Do you know these pit before you decide to switch?

I especially admire the people who travel.
If the job is to find a job, then switch, in the vast majority of cases, is the beginning of the head.
So there is a saying, called “jumping poor half a year, turn the poor three years”, is absolutely correct, but really a bit reasonable.
However, if you are in the development of an industry, has reached the bottleneck – that is, we said “platform period”, you feel it is difficult to have a breakthrough; or, you did three years, five years, only to find it with you Of the long-term planning contrary; or, you have tried many positions, but that is not love their own work.
In this case, compared with continue to boil down, switch, perhaps the most bad choice.
If you are seeking to switch to, or start to produce this idea, I have a few suggestions to give you.
Take the time to understand the industry you are going to
Most people want to jump over the industry, mostly nothing more than two: particularly rich, such as the Internet, finance, or long-term development is more favorable.
In this case, it is very easy to have a situation: we will consider too much of the “industry” problem, while ignoring the “own”.
This may be a very prosperous industry, may be able to give an annual salary of 300,000, 50 million, maybe there is a very bright and beautiful environment – but all this, what relationship with you?
Or are you able to get it?
In fact, I have seen several examples of this: what industry money to go to what industry jump, but completely do not consider whether they fit. Leading to a few years, or in the most basic position, from the beginning of the idea of ​​a huge gap, had no choice but to re-jump out.
Very simple reason: If you do not have any industry background, rush to jump over, you are equivalent to the majority of fresh students in the competition. So, others are younger than you, cheaper than you, have more enthusiasm and motivation than you, and more than you obedient, why should the boss pick you, not someone else?
You really can adapt to this industry, really in this industry a firm foothold?
So, before you consider switching, may wish to spend a little time, you are interested in several industries, a comprehensive understanding: the industry’s business model is what? What is the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industry chain? What are the famous companies in the industry, what are their characteristics? What are the jobs in this industry? What are the job patterns and requirements for these positions (travel, overtime, ability map, etc.) What is the daily life status? Can I adapt to this model?
This thing, please do before you resign.
Online there are a lot of public information, such as various workplace, industry class public number. I suggest you choose the industry after the attention of several industries such as the media, KOL (advertising, for example, you can focus on advertising, advertising copy, Zhao Yuan Yuan, etc.), from their push, the industry and work status has a whole Understanding, and then consider not suitable for their own.
I have seen a child, jump from the state-owned enterprises to the Internet, do basic operations. However, she came in, it is not suited to the high strength and fast pace of the Internet. The daily work efficiency behind a big cut, work is always half a beat, every day to work overtime to the night, his face is always tired.
In her own words, it is very difficult to get used to this “huge amount of information work mode.” After a few months, had their own resignation.
In fact, different industries, the character has a basic requirement. If you are cheerful, especially like the challenge, always useful power, like the fast-paced life, that the Internet will be more suitable for you, otherwise, may need to consider.
Find a point of entry
After determining the industry, the next step is to find a starting point:
Which job do you want to enter into this industry?
The same industry, between different positions, it may be days difference. To the Internet, for example, operation, promotion, advertising, business, development, is completely different of several departments, their functions, requirements are completely different;
Advertising, creative department every day to work overtime to the morning is often common, the media department is mostly 6 o’clock get off work; financial words, the front desk, the Taiwan, the background, the span of the big, almost not like the same industry. Therefore, the election of the job, more important than the industry.
What is this step? Very simple, choose a post, on the recruitment site, you can find, the company Kaopu JD, carefully looked at all carefully.
After reading, you will be able to understand the basic, this position is what to do, what kind of people need.
If you have “strong ability to resist”, it is to work overtime; “communication skills”, it must be external, too introverted friends can be considered; “careful responsibility” is the work is very cumbersome and boring, mostly To deal with a lot of data … … and so on.
Never hold “I am not now, but I am willing to learn” mentality – than you are willing to learn, there are a lot of experience, you have to ask yourself is: I have any reason to let enterprises choose me? What can I bring to the business?
If you feel that you are in this position, there is no merit and prominent place, then do not choose. Because even if you can get this position, you can not make a bright spot for a short time, will stay in the above for a long time
So, if you want to switch, it is best not to choose too far from the industry and jobs. What do you want to think about: what can I do in this position before my previous experience and skills? How can persuade companies to accept me?

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A lot of learning
If you identify the industry and the job, the next step is a lot of learning, in order to enter the industry to prepare.
Turn the words, do not think of donkey to find a horse, it is impossible. I suggested that the first resignation, and then set aside at least three months time, concentrate on learning, understand the industry, so have the opportunity to break through the siege.
So, before you resign, you need to do this: you may need to find an agency, anchored social security, so as not to cut off; you need to prepare three months to six months of living expenses, support their daily expenses; Need another sum of money and a concentration of time, if you want to report training courses, textual research.
This is a hard road, but this is the only way to change.
How do you learn specifically?
Different industries and positions, there will be different requirements. Some are works-oriented (such as copy, design), some are technology-oriented (development, promotion), some are resource-oriented (advertising, business, financial front), and some are particularly dependent on qualification certificates.
Find out what career you want to enter, and then persevere in this direction.
For example, you want to do new media, then you can learn to copy, PS, layout, operation, spend three months to do a public out, this is your work. If done well, alone, this can be a breakthrough.
You want to do front, then, the HTML, CSS, JS learn again, read the classic books and technology blog, the front and background interaction to understand, do a few pages out, the basic is almost the same.
And so on.
Note that the process of learning, do not just learn the job-related content. What you have to do is from point to face – from the skills of this position, to the other positions, departments, and then to the whole industry background, you must understand. At least, for this industry, you have to be able to say some of their own views and understanding.
I have a lot of such people, candidates for product operations, said their logical thinking ability, there are ideas, OK, then you usually use what APP? Can we simply analyze, where they are good, why? What needs to be improved, why? If you want to do a similar product, you will start from what point of view? – often, they are tongue-tied, can not tell.
Do not need to force you to say something more professional, but at least, you have to be able to say something, to express your understanding of the industry and enthusiasm it
Lots of interview exercises
It may be that some people will object, but I think that is a very effective way.
That is, before you officially go to the face of admiration, may wish to take a few interviews, in the interview with the interviewer to take the initiative to chat, learn the industry, but also let yourself into the state as soon as possible.
I had jumped from the ad when the Internet, spent two months, an average of seven or eight weekly interviews, interview with the interviewer, all kinds of chat. Take the initiative to ask questions and ask some of the points of interest – of course, do not involve specific trade secrets.
This process, on the one hand to accumulate a large number of interview experience – after all, there are routine routines, practice more familiar; on the other hand, the industry, with a more in-depth understanding.
If the preparation is to learn before, then the interview is the test of your learning results.
Only to really go to the interview, facing the interviewer to open, you will know that your learning has no effect, in order to really put them into your knowledge.
In this process, also need a little emotional intelligence – if you think the interviewer is too busy, no time, then do not talk, try to save someone else’s time. If the interviewer is willing to talk, the atmosphere is also harmonious, may wish to say a little, although this may not be your favorite place, but the right to pay more friends it
In fact, in my two months of the interview process, and many interviewers made friends. Although there is no work, but maybe there will be opportunities for cooperation later?
Of course, it is not too far away, after all, you are taking up someone else’s working hours and increasing the burden of others. To learn to observe the color.
Written at the end
Finally, to want to switch to friends a few words:
No one’s life, to follow their own script to go to go.
Lucky, but also unfortunate, because he lost a lot of possibilities.
More people are in the constant trial and error and hit the wall, adjust their own direction.
From the beginning is not shameful, more often, it means that the break to the comfort zone, a challenge to their own, but also means that we are away from the ideal of their own, a step closer.