Your "patience", not for "understanding"

The beginning of a small place to keep their boundaries, it may lead to a big invasion.
Tell me a story about the boundaries.
Two days before the plane, business class. Neighborhood is obviously a boss or investor Han, has been busy calling.
His voice slightly higher, quite momentum, there are a few small details make me somewhat uncomfortable: the book will be read into the middle of the baffle, a small half into my seat range, a black folder is so put.
I would like to say to him: please take these things back a little. But embarrassed to open, and finally, just silently pushed his things back to the location.
He did not care.
But the momentum of his constantly stretched his arm to move the body. For a while, and his book on Sun Zhengyi pushed to my side. Sometimes the arms stretched out into my seat range –
He seems to think that the whole world is his.
Explain it, I was sitting on a large plane, business class quite spacious.
But these did not really interfere with me, but I was mentally uncomfortable.
Although the psychological counselor, but I am “uncomfortable” experience is not enough respect, so habitually have to endure.
Eventually, a bad thing happened.
The middle of the coffee table with two glasses of water, a cup of his, a cup of my. When he was packing, he stretched out his arms, folded his glass of water, and poured me into the water.
I was squinting to sleep, was awakened, roared his cry – how did you TMD!
He hastened to find a way, give me towels, and even the quilt are handed me, let me rub the water poured on the body.
Fortunately, I wear a waterproof coat, so the main pants on the water, dry for twenty minutes, the water on the dry.
Throughout the process, the buddy seems to have never apologized to me.
Really deep learning.
Later to learn, respect their own uncomfortable feeling – this as a valuable thing, in the first time to hold their own boundaries.
The way is to tell each other: “Please take your things back to some”, rather than consider his face and silently pushed back.
In short, do a direct upright person.
If the beginning of the clean and neat to hold the boundaries, and finally this cup of water is likely to happen.
After all, the big violation of the boundaries of things, often from small start.
Think from this story, to pay attention to some key details. After all, the details of the devil, the details of the fatal like the ability to show the truth.
When you see these details, listen to the information they pass.
Such as sitting on the net about the car, several times for the convenience of selecting a low score car, the results of driving a variety of drivers, the last or delay my time, or make me uncomfortable.
A car, the driver buddies can not control their own mouth, has been extremely anxious to say non-stop, reminded him several times, but he still could not control.
I guess he has serious psychological problems, but fortunately, talk about it.
Asked, he really is facing the job is not guaranteed, his wife is also divorced him, and bother him can not control his mouth, always chatter, but also his wife is an important reason for his dissatisfaction. And, chatter is his childhood characteristics.
Know this information, I think, simply let him chatter it, I was like a wind
Otherwise, he really forced the mouth closed, and his anxiety may be reflected in the “steering wheel” on. At that time, even the security can not be guaranteed.
Attention to detail, prevent everything.

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