Disrupting the world’s three scientific achievements: dark matter, dark energy, quantum entanglement

One, upset the world’s three scientific results
    (A) dark matter
    1, how to find a dark matter?
    The form of the universe we knew was the attraction between the planet and the planet through gravity, and you turned around and I turned around and the stars were hectic and orderly.

    But later, by calculating the gravitational force between the planet and the planet, the gravitational force of the planet itself is far from enough to maintain a complete galaxy.
    If the galaxy, the planet is only the existing quality of the gravitational support, the universe should be a mess.
    The universe has been able to maintain the existing order, only because there are other substances. And this substance, so far we have not seen and found it, so called the dark matter.

    2, how much dark matter?
    Scientists through the calculation, to maintain the current order of the universe, the quality of dark matter, must be 5 times the material we now see.

    3, have not observed dark matter?
    There is no real measure of dark matter. Just to find the light in a place when the deflection occurs, and the region we can not see the material, there is no black hole.

black hole is not dark matter?
    No. The black hole just does not come out of light, it sends other rays, it is still the conventional substance.

    (B) dark energy
    1, how to find dark energy?
    Scientists observed that our current universe, not only in the constant expansion, but also in the accelerated expansion. If the uniform expansion, but also understand. But to accelerate the expansion, you need to join the new energy. What is this energy? Scientists are also confused, called the dark energy.
    2, how much dark energy?
    Scientists calculate the velocity of the current universe by calculating the energy conversion equation E = MC2. The dark energy should be more than twice the sum of the existing matter and the dark matter.
have not found dark energy?
    So far, not yet.
    (3) Quantum entanglement
    1, modern scientific discovery, the material research, in the molecular, atomic, quantum and other micro-level, the accident is very large. The emergence of superconductors, nanoscale, graphene and other revolutionary materials, there is a miracle from the molecular level to cure cancer. And the most amazing is – quantum entanglement.
, what is quantum entanglement?
    Scientific experiments have found that the two quantumes that do not have any relationship will appear completely in different positions with the same performance. Such as the two qubits that are far apart (not quantum-level far, is kilometers, light years or even farther away), there is no regular contact between one of the state changes and the other at the same time almost the same state change , And not coincidence.
    3, there is no observed quantum entanglement?
    Quantum entanglement is proposed by theory and experimentally verified. Scientists have achieved an entangled state of 6-8 ions. China’s scientists to achieve a 13-kilometer level of quantum entangled state of the split, send.

    Second, the world upset
    (A) disrupted the philosophical world.
    We originally thought that the world was material, no God, no specific function, consciousness and material existence is another kind of existence.
    Now we find that the material we know is only 5% of the universe. There is no contact with the two quantum, can be like God in the event of entanglement. The consciousness into the molecules, quantum state to analyze, consciousness is actually a substance.

Since there are 95% of the universe we do not know the material, that soul, ghosts can exist. Since the quantum can be entangled, then the sixth sense, specific function can also exist. At the same time, who can guarantee that in these unknown substances, there are some substances or creatures, it can through the quantum entanglement, completely completely affect our various states?

    So God can also exist.

    (B) the physical world that collapsed.
    We now all the theory of physics, are based on the speed of light can not be exceeded. And according to the measured, quantum entanglement of conduction velocity, at least 4 times the speed of light.

    (C) the inner world of collapse.
    Science and technology to today, we see the world, only 5% of the whole world. This and 1000 years ago, humans do not know the air, do not know the electric field, magnetic field, do not know the elements, that day round place compared to our unknown world even more, more difficult to
    The world is so unknown that human beings are so ignorant, what are the things we have to worry about?