Can be calmly use friends circle, is a kind of ability

Beauty colleagues Xiaoqu told me that she was talking about friends because of the attitude of friends, and declined each other.
Blind date after the first meeting of the enthusiastic pursuit of ditty, followed by two people walking, from the work of life to talk to friends circle, blind date men gestured to introduce their friends circle of ecology.
This is the university roommate small A, you see him this time to Taiwan, the last trip to Japan when the photos, the following to open the local position, he returned to his home how did not Anshan?
This is rich second generation of colleagues small B, you see her morning made this pendulum shot, is to show off her father to buy a new car steering wheel, or show her hand piece of watch?
Blind date, said, really want to reply to them one, “pretend to force, although far will punish.”
Watching Xiaoqu was his words funny, blind date more tired to comment.
See the mother sun baby feel upset, see the beauty of the self-timer do not feel like, see the micro-advertising that pit people, see the couple show loving feel uncomfortable … …
Blind date and envy jealousy hate, sometimes iron scrap steel, sometimes the heart of the horse, Xiaoqu excuse the end of the date, after contact with the blind date, that two people inappropriate.
I do not understand the reason why dizziness refused to each other, Xiaoqu told me that she wanted to find a mature and wise wise men, and blind date with the attitude of friends with friends, that his mind is not mature.
1, his idea is relatively negative extreme.
He felt the circle of friends who are loaded, may be just purely in the record walking trajectory, may be brand name is the daily life of others bit by bit, what he lacks, the more will think of others in the show Hyun what?
2, that he does not understand speculation and tolerance.
Life is also rich than the diamond section, and he was only a few friends ring screen, narrowly labeled to others, the definition of complex human nature also holds a dual evaluation system, different from others in their own way of life less acceptable The
To see a person’s maturity, than to see his content is more important to see him in the circle of friends input and output mentality.
And a mature person, will calmly use friends circle.
Friends circle is opened in 2012, dating back five years of history.
I asked a few days ago a reader, just with a circle of friends and now with a circle of friends, mentality what is the difference?
She replied to me: before the friends too seriously around the matter.
Send friends circle, hit and delete, delete and hit, hit and then delete, delete the call again. Content can not show hypocritical, do not want others to guess their own situation, but also hope that some people understand the deep meaning behind, after the hair feel wrong and immediately deleted.
After the hair, the mood disturbed guarding the “discovery” of the red circle at first glance hi, is simply the point of praise as a KPI to perform.
And later gradually relieved, the work performance in that, the leadership will not think I am too busy, really friends will understand me, do not understand me do not force, others block me black, I can not stop.
Now friends do not have so much circle of inner play, completely kind of want to send hair, love who’s with sex.
Many people grow, reflected in the attitude of treating and treating friends.
Friends circle several times “uninstall – open – and uninstall – and open” a friend, in order to make themselves more self-discipline, uninstall a circle of friends, but still did not live a good life.
Later, he painful pain, if he is not self-discipline, not time management, will not get along with their own people, with no friends circle is only a superficial problem.
Personality shy cousin graduation just work, in order to be able to talk with colleagues, often look at colleagues friends circle, to understand colleagues get off work or weekend dynamic, become friends circle seconds praise king.
Later, she understood that “plus a circle of friends, may not be able to join a circle”, with her quickly and only side, and colleagues and deep friendship.
She treat friends circle and interpersonal relationships, are more and more neither overbearing nor humble.

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I found that the more mature and powerful section of the people who look at the circle of friends is more light and light, placid. Specific performance for the following three aspects:
1, able to understand and contain friends in the circle of mixed polymorphism.
Some popular articles, look at your friends circle that you are loaded, about friends that circle no friends, about friends circle is too clean people set the road deep, that friends that circle is not you … …
But these are only used to expand the perspective of the circle of friends, rather than the conclusion of the staples, each argument can be found in life a large number of counterexamples.
Some people love to live live, some people love to send poems and distant, someone had a terrible day to send the United States plans to self-encourage themselves to encourage the morale, it was made that period of Quotes Quotations are specifically for people who write, someone online Live with a different line of their own.
A moment can not represent a mighty life, no need to give friends in the circle of people on the line labeled.
Russell said, “the note is mixed with the nature of happiness,” as long as no infringement of the rights of others, others friends circle of life are worthy of respect.
2, with friends circle record life, but do not “record” is greater than “life”.
Once I line up to the restaurant to eat, sitting around a couple to commemorate the day, two people carefully dressed, love words.
After serving, her husband sent a gift, his wife took out his cell phone, photographed her husband, the environment, dishes, gifts made friends circle, which became a romantic atmosphere of the rest.
His wife holding a glass also did not forget to view the comments, to her husband real-time report friends circle fighting, who gave us a point of praise, who asked which restaurant is this.
Her husband later asked her unhappy, can not put down the phone a good meal, sitting next to me can feel the atmosphere become stiff.
I think Zhang Ailing said, the photo is nothing but the life of the crushed shells, have the years have passed, melon seeds and a grain of swallowing, cold and warm self-knowledge, leaving everyone to see only that messy black and white melon shell.
His wife had intended to record and share this beautiful moment, but ignored the feelings around people, and the quality of the moment at this time.
Most afraid of the circle of friends in the small favors as a big German Dade, but the side of those who die to you as a matter of course.
3, heart rich to no need to find a circle of friends in a sense of presence and superiority.
With the increasingly warm life, my minds of friends circle is also more open and open.
Sometimes busy to forget to see friends circle, idle when nothing to brush about, interested in the content or useful information to see more glances, not interested in quickly across.
Regular focus on the people who care about the home page, take a look at each circle of friends, see friends well also infected with happiness, that friends are not right, specifically open a small window or call private chat.
Others in the circle of friends had a good, I do not have to groan to find evidence to convince myself is actually better to see the small circle of friends circle, and their own make life difficult.
Maugham said, “We want to tolerate others, as to tolerate yourself.”
Compared to see the circle of friends I could not understand the existence of more sad, I am more difficult to accept their own can not accept these can not be used to understand.
Because the push and others, from the heart, from the first shock to the ugly not to be neither overbearing, from finding fault picking to the package, the brains to the need for innuendo, self-confidence to no need to deliberately gregarious, this is my ideal to treat the state of friends circle.
A person who loves to see a circle of friends
Do not see others in the circle of friends in the sense of superiority
Also do not need someone else’s circle of friends to find a sense of superiority