You like people are mortals, is your favorite for his gold body

Around a buddy love, and all day long and staring at the phone is not giggle is to go God.
Our brothers can not help seeing a few see: every day you are forced to feed the dog food is also considered, whatever the outcome, let us look at your girlfriend in the end how long it?
Buddy smiled, his hands in the air gestures twice, humorously said: go to go, did not see I was busy and my wife sent a message, my wife is certainly the best look at the bottom of the day that one.
Later, once, we made an appointment to eat sea fishing, he said halfway traffic jam may be late to. We are talking about how to punish him, but surprised to find him behind a sister, shy to sit beside him.
Yo, the original girlfriend ah.
Friends followed by booing, he grinned his mouth, while helping the girlfriend dishes, while gently help her wipe the mouth of the hot pot sauce.
During the period, I looked carefully under his girlfriend, single eyelids, skin a little puff, little thin wearing a pink jacket, can not say beautiful, can only be called a small home jasper.
She graduated from an ordinary university, doing an ordinary job, at first glance there is no particularly attractive place, is a very ordinary sister.
After that day, one of our friends asked him, how do you so like her, even if you had to pay the girlfriend, than she is better than her outstanding, but have not seen you so hard, where she is good The
He said, I think she is kind, generous, gentle, cute … … In short I think she is good, I like her not casually, is the kind of love you want to marry.

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I finally know what is the eyes of Valentine, think of the past we together, every day to boast looking for his wife to find like Liu Yifei, high round, Di Li Jiba that level of the goddess, but now the mouth that they are the appearance of the Association People, but with an ordinary girl walked together, but also special love.
And he does not allow us to say that his wife is ill, he always said: my wife, although temper, love vexatious, but people are still good, you do not understand.
Probably the two people who really love will make each other a unique presence, just like the lyrics are singing: some people do not know where is good, but who can not replace it.
She may be in the eyes of others is very common, but in your eyes is a fairy, is the world’s most watched people.
In fact, many people love we can not read.
Like a friend of small foam and her boyfriend together for one year and eight months, all people think they are not fit, because her boyfriend looks ugly, height also 170, family conditions generally like.
Even the girlfriend know her to pay boyfriend, but also firmly believe that the other must be a Marshal than, because the small foam whatever the outcome is also a class of flowers, the pursuit of numerous.
Until the girlfriends to see the small mouth of the mouth that kind of good boyfriend after a suspicion of her aesthetic is not a problem, or the other to give her what kind of Ecstasy.
Only the small foam that her boyfriend is the world’s most handsome man, he will because of her unintentional voice uncomfortable and trustees from Australia with honey, urging her to drink tea; he would worry because she was a man at home Will not cook often called takeaway, and deliberately bought a dish for her cooking; he will because of her microblogging on the point of praise necklace, lipstick and careful note, intended to be a gift as a gift to her.
These warm little details, so she always feel that they are seriously love, spoiled.
Small foam and I said that her boyfriend is a lot of good, you can let her one day endless. Who said that a woman must marry a high rich handsome happy, marry a person you love him, he loves you will be more happy people it.
There is no match with the hard, harder care about the more is not love it
He is mortal in the eyes of others, in my heart has been my hero.
When you are so fond of a person, you begin to imagine his drunken look, imagine what he laughed at, and imagine what he looks like when he spoiled you.
If you are lucky you can be together, you will find that this person and you may have a wide variety of imagination, he did not look so handsome, but also childish so that you feel helpless, but you still will not be bound by these rules, it seems very natural For the other plus a filter, even if the bad place is all lovely.
Even if the whole world that he is not good, you will choose to retain him without reservation.
Sometimes the couple come and go in the street a lot, with the general fit. Some people always like the one-sided one from the value of the judge, looks ugly with the United States called blind, certainly men’s money, women’s excellent.
Maybe that person no matter how ugly, in the eyes of each other are the most perfect, like to buy a satisfactory new clothes, even if the world is not good to see, but they feel good, how are like.
This is not blind, nor is it any day to live, but willingly, duty-bound.
Friends and I said, in fact, like a person sometimes not so much reason, not just looking for a boyfriend is still in the heart of the list of many conditions.
This feeling is very wonderful, he obviously is the ordinary way, not very handsome, there is no lot of gold, but not in the case of much attention, wearing a warrior warfare, pedantic colorful to marry me. But his appearance is like a gold-plated, you are inexplicably attracted by him, that is, he is good, willing to die with him.
Before that, you met handsome, but also met the conditions are good, but this “extraordinary” like the first time there is.
Not I like a person wanted to put all the words related to the good with him, in the past I may like just a temporary rise, but he is not the same.
Yes ah, we often say that love men and women in the most vulnerable to love blinded his eyes, all the shortcomings are blind, eyes can only see each other’s good.
But I think that person who loves is the most special existence in the world, because your gaze and love to let a person become different.