, no body of the policy; by the shame in the crotch, no one’s brave, lack of fear also. War and down, my power! This war and win, Qi half of the available.
In November, Qi Chu coalition forces and the Han army in Weishui (Shandong Huaihe River) cross-strait confrontation. Han Shun ordered the troops in the night quietly with the sandbag congestion in the upper reaches of the water, the next day, “lead the military half-ferry dragon and, too much, still go.” Dragon and smiled: “I know the letter also! Army crossing the river to pursue the Han, Han Xin “people decided to obstruct the capsule, the water to the dragon and the army is too far not crossing.” Han Xin took the opportunity to turn around to dominate the strength of the other side has been landing the vanguard of the troops, beheaded dragon, and put aside in one fell swoop Qi.
Han Xin to send the power of the vanguard of the troops, the dramatic “half”, into the opponent’s “half crossing”, a hit and win.
China wants to copy this story:
1, one need to firmly cross the river, stick to the old economy, relying on the old investment, save a moment, can not win the future.
2, two need to have the spirit of sacrifice. Those who died sooner or later the industry and the company, regardless of its surname public (most of the public name), or let it cross the river, die it
Leaving us for the time, far from imagined so abundant.

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