Cognition is the only essential difference between people

I have been thinking, how can a company grow faster? How can a person stand out from the competition of a group of people?
The four kinds of cognitive state
Recently I saw a picture, this picture is generally said that the state of human cognition can be divided into four kinds:
First, “do not know that they do not know”. That is to know what they know, self-righteous state of cognition. 95% of people in this state.
Second, “know that they do not know”. That is, awe, began to empty cup mentality, ready to enrich their own knowledge. 4% of people in this state.
Third, “know yourself know”. That is to seize the law of things, to enhance their own awareness. 0.9% of people in this state.
Fourth, “do not know that they know”. That is, always keep empty cup mentality, the highest state of cognition. 0.1% of people in this state.
I realized that the fundamental difference between man and man lies in these four states. Even more frightening is that 95% of people are in the first state, or even more. This is why most people are mediocre. Turn a blind eye, will only lose the possibility of upgrading. Only self-denial, keep empty cup mentality, a person may really grow, to achieve cross.
Today, we are in a big turn of the times, every industry’s knowledge is rapidly superimposed, cross-border more and more common. If you do not maintain this “self-denial” cognitive state, it is difficult to complete the rapid changes in the industry’s awareness.
The biggest difference between man and man is cognition
Cognition is almost the only essential difference between people and people. Skills, the difference is quantifiable, more accumulated skills, that is, skilled work. The difference between cognition is essential and is not quantifiable.
Remember that in Hong Kong about a horse tea, he almost no e-mail, then I pondering, why he can go to the command of such a big empire? Later found that he constantly observed changes in the industry, from the change to find a key entry point, looking for resources and people with.
People and people compete, is a matter of understanding and insight into the industry. Execution is important, but the essence of execution is to practice cognition.
Sometimes, I will Kam ancient pass to pondering, why the Opium War, the Qing empire lost so miserable? Simply put, a group of people who conceive modern physics, defeated another group of people who believe in the four books of five people. In fact, there are two different cognitive contest.
Two Misunderstandings of Cognitive Upgrading
Real awareness needs to be demonstrated by action, and once the action is missing, cognition is easily misunderstood. I summed up the two may encounter errors, not necessarily comprehensive, initiate:
Misunderstanding 1: that they know, far better than that they do not know
Self-righteousness is the sworn enemy of self-awareness. Looking back to the odds of the year did not search Baidu, the old week was summed up as accidentally sold the company, Baidu did not sell. He did not expect, then Robin Li’s search is much higher than his understanding. Old Zhou do not want to fight tough battle, do not want to fight heavy campaign, do not want to engage in research and development, do not believe the algorithm. At that time to sell, in essence, can not play. But he does not think so.
Self-denial, is assumed that their ignorance, self-awareness is the only way to upgrade. Do not do the pain of self-denial, cognitive not a new level. Even if the correct information in front of you will turn a blind eye. This is basically the only chance to distinguish between heroes and mortals.
Misunderstanding 2: think that they think important and really think important, often not the same thing
There is a word called self-confused. Think that it is very important, but did not turn it into a real action.
My biggest reflection is the understanding of the headlines. More than two years ago, I said the headline is the mobile side of the search. What is my reflection? I was considered very important, until the fourth quarter of 15 years, I began to convene troops, to start the business of overseas headlines.
This is often a misunderstanding in the cognitive: that they think it is important and really think it is very important, often not the same thing.
The action of ignorance is false cognition. Show off what you know, what’s the use? A wave to fight over, no knowledge, as did not. True cognition must be combined.
Cognitive upgrade of three doses of antidote
It is difficult to turn one thing into action. Awareness of the action, the middle of a huge loss. I gave the idea to upgrade three doses of antidote:
Decoction: firmly believe that the trend
Ideas should be turned into action at once. Firmly believe that the trend, convinced that the company’s various cognitive decisions. Do not be a simple criticism, you must believe that those industry leaders. They get the information is certainly more than you, the ability to deal with information than you strong, their understanding is not at this stage you can catch up. Do not understand, on the implementation, in the implementation of understanding.
Blindly believe that immediate action in the formation of awareness in action. Do not be afraid of death, early death early life. Last year, I came up with a robot decision, and almost no one thought it was feasible. I thought, first to find people, convinced that the trend, immediate action. That kind of situation, do not do, no chance, can only be a lot of time loss.
No action is the worst. Action, may be falsified. Sitting on the road, no meaning.
Antidote two: foreign demand, do not do the bottom of the frogs
There is a foreign mentality, is very important. Neighborhood is to expand your horizons. To find the lead party, eat pork is not the same. They are stronger than you are they are smart, but you do not know the knowledge.
This is a particularly easy to fall into a state: self-centered, not to look outside. In the face of new things, many people even try and communicate with the desire of no. Do not know what happened outside.

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Emphasize: cognitive understanding has nothing to do with intelligence. Only from a cognitive point of view, rather than from the smart point of view, to understand the world, understand the industry, you will have more different knowledge, in order to see more people do not see and stubbornly do not want to understand the opportunity The
The more the team is in ruin, the more to see more.
Antidote three: live in the present, facing the future
Live in the moment, fear, think about how wrong? Many mistakes have the opportunity to right. This is my own thinking training for myself. When you face something, think about the worst result? Want to finish you will find that the worst result with your inner fear is simply not in an order of magnitude.
Fear is fear itself. Refused to try the essence is not afraid to face the so-called failure. But what is the consequence of this failure? Few people think carefully. In fact, most of the failure is no consequence.
And then for the future, tangled, think about what will happen after five years? Will it be eliminated? If five years later, you and this era has been strangers, this is the most terrible. Industry changes faster, beyond our imagination.
The so-called growth is cognitive upgrade
The so-called growth, not from the so-called high-bit weight, not from the so-called wealth accumulation, nor from your grasp of a single skill.
There are many such people in the industry. Such as Shi Yuzhu. The most miserable, owed a debt, nothing. Rely on a melatonin, re-rise. Because he was in the whole marketing of the cognitive level, leading an era. Even if the loss of all the wealth, and even all the team, but his understanding of marketing, but also that era no one is expected to back. As long as he is alive, ready to stand up.
Desperate, he really has the core weapons, is not a resource, but cognitive.
Think about the development of Tencent these years. 3Q before the war, Tencent talk petal strategy – my flowers grow a lot of petals, each petal can kill you. This trend, making Tencent in each field have had the same period with the most advanced cognitive play, very difficult; 3Q World War II, Tencent’s strategy to change the ecological chain. The first investment is cheetah, and then cast a number of companies.
What about the results? Tencent market value from 30 billion US dollars rose to today’s more than 2000 billion dollars. “Forbes” magazine has done a 40 years of age under the 40 Chinese business elite annual ranking “40 Under 40”, the first is Liu Qiangdong, followed by Wang Xiaochuan, I (Fu Sheng), Yao Jinbo. Ma said the message at the time, the first five of them, four have a relationship with me, very honored.
Since then, I have been thinking, in fact, Ma through the formation of investment in the ecosystem, to help him build enough industry awareness. Because, when he invested in these companies, he is not talking with an ordinary product manager, but with Liu Qiang East chat business, with Wang Xiaochuan chat search, with the cheetah chat international.
Therefore, Tencent with such an open ecological strategy, the essence of the investment is not earned the money, but the investment earned awareness. It and we establish a friendly relationship, how will not know the size of the market, direction and goals? How do not know what opportunities are there international? The core lies in industry awareness.
The so-called growth, comes from the cognitive.
Sometimes, think of this era, my mind often emerge a historical allusion – cooking on the hero. They sat there, a pointing group of heroes, a blindly humble. Who is the world hero? Cao Cao said that only the king and the exercise of ear, Liu Bei scared chopsticks are lost. Even though all kinds of characters in the world have a mighty force, but Cao Cao really scruples is this is the vegetable Liu Bei. Although Liu Bei people fence, the heart is Kuang Fu Han room awareness.
The history of the back is just as discussed above. The world trend, how complex; even so, can be simplified to the most critical point, that is, key key cognitive.
The essence of cognition is to make decisions. Once people have cognitive differences, they will make a completely different decision. And these decisions are the biggest difference between you and these people. You have the resources, strength, are not important, the core is your mind big picture and your ability to know.
I began to think a word: a person excellent, can not create a remarkable company; a group of people in order to create a remarkable company. And the core of excellence is a company and a group of people’s cognitive upgrade, or can not really a new level.
Will only fall into the endless cycle: cognitive is not unified, things do not move. The essence of pushing is that we do not have the knowledge of the importance of this matter. Invisible worth mentioning, stubborn refused worth mentioning, are not terrible. The most frightening thing is that we do not know “we do not know”.
If a person, constantly want to learn, want to understand, to reflect; empty cup mentality, put down the fear, do not refuse to change. Cognitive upgrade, in fact, is to pierce that layer of window paper. Grow up.