Three strokes to teach you how to grasp the leading market in the weak market

How to seize the leading shares? This is what retail friends dream of. Especially in the weak market, to seize the weak market in the leading shares is rare. Based on this, wild camel try to do some useful discussion on this issue, hoping to help retail friends to seize the hot plate in the leading unit to help everyone on the level of a new step. This view is still not comprehensive, designed to initiate, for your reference.
One, what is the leading shares?
It is not easy to define the connotation of the “leading unit” accurately, but some people have made a concise definition of the leading unit. This definition will help us how to seize the leading shares. The so-called leading stocks, that is, in a hot plate in the process of strengthening, when the charge when the first callback can be defensive, can play a stable role in the military’s “flagship.” Leading stocks usually have large funds involved in the background, there are substantial themes or performance improvement as the basis. Leading stocks once started, often at least 0.5 times or several times the increase. Such as 1996 to 1997, deep development and Sichuan Changhong, as a leader, has led the total market from more than 500 points rose to more than 1,500 points. Deep development from 5.9 yuan start, more than a year rose to 49 yuan. Sichuan Changhong from 7 yuan or so, the highest rose to more than 60 yuan. 1999 5.19 market, by the Shanghai Merlin, variety shares and other network sector led by, followed by Tsinghua Tongfang and other technology shares relay, set off a magnificent network technology stocks. So far, these former leading shares of style, is still being relish.
Second, the weak market has a leading unit?
The answer is yes: yes! Moreover, the weak market is brewing leading machine of the hotbed. To this year, for example, the rally in the first half of this year to the car, steel, financial sector troika as the main force, power, petrochemical plate for the flank of the mainstream plate formation of the market, its explosive power, impressive. The agency calls it “value investing”. Shanghai car more than doubled, Changan Automobile is starting from 5 yuan or so, the highest this year to see 19.79 yuan, or nearly four times. Blue-chip concept of blue-chip generally rose to 50% to 100%, at the same time, the broader market rose to less than 27%. There is a considerable part of the stock record low. This situation in the Western developed countries also exist in the stock market. Such as the Nasdaq market in the United States, has been in the doldrums in recent years. But China’s NetEase shares are miraculously from the lowest 0.68 US dollars, after nearly a year soaring, NetEase shares price is currently stable at around $ 50 yesterday’s closing price is 55.55 US dollars. Or up to 80 times. Can be seen, whether in the bull market or in the bear market, there will always be part of the stock stand out. These stand out of the leading unit, always show the identity of the noble leader, high on the bird’s eye view of Cangshan, so that people pay homage to worship and admiration.
Third, how to seize the leading market in the weak market?
Expedition to the stock market, retail investors the greatest desire is to seize the leading shares in time to achieve the maximum profit. However, the face of the chaos of the broader market, red and green changes in the non-stop stocks, how to seize the leading shares are quite cost considerations.
From the past experience, in a clear strong market, grasping the leading unit is relatively easy to use, but also effective. As long as the prospective of the leading shares, bold pursuit, even if the short-term quilt that day, but also in the subsequent Biao up rally immediately and get the Italian.
However, in a clear weak market, grasping the leading shares will be much more complex, but also take a considerable risk. Because hot spots frequently, leading the leading leading stocks may not be really leading shares. If you dare to chase high buy, there may be chasing high quilt. Moreover, once the quilt, often difficult to solve the opportunity. Therefore, in the weak market, should abandon the bull market grasping the leading shares of the chase high buy method, replaced by the bargain hunting strategy should be replaced. To this end, should be in the following three aspects to be grasped:
(A) the use of basic analysis, split out the industry leading shares.
The main body to choose leading units, generally in Jiancang before the first to consider the industry factors. Whether the industry is in the uptrend cycle, and then select the industry leader based on the average earnings per share, asset status, liquidity, activity, and future growth expectations. These industry leading stocks is often the leader in the stock market. Such as the 1996 leading unit in Sichuan Changhong, then earnings per share as high as 2.07 yuan, while its share price is wandering around 7 yuan. Only 3 to 4 times the price-earnings ratio, as a leader of course. Since last year, the rapid growth of the automotive industry, the agency then chose the automotive sector as a leader. For a time, Shanghai Automobile, FAW, Changan Automobile, JAC and other auto parts, such as “Kuanglong out of the sea”, institutional funds surging flock to these auto stocks, at full capacity, has been Biao to brakes in April this year.

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In general, as the industry leading shares, should have the following conditions: (1), the company’s main business is outstanding, the company’s products 竟争力 is very strong, and this product and technology is basically monopolized by the company, other companies are difficult to get involved , Or the product dominates the market. (2), a product with a good market prospects. Such as the huge demand for the world’s computer market a few years ago, so that the US stock “IBM” and “Apple” computer soaring, becoming the leading leader of the year. “5.19” led the market leader is the Internet technology stocks, because people on the future of the Internet world is full of imagination. (3), the company’s a process innovation, can bring considerable profit prospects, and so on. In line with the above conditions, the more likely, the more likely to be the leading unit in the sector.
(B) the use of value analysis, analysis of the intrinsic value of the stock investment
This year, the main body to change the way to do Zhuang, instead of using the “value of investment” concept. That is, with the idea of ​​investment to make money speculation. Such as the first half of this year, institutions fried financial, automotive, steel plate and other five Golden Flower, is the use of “value investment” method. QFII the first single, but also reflects the effectiveness of this approach. We have to change the strain, and constantly adjust our practices, to institutional thinking to stock picking and operation. So as to keep up with the pace of operation of the organization and pace. In other words, investors use the concept of investment, with the basic analysis of the method to select the leading unit, dark horse shares, and the specific buy and sell time, will have to use technical analysis methods to master the timing of access. In this way, the possibility of seizing the leading shares is greatly increased.
(C), the use of technical analysis, grasp the timing of access
First, we must pay attention to grasp the mainstream capital investment. (Also known as the hot plate.) The mainstream of the investment to determine the direction of the stock market speculation, but also determine whether the key to sustainable hot. The greater the inflow of funds, the longer the continuity of hot, leading the soaring the greater the possibility of Biao. Such as this year’s “1.14” market, the mainstream funds mainly to the “blue-chip blue-chip concept” shares, then if the keen observation of this, and in time to turn their own funds to “blue-chip blue concept”, no doubt you are this year’s retail In one of the few winners. The second half of the digital TV, technology sector ready, Tsinghua Tongfang both the two concepts, and thus become the current leader. The recent broader market stack of low, but Tsinghua Tongfang has been hit a new high. If you can be keen to early detection of Tsinghua Tongfang with leading weather, and capital pressure in Tsinghua Tongfang this leading shares, the second half you are a big winner.
Second, we should pay attention to the trend of the broader market, in the rebound when the timely intervention. Weak market characteristics are: the broader market rose less or more, stocks fell more or less, the operation is very difficult. Therefore, to fall in the broader market for some time, when the broader market has stabilized, is about to appear for some time when the rebound, the timely intervention in the hot plate in the leading shares. If you prove that your intervention is wrong, but because the rally is still continuing, so you have enough time and opportunity to quit, and not to quilt. In the weak market in the grasp of the leading unit is to note that the end of the rebound can not be involved in the leading unit, because after the end of the rally, leading stocks are also facing the risk of falling.
Third, we should use the form, volume and price, time and space and other technical means of analysis, the timing of the election. This is a guarantee of whether you are successfully involved. From the technical analysis, you can grasp from the following three aspects: First, the long-term decline in stock prices, stock prices rebounded, the rise in volume when the volume, the volume of trading volume shrinking, on the K line showed more than Yinxian The Yang line corresponding to the volume was significantly enlarged characteristics. Second, the formation of the stock at the end of the arc, double bottom, or multiple composite bottom, sideways rendering time than the effect of long, the main enough time Jiancang. Third, up and down the shock, washing dish than the full effect. Month line, weekly, daily and other technical indicators to support the stock up. At this time we should pay close attention. When the stock volume sharply enlarged, leading the broader market charge forward, can be decisive intervention, the success rate is greater.