Those self-discipline to the extreme people, then how are the

Have you ever seen life in modern society, but flies like an ascetic?
I have seen.
Many years ago when I was in college, gave a high school girl has done two years of tutor, her parents to open a 4S shop, family is very good, living in the complex luxury, a car travel.
The little girl had a brother, when nearly thirty years, tall, laughing a bit like a Hollywood boulder Johnson, warm pants.
The girl most admire his brother, from her mouth I learned that the prestigious elite MBA graduate, became well-known foreign HRM, self-discipline to the heinous.
Get up at five o’clock every day, adhere to the morning run, work in the evening after 24 hours of gymnastics for two hours; do not touch alcohol and tobacco do not touch the tea, do not drink coffee – all with irritating and addictive, he all say no ; Three meals a day and four seasons unchanged, all coarse grains, fruits and vegetables, fish, without salad or spicy flavor, with his drinking water as dull.
To tell the truth, that any one of the above I think that can be kept down all the extraordinary goods. Every night just to see him sitting in the restaurant chewing those so-called “healthy food”, I feel full of satiety full?
Time he was arranged to leak, back a few years, the industry can test the documents are almost test, the girl said her brother immediately to resign to their own business.
But I did not see it because after graduation I did not have time to do part-time tutor.
Ten years later, I met Johnson in a gym.
He is guiding a seven or eight-year-old is a small dumbbell, it is too live off is his shed the mold, deep facial features and white teeth is memorable.
And the most surprised me is that he did not seem to change for so many years.
Tall and straight, muscular, hairy, bright smile, it seems still less than thirty look, time seems to stop in his body flow, and count, how he has forty early.
He actually can recognize me, smiled and greeted, “You are, small Su teacher?”
We greeted, only to know that he had a successful business, because love fitness, so he opened a fitness hall.
The wall of the hall is hanging from his childhood and now contrasting photos.
I can only say, too inspirational good!
When he was a child of excess nutrition, looks very fat, three chin reveals a simple and honest, bluntly that is worthy of the soil fat round.
But now, dress was thin striped meat, coupled with fortitude has a type of face, said that the gods absolutely no objection, the museum in the fitness of the sister who looked at his eyes are braving the pink bubble.
For so many years, he should always adhere to the kind of ascetic in the ordinary state of life it
Is this worth it?
Look around how many men just over thirty, shy with beer belly, wore the Mediterranean, muscle relaxation, eyes chaos, the pace of procrastination … …
Suddenly feel that those self-discipline, really even God can not bear to live up to
The so-called elite, but the case.
I can not help but think of the favorite actor Peng Yuyan.
A pair of charming peach blossom eye, six strong chocolate abdominal muscles, plus big legs, high Yan value, fans can not afford to live in the film.
But Peng Yu Yan is also a strong appetite chubby pier, primary school 158 height, weight has reached 70kg.
Peng Yu Yan through microblogging sunshine when the old photos, a large number of fans address him “not recognize”.
In 2010, his career fell into the bottom, in order to receive a better script, he eight months of devil-style training, and constantly challenge their physical limits, and finally trained to the perfect standard model body.
By virtue of a “roll it! A letter “shortlisted Taiwan film Golden Horse Award for best actor, career gradually took to the peak.
He also admitted that he is fat and fat constitution, in order to maintain the best sense of the lens, no matter how busy, every day to take time to exercise a few hours, the diet is strictly controlled, have not eaten for more than a decade, almost forgot What the taste.
Some people laughed at such a way of life worthless, they said: life alive, eat and wear the word.
And advocated: the current wine drunk now, tomorrow worry to worry tomorrow.
Or hand cover your chest eyes closed roar: forgive my life bohemian love free … …
However, you have the poet Luo Yin’s masterpieces, or, you have Huang Jiaju in the field of music top attainments?
Nothing at all? That I was huh.
No one blame you, but jump out to ridicule those who strive to go up and strict self-discipline, it really is no difference and jump beam clown.
The same as the Hollywood superstar, look at 74 years of small plum Leonardo, and then look at 68 years of Will Smith.
Little plum is still smaller than Smith 6 years old, but it looks like two generations of okay?
When the young little plum British aristocratic enough, but people to middle age, but life and life to a handsome prince since the residual into the potbellied wretched uncle;
This is his acting leverage, but came to Oscar professional to accompany the two decades of the main reason for laughing.
In contrast, Smith, decades of insisting on aerobic jogging and strength training, nearly fifty years still maintain a perfect body shape, body fat never more than 10%, you can easily control any or literary or tough guy role.
All by his starred in the film, have set a miraculous box office record, by the Chinese fans as “history emperor”, that is, the history of the film emperor.
Shaw Bernard said: self-control is the strongest instinct.
I believe that those who do not laissez-faire, do not sink, have a strong ability to dominate the people, one day, in their own areas, to make extraordinary achievements.

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We have an old lady in the district, seventy years old, full of silver hair, but still elegant temperament, figure slim.
She has two hobbies, one is the calligraphy, the second is the dance.
As a member of the City Calligraphy Association, her work took a lot of provincial and municipal awards, but even more clapping her dance.
Over the past few years, she had three children, but the body was kept like a twenty-eight girl, wearing a ballet shoes dancing like a beautiful white swan, than the small Girl interpretation of Lin Daiyu more romantic.
She is also the kind of self-discipline to reach the ultimate woman, from the young when they began to eat vegetarian Buddha, do not sticky fishy fish, eat only seven meals a full, regardless of wind and rain, every day do not practice yoga or ballet two hours.
Grandchildren left the United States to return home, bring back the blonde quasi-sun daughter-in-law, that girl came to the old lady warm and elegant home, see wearing a cheongsam decorated with makeup, temperament Zoran to meet their grandmother, stunning endless: Temperament, I thought Song Meiling alive, but also so.
In our district for the United States talk.
This is the highest praise, but how many women can afford it?
Most of the women more than 50 years old to become obsolete retirement, or together rubbing mahjong, or East parents West short talk gossip, and then is not and daughter-in-law wits … …
Compared to ordinary people in his later years, she created a miracle like hanging.
The philosopher Kant once said: the so-called freedom, not arbitrary, but self-master.
Yes, it’s not easy for all those who make a better choice.
Many people envy other people’s wonderful and successful, but understand the kind of people behind the almost brutal self-management will be back down.
This is the world, why ordinary people accounted for the majority of ordinary people.
Self-discipline is the cornerstone of success.
If you can not accept your own mediocre, then please start from self-discipline, self-change.
Extreme self-discipline experience may be painful at first, but pain, but also pain to live up to their own heartache, bitter bitter but lost hope of suffering.
Plan, and then unswervingly, execute it!
A well-known slogan says this: self-discipline gives you freedom.
Desire everyone has, only self-restraint in order to get a better release.
Believe in your self-discipline, believe that you have made every effort, time will be in the days to come in another beautiful form of gift to you.
The closer the success of the distance, the more the road is thin Because there are not many people who can stick to it.