The last emperor Pu Yi's Royal have what?

The Qing court had the same thing as “the usual meal at the end of the file” thing, used to record the emperor’s daily diet, from the Emperor Shunzhi into Beijing, to the Manchukuo, has not been interrupted. To explore the emperor’s daily diet, this meal at the end of the file is the best material. In the past they have been stored in the ban on the palace, the secret does not show people, until the end of the Qing Dynasty, customs clearance, the beginning of the cash outflow.
The National Library has a collection of “royal meal”, which is divided into two parts, before and after the division, handwriting show, to avoid propaganda taboo, was income “continued repair four library” sub-spectrum class records, remember Xuantong emperor early, late meal, from Xuantong two years (1909) December 1, and finally Xuantong two years on December 29, Pu Yi was three years after the end of the second year. The system is about a simple look, the group has appeared in the Yang Xin Dian table on the various colored food, with small note folder, a brief description of the utensils used. We may wish to pick up the three categories on the meal list to see the twelfth lunar eclipse.
As usual and sooner or later
Early, dinner, daily use, and similar categories, so may wish to first check some of the twelfth lunar month into a meal, breakfast:
(Double-bowl), three fresh ducks a product (Shuangfeng bowl), five Liu chicken silk for a product, stew a product, stew hanging a product, meat stewed cabbage a product (in the bowl of the four products), sacrifice meat soup a product (Silver bowl)
After the delivery of wild fruit pot for a product, stewed spiced lambs a silk, lamb slices stewed radish a product, yellow stew lamb a product, pork stewed cabbage a product, mutton slices stewed frozen bean curd bean gum a product (three bowl of this five products) Duck bar spooning sea cucumber a product, duck strip slippery spinal cord a product, duck Diping Xi Xian Mi a product, yellow fried balls a product (four bowls of the four products)
Diced meat stewed a product, meat stewed winter bamboo shoots a product, fried meat at the end of a product, small belly a product, leek fried meat a product, mountain chicken fried sauce Gui a product, fried spring rolls a product, scrambled eggs, a product, smoked lap flowers a product, smoked Liver a product, eight treasures fruit soup a product, a chicken, a bowl of tofu a product, boiled chicken fruit a product, fried salty food a product, slightly dan fried sprouts bean a product, green fried dry silk a product, spiced tofu a product (this Fourteen dishes dish)
(Silver bowl), the cake and two products, large steamed bread first product, date candy cake a product (this two goods yellow porcelain dish), white meat,
With the delivery of Seoul soup, the old rice, dry rice rice (porridge meal), fruit meal, high grain rice porridge, corn porridge
Dinner, dishes as usual, only “pork stewed cabbage” for “pork stewed spinach”, “white boiled chicken elbow” for “white boolele”, “cooking white meat” for “steamed fat chicken” , “Date candy cake” for “white cakes”, staple food “Zhuoer Tang” for “ingot soup”, “sorghum rice porridge” for “rice gruel.”
These meals, looks mixed, difficult to return, careful reason, there are beads line. This bead line, roughly two, one is the type of utensils. We can see the small note, “double happiness bowl”, “Shuangfeng bowl”, “silver bowl”, “three bowl” and so on, the actual can be divided into “bowl”, “dish”, “disk” three categories, Dishes, dish dishes and snacks three different dishes, and this and I in the “Guangxu years private exhibition on the banquet” to tell people a feast, food with a bowl, dish of the points are echoed, because what kind of food Sheng Vegetables, generally have cases.
The other is the division of the bureau of the imperial bureau. Speaking of the emperor to drink the body, familiar with the “imperial room”, the actual name of this body is called “Royal tea room.” The early Qing Dynasty, the House of Representatives has also separated the “tea room” and “dining room”, Qianlong three decades later, merged into the “imperial tea room”, but in the distribution of tasks, still have their own emphasis on Used to separate.
Royal dining room, the main meal, set up under the five Council, respectively, meat dishes Bureau, vegetarian bureau, hanging furnace Bureau, snacks and dinner. The twelfth lunar month of the first day of the meal, a closer look can be divided into meat dishes, vegetarian, snacks, porridge rice four categories, just with the four generations of the four branches of the relative. Meat dishes Bureau, chief chicken, duck, pig, sheep, seafood and a class of food production. Vegetable Board, the main vegetable cooking. Snack bureau, the main buns, dumplings, biscuits and other snack production. Dinner, governance porridge, rice and so on. And the day did not contribute to the hanging of the furnace Board, the main management of the South duck, burning pig, hanging furnace meat, a class of barbecue dishes.
Find out these two clues, we look at this note, it is clear. From the “mushroom chicken” to “yellow fried balls”, is the dishes. From the “meat Ding sting slightly dawn” to “spiced tofu,” dish dish. Baba, steamed bread, sugar cake, all are snacks. With the delivery of all kinds of soup porridge, it is the staple food.
These meals on the seats, to spend seven table: dishes two tables, hot pot table, snacks, rice, congee each table, there is a small table pickles. Abbot surplus before the emperor naturally not eat, only with the draft pick like a few, and then by the service of the eunuch respectfully close to the front, so that the next chopsticks. So, what did the emperor eat and eat,
Into the breakfast, Lantern Festival, reward the inner house Qianhe Explorer, Mother
Into the morning and evening meals, porridge dishes of the eight products, tours within the Explorer, modest, familiar with Zhang Dean, on behalf of small eunuchs and so on.
Into the morning and evening meal, pork spinach boiled meat and potatoes of a product, pork spinach buns of a product.
Into the morning and evening meal, millet noodles Wotou a product, rice rolls of a product.
Into the morning and evening dinner, big steamed bread of the first product, jujube cake of a product.
Into the morning and evening meal, pomegranate steamed bread of the first product, white bees and cakes of a product.
Come on dinner, Lantern Festival, rewarding up to Zhang Dean, Shao classes.
Up the dinner, neck, water of the goods, Jiang rice, Cao cake of the goods.
It is not difficult to find that the emperor used the food, some are not in the dining room into the list of children, then where is the Is given by the Queen Mother, the date of the meal record:
Long Yu Empress Dowager thanks to Long live the evening meal meat dishes of the five products, the cake of the seven products, porridge of the two products.
Pu Yi memoirs said that his meal is used, the actual are sent by the Queen Mother of the dishes, the imperial dishes of the dishes are almost intact at the table at the farthest. why?
Because the imperial room through the years, into the show are similar dishes. December 5, because put on a table meal, only to remove the fourteen old dishes. December 6 the following, simply as “Yang Xin Dian into the early, dinner, all with black paint table, as usual guy food” how the matter. And a Xuantong four years of breakfast also shows that the emperor eat two years later, almost the same dishes: mushroom chicken, three fresh ducks, five willow chicken … … no one has appeared in the Xuantong two Year on the meal.
Moreover, the imperial meal treatment methods are also certain, cooks do not abide by, can not change cents. Dishes are old, taste and monotonous, the emperor naturally not interested.
The empress, the queen and concubines of the diet is different, they have their own dining room, category, taste is different, especially the Queen Mother, too concubine’s dining room, the level of the cook is top-notch, the emperor often eat and said the United States , So only eat the empress sent the dishes, it is commonplace.
In addition to early, dinner, the banquet on the other “late with” a certain meal of the record, which is the day and the daily life of the emperor related.
Emperor Yin Zheng three moment got up, that is, the morning of four forty-five, wash finished, into some rock sugar cannon, they have to go clean and clear the door to accept Baiguan audience, that is what we call “early morning”. “Early morning”, about Mao or early Chen, that is, six or seven in the morning, with “breakfast”. “Breakfast” is completed, then in the Yang Xin Dian approved memorials, handling government, said “see”, this time Pu Yi still young, of course, by the Regent Wang agent. Not later, that is about 2 pm, with “dinner”.
Early and late two meals, respectively, in the morning six seven, and two in the afternoon, after the twilight, must be hungry, therefore, “Yang Ji Zhai recorded” in: “Shen, unitary later, or need to eat, then The palace has to bear the place, the fate of the random, no fixed for also. “Therefore, before the end of the day, the emperor” late with “:
Mutton slices stewed lettuce, will be stewed tofu, meat stewed mahogany radish, cherry meat stewed yam, pork stewed tasteless gluten, radish, duck fried pickled leaves, diced bean curd sauce, Meat, green garlic fungus fried meat, meat carrots sauce, bacon, small belly of the dishes, in addition to some soup porridge.
This is a small part of the meat and dried bean paste, diced carrot sauce two dishes to be slightly explained, because it is near today’s “Ding” understanding. Practices are dried bean curd, carrot diced, each with diced meat, which meat roasted carrot sauce and then add a blindly Houban.
Then, let us look at the beginning of the twelfth lunar new table of vegetables:
Three fresh one product (large), the Soviet Union a product (large), mushroom cabbage a product, rinse tofu a product, fried tofu silk stewed spinach a product, gluten silk stewed Hai Dai a product (in the bowl of four products)
After the delivery of tofu tofu for a product (in the bowl), Mushroom cabbage a product, will be a soft gluten a product, slightly ding cold frozen tofu for a product, will be a Seoul goods, rinse tofu a product, chestnut cabbage a product ( ), Parsley fried tofu brain a product, sugar slim mushroom a product, mushroom wishful gluten a product, slip water chestnut a product, apple eggplant a product, tofu tofu a product (four bowl of the six goods)
Mushroom Lohan gluten a product, slightly fried roasted bean spaghetti a product, fried salty food a product, gluten dumpling sauce a product, mouth mushroom gluten braised cabbage a product, green fried dry silk a product, pickled flowers fried Yulan piece of a product, spiced tofu a product, Fruit soup (the eight dishes dish), horseshoe biscuits, fried cake, sweet fried fruit, salted fried fruit, Sun coins Preserved, Su boiled potatoes
With the delivery of Seoul soup, the old rice, dry rice rice (porridge meal), sweet pulp porridge, fruit porridge, corn porridge which there are a few look at the more unfamiliar, such as “the Soviet Union” that is difficult to understand. “Will” pass “kuai” word, “kuai” is the meaning of meat dishes, can not appear in the vegetarian above, we see in the other meal on the “bird’s nest balls fat chicken Su kuai a product”, “duck Waist Su kuai a product “and so on, are also meat dishes. However, a Qianlong three years on April 8 of the meal is prompted, “Su”, is likely to be “prime” word of the correct, because the meal in the vegetable is the beginning of the “Sukai kuai a product.”

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In addition, “pickled flower fried Yu Lan film”. The so-called “magnolia film” is a dry goods, is to take the fresh winter bamboo shoots made of a bubble, to sweet, especially the taste of fresh bamboo shoots. Palace to eat this dish, mostly in the sea and rice into the dishes braised, fine-sounding name “shrimp Yu Lan film”, where the change with the pickled flowers and fried, is to adapt to the prime minister so.
As well as “Sun mud amount of custody”, is a kind of jujube stuffed with milk cake, for Manchu transliteration.
Looked is more fresh, but the emperor or lack of interest. Breakfast still into some Lantern and noodles, there is an extra sugar. Dinner is basically the same, but also eat more neck, water, sugar three dumplings three like.
So slightly some statistics, the taste of the little emperor will be ready to go out. Such as alfalfa cake, jujube cake, white cakes, cakes, cakes, cakes, cakes, cakes, cakes and so on. And so on; buns, such as Cheng Sha package, pork spinach buns; there are cream rolls, rice rolls, mutton cabbage boiled potatoes; especially love Lantern Festival, almost “every meal did not forget.” If the Queen Mother and then give a candy, is particularly pleasant.
And then calculate the total number of emperors of the Royal, but more than thirty items, and this “Yu Xiang misty record” recorded in the Empress meal, every meal should be neat cloth compared to 100 items, it is much simpler. In fact, even the peace period of the Emperor Qianlong, in front of the dishes but also dozens of products.
Extra meal
Although the emperor’s meal is not as luxurious as imagined, but the number of staff can be a large number of rooms, and regardless of the special treatment of the kitchen, alone is dedicated to send eunuchs is a huge preparation.
First of all, from the imperial meal room to raise the heart of the house, you need to spend some manpower. In general, the emperor called “pass meal”, the imperial eunuchs before the sound, then to the heart of the temple hall on the temple eunuch shouting “pass meal”, the temple eunuch obedient, and then pass this to the heart of the door Of the other eunuchs, so soon as the spread to the West long street of the Imperial Palace eunuch ear. The eunuchs of the imperial bouquets were ordered, and they would have been ready for the early half day or one day – all of them in the painted box of the dragon, together with seven sheets of black paint tables, arranged by a mighty queue Lifted to the heart of the temple.
Sometimes the emperor ran out of breakfast, part of the eunuchs have to stay in the Yang Xin Dian, because come to “see” the Regent may need to use some extra time, such as December 7,
After breakfast, in the Yang Xin Dian wait, Regent Wang: Cao cake, cream rolls of a product, biscuits, fried fruit of a product, porridge a product, side dishes four products.
And the emperor is not in the heart of the heart of the meal, for example, in the daily life of Yi Kun Palace, Sang Shou Palace meal, this pomp will be moved to the palace.
Sometimes the emperor in the Imperial Garden walk, temporary want to dessert, this snack had to immediately presented. This kind of affairs also belong to the room management tube, of course, there are imperial tea room.
General emperor marching, there is a huge pomp, this pomp is about by the dignitaries of the eunuchs, the governor eunuchs, imperial small eunuchs, imperial room, imperial tea room, imperial pharmacy eunuchs. Dining room and tea room eunuchs each holding a snack, tea food boxes, kettles, tea and so on. Pharmacy eunuchs are lug the burden, built all kinds of small drugs and emergency medicine, so that at any time supply. Such a team duck goose step, winding and in today is not easy to see.
Here we have a little touch on the cumbersome court system, but because of 谫 陋, I can not always thoroughly, that a clear, can only be a few words, talk about the extra work of the next day.
When in recent years, can not help but have a variety of rituals. On the twelfth day of the twelfth lunar month, the emperor of Longyu will set up the mother of the mother, and the imperial house shall be served at the table of the spirit and four of the magnolia pier. The Empress Dowager will also be close to the ground to show that filial piety. This day, the bill of lading recorded:
Inside the hall of the governor humble pass: not only Long Yu Huang empress mother spirit before the enchanting meal table, Wulan pier four, for the withdrawal of the next.
No time, that is, from 1 pm to 3 pm.
In the twilight season, the palace must also worship the temple, such as the emperor can not be pro, the official salute, meal list recorded: “December 28, this day, Tai Temple commemorate salute.” That is, the emperor Still in the palace, so “Yi Kun Palace, Yang Xin Dian into the morning dinner, all with black paint table put, as usual friends meal.”
Twelfth lunar month twenty-nine, New Year’s Eve, daily early, dinner, but also to add “Tim security”, “Tim Tian dinner” each table. Meals are as follows, Breakfast:
Hot pot two products: gold and silver milk pig, mouth mushroom stew duck
Large bowl of vegetables four products: bird’s nest to meet the Eight Immortals duck, bird’s nest hi word mouth mushroom fat chicken, bird’s nest multi-word gold and silver duck, bird’s nest blessing word
Chicken dishes four products: bird’s nest gold and silver duck block, chicken silk simmer shark’s fin, big fried stewed mushroom, water chestnut honey ham
Dish dish six products: bird’s nest wok ducks, fried eight Baoshan chicken, fried shrimp cake, mouth mushroom fish, cover leek fried meat, stewed magnolia film
Piece of two products: hanging pig, hanging furnace duck
Bashu four products: sugar cake, alfalfa cake, apple steamed bread, wishful roll
Bird’s nest eight cents soup
The so-called “Tim”, that is, the goods will be placed in the meaning of auspicious words, such as the table “Tim security”, just glanced at the side by side of the large bowl of vegetables, the current is “greet” The And chicken silk color white, duck silk ocher, complex assorted save silk, colored charms, people delighted. The afternoon of the “Tim Tian dinner”, the color is “Hongfu million years.”
After the end of today, that is, New Year’s Eve, and then the new is, the timing of the festival, complex and from scratch, pink and shine, joy to the eyes, but these in the last emperor’s court, all in the evening,