Give the child a little humor

That day, I took my daughter to buy shoes. She had to buy a pair of white and with a pink bow of the princess shoes. I said the weather is getting warmer, so that a pair of cotton shoes simply do not wear a few days, it is better to buy shoes to wear spring. But she could not listen to it, try not to take off the pair of shoes, sitting with me stalemate. I said angrily: “You do not go to stay here, I went home.” She pouted her mouth, angrily put on their shoes, twisted to go home.
Come back home, her husband see the atmosphere is not right, and asked: “how is this? Who provoke our baby girl?” Daughter angrily said: “My mother.” I was angry: “After you do not matter. Mother and daughter choked choke a few, until the evening, who we no reason who.
Before going to bed, my husband chatted with me about it. He said: “You find no, usually, my daughter and I do not speak, we are happy to communicate.However, you talk to her, the two quarrel opened .I think the problem in you. I talk with my daughter, Always take a roundabout tactic, even if she pointed out her mistakes, is also as much as possible humor, and you always with her tit for tat, self – esteem so strong girl, she can accept your advice?
I think about it, that her husband said in reason. Her husband and daughter get along very well, he is a humorous person, often amused daughter laughed. When the daughter is doing something wrong, he always reminds her in humor. For example, there are times the daughter forgot to brush your teeth to go to bed, her husband smiled and said: “Beware of yo, after dinner you eat chocolate cake, tonight, small insects have to be happy in your teeth on the big meal myself! Said funny to gestures with the action, the daughter of a happy, willing to brush your teeth. Father and daughter laughing and hurry to solve the problem. It seems that my way of education is too rigid, and I have to learn humor and communicate with her daughter happily.
The following are the same as the ”
The next morning, I called my daughter to get up. If the usual, the night before the mother and daughter had an unpleasant, I certainly said coldly: “This time, I did not pretend nothing happened, his hand into her bed, touch her Belly said: “mother to see, my baby’s belly balloon there is gas? Yesterday, you are not born a belly of the gas Well, yeah, run away, stomach are hungry, and fast up to eat it! My daughter was my hands ice giggled, she naughty to touch my stomach: “my mother’s stomach was hidden balloon it! No, is a big hot air balloon.” I continue to creak her, she also creak me. An unhappy is so easy to be a little humor.
I tasted the sweet words of humor, then communicate with her daughter, from time to time humor, mother and daughter feel very relaxed. In fact, humor is not only a child-friendly lubricant, in some cases, it can also solve the child’s embarrassing situation, or let the children easily face frustration.
Daughter like to dance, I gave her a dance class. There are times to participate in a dance competition, before her hard training, hoping to get good grades. Did not expect a few days before the game her daughter happens to be cold. As a result, she played well when the game did not get the rank. Daughter depressed, tears in the eyes of the spin. If at the moment I even say that an ordinary comfort, then her heart strong line of defense will immediately collapse, shed tears. But I know that she is very strong, do not want to cry in front of others.
So, I said humorously: “You know? This time, ah, certainly your lucky angel is also infected with your cold, so she did not come to help you.” Daughter smiled and said: “Mom You are so funny, angels will be cold ah. “In this way, a little humor gave her a depressed exit. She took advantage of the situation, the mood gradually clear up.
A long time, I found her daughter also learned humor and self-deprecating. We are very pleased with the couple. Humor is a language of wisdom, it is the interpersonal flavor, also applies to parent-child relationship. The child’s growth process, always inevitably make mistakes, then, if the words with humor to remind him to be more effective than stereotyped criticism, the child easier to accept and correct. Children have to face, humor can just care for the child’s self-esteem, do not let the children feel lost face children. Similarly, the child in the long-term atmosphere of this humorous family, will become a humorous person. This makes the child a person who can bring happiness to others, while it also allows themselves to harvest the priceless joy.

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