Feeling no matter how good, but also do not look for men to this thing

I have a friend called Lulu, large and small blind date countless, but always did not meet their own satisfaction.
Later, she met Xiao Wu, the two chatting quite trendy, feeling pretty good.
Xiao Wu words not much, but every time you can say that the idea, he is the standard IT male, high nose on the shelves of a pair of black box glasses, honest and honest look, income is also very stable.
Once, I accidentally asked her progress in the matter, she was depressed: “No the following, the original feeling is good, but get along for a long time, I found that he can not give me a sense of security, do not want And then go on. ”
Later, listen to others, Lulu regardless of with Xiao Wu Ye Hao, or with other boys together worth mentioning, all like to inquire about the whereabouts of each other, what has done today, with whom friends go out Chat drink, numerous, Lulu always know the more detailed the better.
If not told, she will be deadly call, until the other side of the phone so far.
She was feeling inside and outside the feelings of trouble, we must know that boyfriend in the end and the boy or girl out to play, if it is a boy, she will be a big breath, if it is a girl, she will continue to blindly think.
She looked nervous every day, worried about her boyfriend contact with his girlfriend, worried that boyfriend did not return to her information is not not her.
Boyfriend made every friend circle she will see, and in the heart to speculate that he is not saying that in the end, his every word, every tone, will let her study for a long time, she wants to know each other in the end is not care about their own The
It turned out that this was what she said was a sense of security.
She constantly looking for a man to a sense of security, the beginning, the man will take the trouble to coax her, and later intensified, over time, do not want to contact her.
So, looks good, good figure, the work is also good Lulu, still alone.
Lulu’s story, reminds me of another friend Xiao Ya.
Just entered the university Xiao Ya is a ignorant literary young woman, her words are not much, introverted into the quiet.
University of life wonderful rich, when other students began to join the community, Xiao Ya was indifferent, still running the library every day to see some of their favorite books and magazines.
Seniors Li Cheng also noted that the classical temperament of the girls, launched on the pursuit of Xiao Ya.
Soon after, Li Cheng became Xiao Ya’s boyfriend, college romance sweet and romantic, Li Cheng also tender and considerate.
Because it is the first time in love, Xiao Ya input is also very deep, she once thought that after graduation to stay in the city, and Li Cheng work together to create a home belonging to their own.
After graduation, Li Cheng into a real estate company, the daily work is very busy, but Xiao Ya has yet to find a suitable job.
Society is not like the university campus, Li Cheng to be busy with entertainment, communication, promotion, naturally not so much time accompanied by Xiao Ya.
He often a person late return, or drunk unconscious, or fall bed to sleep.
Xiao Ya it, that time because there is no work, very emboldened, the mood also ups and downs, just out of the community of girls, there are a lot of things not used to her own only hope in the Li Cheng body, Get a little comfort on the body.
So she waited at home every day waiting for Li Cheng, but the face of the evening smoked smoked Li Cheng, Xiao Ya had to bitter to the stomach swallow.
For a long time, they gave birth to a lot of grievances, blame Li Cheng did not have time to accompany her to comfort her.
She began every day to Li Cheng countless phone calls, ask whereabouts, ask and who together, ask how to go home.
Li Cheng something can not take the time, she hysterical. Li Cheng once the phone rang, one pick up, there is the first came there Xiaoya crying. There are also colleagues around, Li Cheng embarrassed endless. They both felt very tired.
Finally, Li Cheng tired, one morning, he packed his luggage, left the room where they lived together for a year.
Lost the focus of life Xiao Ya like the sky down in general, she tears all day, let the negative energy grows in their own body. She is no longer that temperament elegant art of young women, unkempt, like a haggard.
Her status lasted for a long time, until later one day, she was a girlfriend pulled to participate in the bedroom four group of students party.
Party, she found that others are better than her, they have their own work, with high-end mobile phones, dressed bright and beautiful.
They use the brand, are her dream, and her low self-esteem like an ugly duckling, dare not say a word, others asked her how to live, she can only support me in the past.
But she was the class of school Pa, ah, but now the wheel fell to this point, she wanted to dig a hole drill into.
Perhaps the most gloomy moment of her life is that time
After the meeting, she was painful, determined not to fall down, or the whole life should be destroyed.
Later, with the help of relatives, she entered a fashion magazine, became an editor.
Every day busy life so that she had no time to self-pity, busy interview, rush manuscripts, these things make her brain high-speed operation, every night she alone sitting in front of the computer overtime, and sometimes even tired to sleep.
But looked at their own words and ideas were printed into a book, she was full of infinite power, she felt that the work to bring her a sense of accomplishment is far greater than the nothingness of the emotions.
Later, she got a chance to interview those successful women.

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Xiao Ya found that these women have some common ground, their makeup is always exquisite, talking and doing things are always so generous and decent, encountered an emergency to deal with the accident, they can always remain calm, to make the most rational judgments and choices , Encounter vicious competition opponents, even if the day before at the negotiating table argued, but still can smile greeting.
This is seen after the wind and waves of people will have calm and tolerance, which is what is not lack of talent some emboldened, Xiao Ya finally understand: a sense of security has always been to their own, women only own strong, is True sense of security.
Later she was more and more like her own job, but at the same time, she did not forget to change herself, she began to replace her body’s white shirt jeans, try to wear a tail fit skirt, pedal on the high heels , Trying to make themselves more and more like the white collar of the city.
Her heart for the first time with a stable feeling, she began to learn to draw some exquisite makeup, pay attention to clothing styles and collocation, her life gradually become elegant up.
Li Cheng once again see Xiao Ya, she took her boyfriend’s hand to see the new house when the time.
That day, Li Cheng is still busy, but to see Xiao Ya, he suddenly had a reminder of the feeling of Geshi.
The sun under the Xiao Ya, is so spirited, her body that book is still, but more of a mature and charm, around the man Chongni looked at her, the smile is so warm and satisfied. They are here to buy their own love nest, Xiao Ya’s boyfriend solemnly in the head of the column to write the name of Xiao Ya.
This time, Xiao Ya finally found their own happiness.
Love is the most easy to make people lose their own, through a lot of detours we will understand, rather than take time and energy to please men, it is better to learn to run their own, to do a sense of accomplishment woman. The only person you need to please in your life is yourself.
Security, many times only to their own.
A person’s power in the final analysis can only come from their own, by others light to light you, you will eventually face the dark, by their own light to light themselves, to fear the night.
When you stay up all night, Langkawi dock crab just slipped out of the fisherman’s palm.
When you concentrate on the report, Big Bell’s bell is aroused a group of pigeons in the square.
When you write the copy, the Atlantic cod is just cruising through the coral.
Some way, you can only go alone, those eyes can not reach the place, one day, your footsteps will be able to reach.
You have to work hard, you have to struggle, the world’s most delightful thing, is to make their own efforts with this wonderful world meet unexpectedly.
In the end, will find that you want something, it all has been installed in your heart, including a sense of security.