From German Industry 4.0 to see the intelligent transformation and upgrading of machinery and equipment

I think the manufacturing industry has the following changes:
The first is high-end. Mentioned that we will think of high-end “Made in China 2025”. May 19, the State Council officially issued the “Made in China 2025”, the deployment of comprehensively promote the implementation of manufacturing strategy, which is the implementation of China’s power strategy for the first decade of the program of action, can be summarized as “123355 ” According to the comprehensive index of manufacturing industry, China is far behind the developed countries such as the United States, so the central government to develop a strong plan, that is, “three steps” strategy: in 2025 into the ranks of manufacturing power, in 2035 into the manufacturing Power in the middle, in 2045 with the United States into the same power into the first square array. There are a number of policies, which related to the “high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment,” the field of national science and technology major projects (04 major projects) pointed out: focus on the development of aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, power generation equipment CNC machine tools to improve China’s high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, the ability of independent development to meet the major domestic industries on the basic needs of manufacturing equipment.
The second new change in the manufacturing sector is segmentation. Apple mobile phone to lead the 3C smart phone shell metal trend, innovative manufacturing process to high-speed milling metal shell frame plastic injection molding plastic shell. Since 2013, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Lenovo, millet, OPPO, Meizu, etc. are launched metal shell phone, currently has a metal case of smart phones accounted for about 20%, is expected to 2016, this proportion will reach 38%, which is enough to explain the 3C intelligent terminal manufacturing innovation process market demand is increasing. Apple needs 41,000 sets of CNC equipment to produce the latest iPhone6s aluminum alloy body, because the higher strength of the metal material than the traditional metal shell more difficult, CNC processing takes longer. If other manufacturers follow Apple’s new series of aluminum, CNC production capacity will have greater demand. So the breakdown also need to close to the market, Premier Li Keqiang to visit Quanzhou when the car is very concerned about the processing equipment, but also concerned about 3C manufacturing equipment industry.
The third new change is automation. Automation We all know that in fact is the machine substitutions, “robot revolution” is expected to become the “third industrial revolution” a starting point and an important growth point, will affect the global manufacturing industry pattern. This market is obviously big, but there is also a risk. China will become the largest market for robots, but can our technology and manufacturing capabilities cope with this competition? Speaking of robots, we will pay attention to its core components, machine substitutions, for the bad is the foreign robot posts, the Chinese workers laid off. Therefore, we not only to improve the level of our robot up, but also to occupy the market as much as possible.
What I am more important today is that I want to talk about the intelligence I have realized. Germany “Industrial 4.0” theme is the intelligent factory, intelligent production, “Made in China 2025” core is also digital manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing. Therefore, from the digital manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, is the inevitable trend of the development of the manufacturing industry, the United States “advanced manufacturing national strategic plan”, Germany “Industrial 4.0”, “China made 2025” and other national strategic plan one of the important content. “China made 2025” is the main direction of intelligent manufacturing, and “Internet + manufacturing” is the commanding heights of intelligent manufacturing, the development of intelligent manufacturing has risen to national strategy.
Smartphone Inspiration
I have been studying the German “Industrial 4.0″ What is the thing? When we see a lot of things, such as 3D printing, industrial robots, including DNC, MES and other intelligent manufacturing, I was thinking these things as early as twenty years ago already have, and now Germany and Germany, Germany and Germany proposed the German ” Industrial 4.0 “, is the German industry 4.0 is the” new bottle of wine “it? Is it a fool of China?
I asked a lot of big academicians to figure out the difference between intelligent CNC machine tools and ordinary CNC machine tools, these large academicians told me that the German “industry 4.0” too far away. Including when I was in communication with many entrepreneurs and found that they did not know where to start their work, I also encountered the same confusion. I am a loyal “fruit powder”, I have been inspired from the smart phone. Online on the definition of smart phones have five main features, the first has the ability to wireless access to the Internet, the second has a PDA function, the third has an open operating system, the fourth human, the fifth powerful, but the five Features do not seem to have a relationship with intelligence.
I understand the smart phone can measure physical, Raiders, monitoring, traffic diagnosis, so I think the smart phone has three platforms:
1, based on the IOS operating system, advanced communication software and hardware technology platform; it can meet the basic requirements of voice, data communications, support for intelligent sensor access, support a variety of network access, support software secondary development.
2, large data collection, transmission and storage technology platform;
3, cloud computing, cloud service technology platform;
4, based on the above three major technology platform tens of thousands of intelligent application software module.
German Industry 4.0 and US CPS
Germany “industry 4.0” strategy is actually to lead the fourth industrial revolution, the German manufacturing industry to maintain the global leading edge. Which is conducive to the mobile Internet, large data, Internet of Things technology, the establishment of physical – information fusion (Cyber-Physical) system, to promote the German manufacturing industry to the service industry transformation.
I am particularly concerned about the core of 4.0, so I went specifically to the Siemens digital factory in Chengdu, known as the industrial 3.8 factory inspection, their digital, automated do a good job, all the equipment, tooling, parts are digital. Digital and automation are the contents of the industry 3.0, but inside the intelligent in the end where the embodiment? They told me that there is a smart warehouse, within 30 minutes to the required parts can be sent to the designated location, in fact, this is 3.0, I understand the intelligent warehouse should be based on a month after the production plan can come to their own Stock. So, when I analyzed the structure of the industry 4.0, I found that the core technology of German industry 4.0 was not in Germany, and in the United States was the industrial internet and CPS of the United States.
German Industrial 4.0 is the core of the US Industrial Internet and CPS

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Why would it be in the United States? Industry 4.0 contains four major themes, three integrations, eight plans to the last actually converged into a network, namely Cyber-PhysicalSystems, the Americans 10 years ago put forward. Last year, people around the world are looking for MAS Airlines MH370, the engine satellite monitoring data services, as the world’s most critical clues to find aircraft. Aero engine remote data acquisition, monitoring, diagnosis and early warning and other remote customization services become a hot topic of concern in the world. And that CPS, industrial data, industrial Internet and so we will think of GE, GE’s engine installed a lot of sensors, data can be transmitted to the ground data center, through the ground engine data mining and cloud computing center.
How can we grasp the advantages of data and information resources, into technical advantages and market advantages, in order to achieve manufacturing-oriented enterprise-oriented transformation? Large data acquisition and visualization intelligent data mining and traceability diagnosis, early warning and maintenance tools. So I think the German industry 4.0 really is not “new bottled wine”, the main reason is that our big data, Internet of things, cloud computing and other IP technology development so that we are still just doing manufacturing, do robot, with the original ten years The former manufacturing technology platform is not the same, and now in the new IP technology platform is entirely possible to achieve a new type of intelligent manufacturing.
Manufacturing model development process:
Intelligent Machine Tool and Intelligent CNC System Based on Industrial 4.0 Thinking
Now talk about how we combine functionality, demand and CNC machine tools. In the 04 special, CNC machine tools as a top priority, the state wants us to develop a Siemens 840D, FANUC 0i as the goal of competition products, we will be these goals summarized as “Huazhong 8” high-end CNC system. Relying on major national science and technology projects, high-end CNC system key technology has also made a major breakthrough.
“Central China 8” in addition to the core of high-end CNC machine tools, we also configured the Huazhong 8 Dalian Machine Tool DLM16 \ DLM20 precision turning center, mainly used in the field of aerospace, precision parts processing. At the same time for the East Turbine Plant equipped with 11 sets of CNC belt grinding machine blade production line, configure the high reliability, high integration of the NC unit. Among them, NCUC bus won six national standards, 2014 or Hubei Province Science and Technology Progress Award.
CNC machine tool working state large data and processing instructions are closely related, and parts processing quality, accuracy and processing efficiency between the intrinsic mapping relationship. Huazhong 8 intelligent control system (iNC) intelligent module using control information, sensing information, network information, from the NC equipment operation, processing, operation and programming and other links, replace the human brain, to complete the work. Including intelligent management, intelligent debugging, intelligent compensation, cloud factory and so on. Intelligent management can monitor the state of the machine through the cloud CNC service platform, and can also carry out remote advanced monitoring and statistical analysis of the workshop status, machine running status and program information.
As the saying goes, “seven points of sales, one-third of technology”, I think in the new industrial revolution, the new era, in fact, technology is more critical, good products, good technology is the last word. So what is CPS in the end? From the information physical system of CNC machine tools, it is mainly composed of equipment layer, sensing layer, network layer, cognitive layer and control layer, the formation of human, product, physical space and information space in-depth integration, is to achieve intelligent manufacturing system basis. In the CPS cognitive layer, the establishment of the machine CPS model is the key to the realization of intelligent manufacturing machine.
CNC machine tool work process CPS model:
In fact, intelligence is not far away from us, although there is a gap with foreign countries, but we are at the same starting line, the intelligence is not imagined so terrible. Our goal is to make intelligent decisions under the support of big data. I think the industry 4.0 is very necessary because we can walk together, with the industrial 4.0 intelligent technology to solve the problems of China’s industrial 2.0. Based on the transformation and upgrading of industry 4.0, high speed, high precision control technology, industrial Internet technology, large data technology and controller, equipment can be combined.
Intelligent manufacturing, thinking how far we can go far! Because innovation is endless, as long as the operation around the mechanical equipment to achieve high-speed, high precision, high efficiency, easy to use mechanical equipment, easy to use, we can come up with a lot of ways to promote the development of manufacturing upgrades!