Chinese medicine can treat high fever convulsions

There is a report that Shanghai flights to London, a 2-year-old child convulsions convulsions convulsions, the child mother screamed scared. Just a hospital in Shanghai, a Chinese medicine by the same flight, on the child emergency treatment, for children to apply ice pack, alcohol bath, while the child for massage treatment, the final child temperature from 40.4 ℃ down to 38.9 ℃, to restore consciousness, After the aircraft prepared to go back to Russia, the child continues to follow-up treatment. Online Chinese medicine is a tribute to the Chinese medicine practitioners massage practitioners took the opportunity to start advertising, claiming that “Chinese medicine is not slow Lang, massage can also cure emergency.”
Then the traditional Chinese medicine really so amazing, really able to treat children with febrile convulsions convulsions? Completely can not, this is the Chinese medicine and the body’s self-recovery function as their treatment merit.
We first talk about how the fever convulsions is going on. There is a small part of the 6 months old to 5 years old when the fever, will suddenly fall, limbs stiff, body twitching, loss of consciousness, which is the so-called febrile seizures. This looks very scary, but in fact is usually no harm, and can quickly recover their own. Most of the febrile seizures are simple febrile seizures, a disease occurs only once convulsions, convulsions continue for a short time, usually less than 5 minutes, convulsions will stop, the child will restore their own consciousness. If the seizures occur more than 15 minutes, or once the number of seizures occur more than once, or not the body twitching and just a part of the body twitching, is a complex convulsions, this situation is relatively rare.
If the child had a high fever convulsion, do not panic, do not hold him, do not want to stop convulsions, but to let him travel in a safe place, release his clothes, guarding in the next, waiting for convulsions natural past. If the child is convulsive vomiting or drooling, let the head side to the side, or let him tummy, to avoid suffocation. If the convulsion lasts for a few minutes has not stopped, it is called an ambulance. If the convulsions soon stop themselves, it is best to take the child to the hospital for examination, mainly to rule out the child is not got more serious diseases, such as meningitis, or whether the nervous system diseases. If you can rule out these circumstances, you can rest assured that simple hyperthermia convulsion is not a sequelae, not on the child’s body, intellectual development have an impact. However, the risk of epilepsy after the children who grew up with convulsions will be higher, but not high. The risk of epilepsy in an ordinary child is about one percent, and the risk of epilepsy in children with simple febrile seizures is about two percent. The risk of epilepsy in children with complex febrile seizures is about five percent The
It can be seen that the child on the plane is to stop their own convulsions, to restore consciousness, with the Chinese massage there is no relationship. In fact, her massage violates the medical guidelines for dealing with febrile seizures, but will cause harm to children. This child has a decline in body temperature, from 40.4 ℃ down to 38.9 ℃, but also with the Chinese massage does not matter, is to do the ice pack, alcohol bath, the results of physical cooling. In fact, the physical cooling method of this Chinese medicine is not correct, it is very dangerous, with the ice will be on the child’s body to produce too strong low temperature stimulation, with alcohol bath will let the alcohol through the skin into the body, so that children alcohol The The correct physical cooling method should be wiped with warm water. In fact, fever 40.4 degrees Celsius is not fever can be, if you want to fever, the best way is not physical cooling, but eating antipyretics.
In short, the Chinese medicine did not only for the child’s physical recovery without any help, but caused further harm, should be condemned fishes. Fortunately, high fever convulsions are not really acute, or if you really encounter emergency, but superstition “Chinese medicine is not slow Lang, massage can also cure emergency”, will delay the rescue, to the dead.

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