Known as the history of the most fluent Andrews will help mobile phone counterattack iphone?

In recent years, the smart phone system battle intensified, open Andrews soared IOS, as of the end of 2014, Google play has 1.4 million applications in the number of App Store to suppress the 1.27 million, this year by APP Annie statistics, In the third-party stores included in China, the entire Andrews system revenue will be completed beyond.
However, taking into account the number of Andrews 5: 1 number of advantages, this is not particularly dazzling results, IOS users per capita contribution is still higher, according to the Sensor Tower survey last year, the United States iPhone users spend an average of 40 dollars to buy App or purchase Up from $ 35 last year, about 75% higher than Google play.
Although the number of mobile phones in the absolute advantage, but the user experience long-term failure in the iphone, largely based on Andrews system can not overcome some of the congenital lesions.
The first is the excessive consumption of system resources.
Andrews and Apple’s background work mechanism discussed a lot, in essence, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, although the Andrews system java memory management and recycling mechanism to speed up the application of the opening speed, but too frequent access also led to Caton, in the user perception level, iphone Is perfect.
To solve this problem, Andrews from 4.4 to abandon Davik, start a new application environment ART, not only support real-time compilation, but also support pre-compiled, which reduces the energy consumption and improve the life, but the problem has not been completely resolved.
Followed by fragmentation.
Open Signal in 2015 gives the conclusion that the fragmentation of the Andrews system has doubled over the past two years, manifested in the complexity of the equipment, the proliferation of the brand, the resolution of the different manufacturers are fighting each other, Hardware, kernel differences are huge, resulting in a lot of compatibility issues, increasing the difficulty of development, not form a unified ecological environment.
Completely open source and free but let Google lost control of the Andrews system.
But the pot but also by the mobile phone manufacturers to back.
2015 Open Signal spot checks 682,000 Andrews equipment, found behind the corresponding 1294 manufacturers, resulting in Andrews system version is extremely complex, the equivalent of part of the equipment is running Andrews 4.4, or even very few still running Andrews 2.3 version, only a small amount Upgrade 5.0, while the latter has long been released.
As a result of the large number of equipment involved, resulting in a large number of adaptation problems, so support for existing users of the system update is not the first choice for mobile phone manufacturers, by contrast, Google kiss son Nexus is not so much Tucao.
What did Andrews solve?
2017 in May Google Developer Conference will be held in Mountain View, California, then the Andrews will be officially released, after this new system has appeared, code-named Andrews O, the real push time may be in the third quarter of this year. On this system, people are not concerned about 3.5mm interface is not completely into history, but the system how to achieve the history of the most fluent.
It now appears that Google focused on strengthening the background management, the push to do the restrictions, install the application to open the “allow unknown source” switch, focus on improving the security of the system, especially for the whole barrel type of application. Other improvements include interface reclassification, Copy less cross-program text copying and pasting, gesture functionality, picture-in-picture, and so on.
But the promotion of speculation in the emergence of a lot of anti-scientific reference, such as emphasizing fluency upgrade 5 times, quantitative basis is what? We all know Andrews system has always been short-term experience is not short-term experience, but after long-term use of fluency.
So there are users ridicule, Andrews released when the flu is equivalent to IOS, and later claimed that 6.0 6.0 faster than 3.5, 7.0 6.0 times faster than 6.0, it seems that Andrews fluency has been equivalent to IOS 18 times.
Do not forget, Andrews this time again increased by 5 times, IOS want to be exploded Xiang.

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Against iphone foreground geometry?
Many people expect Andrews and IOS11 the ultimate showdown, and then reverse the technical disadvantage of Andrews phone, and regardless of the outcome, this scene also depends on the two prerequisites.
The first is the attitude of many mobile phone manufacturers.
Because the mobile phone manufacturers have been on the system update is not enthusiastic, a large number of Andrews equipment still stay in the Andrews 4.4 and 5.X level, occasionally with the Andrews 6.0 can be used as a gimmick hype, and even a considerable number of users that Andrews system updates too fast , And in March this year, Andrews 7.X installation rate is only 2.8%.
In contrast, IOS new version of the update rate despite the downward trend, but in September 2016 IOS10.0 to December has been 63% of the share, much higher than the Andrews system update rate.
In addition to Huawei intends to use Andrews to mate10 to help out, the enthusiasm of other manufacturers is also very suspicious. In general, the vendor’s flagship model updates will be faster, the end of the model will be a month or two to repair BUG like the necessary updates, low-end equipment because of the complex model, the number of manufacturers simply do not fit The power.
In theory, the more the underlying system and UI changes, the more custom manufacturers, willing to make developers to solve the less.
But the most fatal or application level.
Andrews system from the mechanism to give third-party application of great authority, and these permissions are often abused, the application requires super-authorized phenomenon is very serious, cross-border read location, address book, call records, SMS and other information, which is caused by mobile phone card Dayton’s culprit, this phenomenon has not been effectively eradicated.
In the case of Google does not act, some mobile phone manufacturers and self-discipline, such as Huawei on the joint Tencent, Ali, Baidu, NetEase and other Internet companies set up a green alliance, trying to soft and hard combination of Andrews system to solve some inherent Problem, the Union drafted the development of the compatibility, stability, performance, power consumption, security five standards, but the initial certification are some Hero app, people on the actual role of the Union left some questions.
In some mobile phone manufacturers view, Huawei is trying to Andrews system rules makers, with a technical specification or program to control other friends, the real purpose may not be simple.
The other is a relatively good independent application to suspect that the alliance is disguised to the application of large companies for endorsement, worried that their market position will be marginalized.
Andrews 8.0 Although the most important in recent years, an update, but help Andrews mobile phone camp iphone will be a long process, the competition is just just beginning.