No matter how good the relationship, but also know how sense of proportion

Recently thinking about a question: why, some people walk and walk away?
Because of character Because of preferences?
There may be too many things, but some people start with their own character, preferences are the same, but still walked on the scattered.
Part of the reason is due to three words: sense of balance. Popularity is no number.
It is too difficult to grasp this kind of thing. Some people have no self-taught, some people diligent, but the most afraid of the kind of medicine is no cure.
In the past three eight goddess, Susan told me something that made her displeased.
That day her boyfriend took her to a very high restaurant, is also considered to pick up the dust, she just to boyfriend to give up the work in his hometown, alone came to his city.
The boys set a can see the sea view of the window seat, the perfect festive atmosphere, everything is just right.
Finally ended off love, Susan heart both excited and apprehension.
After sitting, the boys said: “where the United States in your home that small place is not never been such a good place to eat?
This is not the first time from the boys mouth to hear him joking that he is “a small place out of the people.” Although the two men get along the pattern is ridicule each other, but only this joke Susan can not accept.
But the boys still face a smile, no fear of Susan’s feelings.
Perhaps in your opinion is not too much thing, but it is someone else mind most mind point.
Accompanied by each other, the most understanding of each other’s vulnerability, should learn to protect, rather than know which the most pain to the above insert knife.
Whether friends or lovers, sense of proportion is really too important. In fact, people are often not easy to do this.
Sense of proportion is a sign of mature love. It knows the necessary distance between people. This distance means respect for each other as an independent personality. Including respect for the rights of the other alone.
Probably all want long things, we must grasp a sense of sense of it. Crossed, afraid of the end is worth the candle.
Life does not revoke the key, how to maintain long-term feelings, to maintain the secret of feeling lies in this sense of proportion.

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There is a word called too much. When the boundaries of that, respect did not, this unequal relationship becomes a bullying.
A few years ago, at the end with jokes with good friends joking. Friend said, if you do not agree to my request, I will eat when you catch your embarrassment sent to friends circle. At the end that thought was a joke nor seriously.
Soon I looked at the circle of friends really made, but thought it was grouping visible, at the end of the foreign travel is just the mood, no care.
After a while and then open a friend circle even see the common friends in the following point of praise, flew furious. Playing over the ocean call to friends, tried to suppress the anger, asked friends to embarrass the embarrassment, or friends really hard to do.
As long as you are joking, causing others angry, you should reflect on the apology, rather than question why other people so sensitive.
In other words, a sense of humor is a sense of intimacy, poking jokes at the pain is never a joke.
Others are willing to patient, because of attention. But we can not because others are so patient, it becomes more and more too much?
Like the film “July and Ansheng”, no matter how good the relationship, there is no sense of distance, can only push each other farther, resulting in greater barriers.
Familiar people are not used to casually treat, familiar with the talent should cherish.
Just right, in fact, is the most difficult to grasp the degree, we are in the process of dealing with others, often because there is no control sense of sense of proportion, and bring each other or their own embarrassing and uncomfortable feeling.
Dimension is a very subtle thing. In life, those who are exaggerated EQ, you look carefully, in fact, are able to skillfully grasp the sense of proportion.
They do not necessarily how passionate, nor deliberately, but they know how to speak and work in order to make others feel comfortable.
They are always able to understand the sensitive points of others, and know how to avoid touching these places. They do not have a bad idea, but respect for the choice of others.
And such a person together, there is a proper safe to be protected.
Sense of balance is a good thing, I hope you and I have.