Laziness is a luxury, and few people can afford it

British old rock band Oasis (on the map several buddies), there is a very famous song:
The importance of being idle is the importance of doing nothing.
Previously very much like this song, full of lyrics with Gallayger brothers rogue singing, it is very attitudes.
Lonely is also a matter of matter, quite some empty, all the meaning of all living. And even yellow and some of the lyrics connected: laughing sky, have the world wave, who wins who knows the day to know.
Really awkward!
Plus at that time just look at “guess the train”, was deeply hit by the movie lines:
Choose to live, choose work, choose career, choose the family.
Choose a fucking big TV.
Choose a washing machine, car, CD player, electric can opener.
Choose healthy, low calorie, low sugar, choose fixed rate mortgage.
Park walking, kids picnic, on a Sunday morning, fucking confused who they are.

At that time, the adult world of this trivial life is full of contempt and disdain, my mind is the classic lines –
Indulgence is the psychedelic youth, freedom is human nature.
Now want to come – young people do not know the taste.
Young people can do nothing, because life is worry, food and clothing to worry about, music movies, youth love, live in a fantasy bubble.
Until a summer, took the door, into the community, pop, the bubble broke.
Into the community only to find that nothing is not a necessity, it is obviously a luxury, few people can afford it.
So, began to diligently make a new person, like a new calf, in the social and workplace of the river tentatively lay down the front hoof, carefully aware of the depth and flow of water.
Then, through more and more roads, wading through more and more rivers, insight into the prairie antelope, lions and vultures, but also understand some of the rules in the jungle:
The herb of the antelope is mild and harmless, the carnage of the lion is very cruel, the rotten vultures and the hyenas are annoying, and the best is at arm’s length.
You start to become more and more grasp the essence of which, become very familiar, and even some good at.
At the same time, inevitably, become some self-satisfied and short-sighted.
Eyes lost the original to explore all the light, only staring at the front of this piece of half of the grass, rarely looked up to see, that vision is not the distance is not so deep spring.
“There may not be any more green grass than here.”
“And in front of hyenas and lions.”
Then, people began to become comfortable, tricky, semi-semi-local to join the same composition of the surging group. They said, go with the flow, homeopathy and.
In other words, drift.
Unconsciously, people began to move towards another form of “doing nothing”: work Minato things, life day after day, reading debris shallow, entertainment mediocre kitsch.
In the final analysis, the cruelty is the nature of man.
Natsume Soseki in the “I am a cat” in the sigh: people na, in order to kill time, literally drum tongue tongue, laughing that is not funny, happy those things are not happy, in addition to nothing.
To the Internet age, even more so.
We have harvested massive amounts of information on the size screen, but we do not have to master the knowledge and receive the ever-ever companionship, but we may not have to receive intimate friendship.
Think back, spend so much time brush microblogging, TV series, variety show, in addition to add some gossip talk and enraptured gossip, in the end brought what?
Nothing, except to kill time.
But will life allow people to go away like this? will not.
The reality is like Oasis’s song: I begged my landlord for sometime, but he said, son, the bill’s waiting.
Life is a multiple sense of the landlord, you always want to bargain with him, he always said: Hey, boy, pay ah.
Wang Xiaobo in the “golden age”, said: “Life is a slow by the hammer of the process, people go all day long, expect also disappear day by day, and finally became like a hammer like cattle.
But I did not expect this when I was twenty-one birthday. I feel that I will always go on forever, nothing can not hammer me. ”
Nothing is the patent of young people, adults will eventually lose those fantasy fantasy.
Because, that kind of “guess the train” in the young despised little Bourgeois life, did not imagine that at your fingertips.
Those who seem vulgar “fuck big TV”, “installment”, “car”, “CD player” will not fall from the sky. Those health, low card, three sets, suit behind, are clearly marked the price.
Because, everything that you have despised, need to work hard to get it.