22:30 metro

Hi! Have you been sitting at ten o’clock at night?
It was not crowded and depressed during the day, there is no subway in the iconic hustle and bustle. You can not only find a seat that can stretch your body, but also get a self-space to relax the soul.
Why is the subway at ten o’clock so special? Because in the subway into the front, you belong to the company, belong to the boss, are colleagues, are working; out of the subway, you will belong to the family, belong to the parents, belong to love, belong to the child … …
Only in the ten o’clock on the subway, you really belong to you … …

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Late night subway to give us the share of leisure, is busy for a day, and finally quickly wake up to the end of the relieved. Only then the needle pointed to the upper left corner, late to come when we can have.
After all, the night is suitable for solitude and rest.
This moment of leisure, from the bustling life to steal a little bit only their own time.
So, at this time the subway, you can see by the car to sleep and sleep aunt, lazy to stretch the legs to yawn the uncle, looking at the black window out of the mouth laughing girl … …
Perhaps more important is to take the night subway is a demarcation point: outside the door, you are the father, is the son, is the wife, is the staff … … is not your own.
Inside the door, who do not know who At the moment without camouflage, no perfunctory. You can be nothing, that is your own.
You can temporarily forget the accumulation of documents on the desk, you can not think of today’s boss to the stinky, you can not deal with the customer inexplicable wonderful request, you can not race against time to complete this month’s workload … …
Or indulge yourself to listen to some of the old music, to see a child no nutrition soap opera, and even Han did not want to, just simply daze. Anyway, are their own choice, willing to do doing it.
You can also rely on a handrail to sleep, you can yawn do not cover their mouths, you can tilt their legs … … as long as you do not violate social morality, you can use any way quiet. This body belongs to you only.
Everyone’s life is very hard.
Wearing a variety of masks all day, endured a variety of temper, and constantly instill their own “social people” to act. Even if you go back home to be careful to face their own family, take care of their emotions.
But, who did not want a wayward, free time? Ten o’clock after the subway, the gallop of the train in the night, although not to have a sense of isolation, but also make you aware of the “self” existence. That feeling is really great.
Wait until the station got out of the car, the rest of the road may still be far away, but also to return to the real life of the split.
After all, the family is in front. All the pressure and upset to stay tomorrow to say it! Home, put on a pajamas to take a bath, beautiful sleep.
I’m just my way home tonight Leaving drowsiness and hesitation, taking comfort and expectation.
Tomorrow life continues, the sun still. In order to love and hope in life, we will start again!
Ten o’clock after the subway, witnessed the story of too many people. Seemingly repeated cars, hidden in different ways of life.